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Algo Master 2 System Scam Review

Algo Master 2 System Scam Review


The Algo Master 2.0 Scam Software Review

Algo Master 2 Review is being presented to us by James Torn. Many are asking. Is AlgoMaster 2.0 Software the real deal? Is Algo Master System LEGIT or is it yet another new SCAM in the binary options market?

Can I make money with the new AlgoMaster 2 App?

This is exactly what I will be addressing in this review. Many of my subscribers having been entertaining the idea of joining the Algo Master 2 club, or subscribing to the software. In other words, many new day traders are considering trusting AlgoMaster 2 software with their hard earned cash! Is AlgoMaster 2 safe for your capital.

Read this full and revealing scam review and find out, how Algo Master 2.0 works, and whether you should be investing in this new binary options automated trader and signal software!

If you are considering investing in the Algo Master App, there are always a few considerations to be made. Algo Master APP is not exactly a software, but it is a web based application. We are told that this APP has been precision-engineered for maximum accuracy. Is this this truth? Have the developers of the Algo Master 2.0 really studied the market for many years, identifying patterns which indicate trades that will outperform the Forex and asset market? How true is it, that AlgoMaster 2 has an accuracy performance rate of 98%?

algomaster logo. Algo Master 2 is scam. Your capita is not safe with Algomaster 2.0Website Under Investigation

Here are a few home truths about the Algo Master System and the bogus developer Mr. James Torn!

For starters James Torn, aka The Algo Master for his ability to understand algorithms which outperform the market does not exist! This is the first and most worrying red flag that I always make sure tallies with the story behind any legit or scam software system. I have searched the web. I have gone through all social media including important sites such as LinkedIn, and I have found nothing that connects any real James Torn with binary options, or algorithm development.

Why would this be a scam alert? Why do I feel that you should be warned about the AlgoMaster 2.0 Software system? Simply because, if this is a cooked up story, and the truth lurking behind it, is scam, then I feel I need to dig deeper and warn honest investors, that their capital is potentially at risk!

When a real developer hides behind a bogus name, I get worried. Why would a real developer hide and stay anonymous? Probably because whoever is behind the scam software, does not want any disgruntled trader to sue, or hit back. If you don’t know who you are dealing with, then how can you sue for capital loss? Get it? I am sure you do!!

What is Algo Master? How does the AlgoMaster 2 Software work?

Algo Master 2.0 is a binary options software product by “James Torn” developed to EXPLOIT the market! This is by the very own admission on the developers. This is probably the only truth you will get from this scam site! And guess what the only people who will be exploited in this equation is the investor! Who is the investor? You reading this review is the investor!

You cannot participate in this App, UNLESS, you first part with a minimum of $250. This is the entry level. If you are lucky you will lose just that! If you are unlucky, you will be a rookie, and you will receive a couple of persistent calls from the scam broker which you are synched with, who will convince that the AlgoMaster App will work better if you invest some more. Do not say that you have not been warned! There is no such thing as a free meal in life, and the Algo Master 2 software which is advertised as free, is nowhere near free!

Such scam words as “loopholes” “reduce risk and increase reward” “exploit” etc., are all tag lines for scam. The Algo software does not trade on these facts in your favour! These are just a reverse psychology method of getting new day traders to invest.

Seasoned traders would never touch a scam software like Algo Master 2 system. Why? Because they can see the traps for such a system very easily. Another valid detail, is that the software boasts of a 24 hour online support. Ok, here is my deal! I put this to the test and sent out an email, asking for more details about download, and whether I am able to choose my own broker. No accusations, just simple questions, which I am sure, anyone reading this scam review will want to know about. Guess what? It is 48 hours later, that I am writing this review about Algo Master 2.0 and so far I have no reply! I will let you decide on your own about the legitimacy of the 24 hour support team!

algomaster results. Algo Master 2 is a dangerous scam.  Your capital is not safe with AlgoMaster 2.0

AlgoMaster 2 – Scam at work

There are two more important facts to consider before you go ahead and trust your unsuspecting funds with the Algo Master 2.0 scam plan:

  1. is a newly registered site. It has no history, no background, no proven track record! If you check on Who.Is site you will realize that Algo Master 2 System was officially registered on May 2017. That barely makes it 4 months old! As compared for example to the officially licensed Copy Buffett where you are looking at almost a year of verified trading, this makes the Algo Master App very young.
  2. There is no such thing as a NO RISK Software system. If a system is boasting an almost 100% success rate, and taps on the No Risk maxim, I recommend one thing. RUN!! It has to be scam.

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Conclusion and Verdict by the Binary Option Sheriff on AlgoMaster 2.0 App

Have you been convinced that Algo Master 2 is not trustworthy? If I have not managed to convince you so far, then I recommend that you also check out some real trading sites who have arrived at the same conclusion as me!

BinaryOption Gorilla is categoric! Quoting their conclusion “The AlgoMaster System is unreal and definitely NOT a genuine auto trading software that you want to trade with!” They also agree that a system which boasts 96.4% success rate is a total hoax!

The Algo Master 2 Software System is Confirmed Scam!

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