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Does 50K A Week Sound Great? 50K A Week Review

Does 50K A Week Sound Great? 50K A Week Review


Of course 50K A Week would be a great income, especially if it is a passive income.  In truth can you make $50K A Week on a $250 investment? We think not.  Therefore, please make sure to read this 50K a Week review.  We will make sure that you fully understand that 50K A Week is a Scam and nothing but a worthless scam.  It is just a fishing rod to pluck up innocent traders swimming in the forex market sea.

Is 50K A Week Scam? Honest Review

50k a week review

Let us be clear.  There is no question that 50K a Week is anything a scam.  It is merely a fabricated story that has been designed and aimed at new traders, who will believe that the foreign exchange market will work on its own accord and print rolls of money. Read this 50K a Week review and find out more.

Sadly, this is not the case.  Whilst there is no question, that there are excellent trading tools such as TAI Robotic Trading that will enhance your trading experience, it is rare that anything which promises overnight riches, is anything else but a scam.  In this particular case, we shall review 50K a Week and prove that it is nothing else but a money making machine for the developers and the corrupt brokers attached to it.

Can I Make Money with 50K A Week Robot? 50K a Week Review

No, you definitely cannot make any money with the 50K a Week trading robot.  If you wish to lose your capital and your hard earned cash, then subscribe to this software.  But you will not be making any money.  On the other hand, if you heed our advice on this, and steer clear of 50K a Week software, you will only thank us in the end.

50K a week is a malicious software that has been designed to threaten your capital.  Not only will you not make the money claimed in this video, but you will lose everything.

Important Facts to Be Aware of before Subscribing to 50K A Week Software

Let us start by a proper introduction to this software if you wish to call this rip-off as such.  We are introduced to the software by Josh Harris.  Josh claims employment with a company that is called GeniusTech – how appropriate.  As a designer of the algorithms for this business that traded binary options, Josh Harris is supposed to have the first-hand experience in making money trading binary options.

As the plot thickens, Genius Tech goes bankrupt and Josh Harris decides to take his knowledge and sink it in 50K a Week software for the love of humanity!  The software is completely free, and Josh is offering it to the next victim totally laced with poison, FREE OF CHARGE.


Where is the Catch 22 with 50K A Week Scam?

In case you were wondering what the risks of subscribing to the 50K A Week software really is, it is very simple! Read on this 50K A Week review

First of all, there is no such thing as a free meal in life.  This is especially so for this scam software system.  If you have a real moment with yourself, you will have niggling doubts on how on earth you could be making fifty thousand dollars a week on a $250 investment.

Next, we discuss how scam brokers deviously attract new traders.  Let us get to the point.  Brokers are not even interested in your paltry $250 opt-in with 50K A Week.  They are after BIG BUCKS.  When a scam broker casts its net, with plenty of $250 innocent victims, the broker catches one or two big fish.  Every so often, a trader will continue to throw good money after bad.  We have had binary victims who have lost as much as $100,000 or more.

So as you can imagine, there is no free meal here.  Every $250 subscription to this free software will go lost.  These are just financing commissions paid to the developers of the software.  The big fish are the real profits.

How Does the 50K A Week Software Work?

Let’s be fair.  The 50K A Week system does not work at all.  However, if it did, there is no explanation in the sales video, on how it works at all. We would love to properly analyze how this system works, but we do not know how it does.

If there was ever a worthless explanation, you have one in the video presentation of the 50K A Week software, which you may try to elicit for yourselves HERE.  However, notwithstanding all the experience that we have had in reviewing binary option software systems, this one beats us completely.

The 50K A Week System is such a pure scam, that the developers were slack and could not even develop a valid story line to explain how the software is really programmed.

We highly recommend that you stay away from the 50K A Week software system because the profits and the ITM rate are not sustainable.

50k a week review

Is 50K A Week Trading Robot 100% Risk-Free?

This is the biggest lie of all.  When we are reviewing systems, this is exactly the first piece of proof that we find that validates our verdicts of scam.

Trust us, there is no software system that is ever risk-free.  Binary Options trading, as well as Forex Trading, does carry a degree of risk.  Even with the most legitimate systems, there is no such thing as risk-free trading.

robotic autotrader

The only way in which you can have no risk when you trade is when you trade on a FREE DEMO ACCOUNT.  Of course, you will not risk when trading demo, but you also cannot make any money because you are trading dummy money.

Demo accounts are great for practice trading, but they are worthless for making money trading online.

This said, there is no real life software that eliminates the risk of losing trades.  This is just impossible.  Therefore, the worthless claims of 50K A Week, that this is risk-free trading are very dangerous.  They are just claims aimed at making you have a false sense of security and depositing your hard earned cash with them.  Cash that you will never see again.

50k a week review

Review 50K A Week Review – Our Conclusion

We guess that it will not take an Einstein moment to understand that we are clear about the motives of the scam developers.

All the evidence points out to the fact that 50K a Week is nothing but a rotten scam.  It simply gives a bad name to trading.  There are more than enough red flags to put this system to shame, and we strongly recommend that you avoid it.

Trading binary options and forex does attract a lot of scammers.  The reason being that this market is very liquid, and it is a great playground to make money online.  However, as with anything else, playing the stock market requires the right tools.

Therefore, we do recommend that you join recommended brokers and safe software systems that have been tried and tested.  Do not just dive into scam such as the 50K A Week Progam because it promises overnight riches.

Of course 50K A Week would be a great income, especially if it is a passive income.  In truth can you make $50K A Week on a $250 investment? We think not.  Therefore, please make sure to read this 50K a Week review.  We will make sure that you fully understand that 50K A Week is a Scam and nothing but a worthless scam.  It is just a fishing rod to pluck up innocent traders swimming in the forex market sea.





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