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1K Daily Profit Software Scam Review

1K Daily Profit Software Scam Review


1K Daily Profit Software. Outrageous claims of revenue. Read Sheriff’s in depth scam review before you join this system.

The 1K Daily Profit Software is Scam. Exposed in Sheriff’s in-depth Review

Do not join this software system before reading our in depth scam review;The 1K Daily Profit is Scam software!!. Of this you can be sure!!. If you are a new trader you are in the risk of losing your initial capital. Have you received an invitation, which claims to help you earn $1000 a day? If yes, then you must read this 1k Daily Profit review to understand why you should not subscribe. 1K Daily Profit is a scam and furthermore, it is unreliable software.

Who developed 1K Daily Profits?

The created of the 1K Daily profits, John Becker was set to created an automated trading system which would be exclusive to a limited number of people. The 1K Daily Profit “inner circle” allegedly, will make at least $1000 profits daily if they use this software system. No previous knowledge of trading in binary options is required. The sales video presentation of the 1k Daily Profit software system claims to have made an unprecedented break-through in trading algorithms. Becker, gloats that the success rate for the 1K Profit Signals software has an unmatched success rate of 99.8%. Such an accuracy rate is definitely unheard of, and constitutes exaggeration and uncorrelated claims. The Sheriff can assure you, that such claims are totally unfounded and only point at scam because they are impossible to achieve. The results achieved by the “beta testers”, sadly cannot be verified and the only way we know whether results are real are only from the complaints revealed by real user of the 1K Profit Signals scam.

Review reveals why the 1K Daily Profit Software is Scam!

Revealing evidence shows that John Becker does not exist. The photo used which can be seen at the top of this scam review, is actually a photo which you can verify by clicking on the link.

Shutterstock for those who are new to the scam software industry is a legitimate site, where anyone can purchase a stock photo for as little as $1. The developers of this App, made this hefty investment to convince innocent day traders of their legitimacy? Do you start getting the picture?


The 1K Daily Profit Apps boasts of an auto-trade function. Meaning that it is hands-free and a trader must not do anything. Trades are placed from your account without your having to do anything with it. Even when you are away from your computer, the auto-trader does all the work for you! It claims that it is has the possibility of choosing the manual trading option, and that you can go ahead and place your own trades based on the signals given by the 1K Daily Profits signals.All that is required is to fill in the form and subscribe to the website. You will be immediately given access to the VIP members’ area and there you join the inner circle. At this point, you need to fund your account with a minimum amount of $250 which is the tool you need to trade with, and these funds are allocated to an optimized broker, which the developers of 1K Daily Profits scam have partnered up with. Their claim to success is that from this point onwards, you are set to make earn $1000 daily from an average of one hour trading per day on autopilot.

Does this sound credible? It sounds more like a fairy-tell if you ask us. Red flags for scam are flying high and we feel that the website has too much misleading information alongside unreachable goals not to mention extravagant promises, to make it legitimate. This is not the “risk-free” money making spin, it appears to be, but it is a trap for unsuspecting traders. We know for a fact, that many people who have used this software have complained that their account was wiped out in a few days of trading.

The tactic of the private invitation, even on the sales video for the site, is yet another smart scam move, to make traders believe that they are special and selected. In fact thousands if not millions have been sent the exact same invitation. It is a psychological tool used to make people subscribe, and it is a dangerous tool for that matter.


Fake PhotoShop Creations by the 1K Daily Profit System

The fake John Becker, who incidentally is just a hired actor, talks about other scam offers. In truth he does not provide any proof of his own trading results. The only “plastic proof” provided by the scam developer is a demo account, funded with a $250 trading deposit. A seven hour aperture of trading, which is not enough proof of profit, shows only winning trades. There are no losses whatsoever. This by itself is proof of scam. Since no validation of profits are made, there is no genuine proof that you can make money with the 1k Daily Profit system for sure.

The testimonials of the three “inner circle” members are all fake. They are all hired actors which we have exposed many times in our other reviews. Once you go through all the pages, you see the same faces again and again. These are hired for nothing more than $5 on the site

If you try to verify any of the Facebook and Twitter Feeds you will find that they are all pasted haphazardly together, and if you try to check them out you will find that they are not real. Searching on the Internet will reveal that none of the named members ever posted online a review for the 1K Daily Profit program.

More Incriminating Evidence on the Identity of John Becker

John Becker, founder for the 1k Daily profits scam, claims to have been a partner at Goldman Sachs. A quick check on the best site to reveal, anyone who is anyone, in business, draws a complete blank. Evidence exhibited below. John Becker as presented in does not exist.

1k Daily Profits
Where is the John Becker of 1K Daily Profits on LinkedIn

Final pressure tactics to join the inner sanctum of the 1k Profit scam does not convince us. A limited number of places seems to be available, but if you refresh your browser you are immediately taken back to your original position. There is no missing out on the opportunity here. There is only a great desire to get you subscribed and robbing you of your hard earned cash.


We endeavor hard to expose and fight scam – we only list Legitimate Software Systems on this site – If you are searching for a trusted trading tool Join Copy Buffett App from the link below.

Download Copy Buffett Software

Conclusion and Verdict – The 1K Daily Profit Software is Scam.

Our scam review has revealed and proved that the 1k Daily Profit method cannot be put to test and definitely cannot be verified. Wild claims and misleading information is deceptive. It is merely an attempt to trap innocent traders to subscribe and deposit money.

Tired of scam? Was our review beneficial? Leave your comments below with your experience. Contact us via support{at} for trading advice. Open a FREE DEMO ACCOUNT to start practice trading.

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