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Altronix Trading App – Scam Warning

Altronix Trading App – Scam Warning


Altronix Trading Bot -Scam Warning

Altronix Trading Bot is scam. Important warning against subscribing to this Bot. Frank Saunders is a fictitious name. A name invented only to attract day traders into their web of scam

Altronix Trading App is Verified Scam. The Altronix App Scam Review in Detail.

This is a very important notice to our subscribers. Do not engage in the Altronix Trading App Software before you read this full and impartial review. The website under investigation is

The Altronix Trading App has been designed by the alleged Frank Saunders for trading hands free in binary options. It is a web-based software system, which will not require download, but which will naturally embed itself on the binary options brokers’ platform which you are assigned to when you subscribe.

Frank Saunders, banks on the clichéd catch phrase commonly used on Wall Street, which says that to make profit, one has to “buy on rumor and sell on news”. On this basis, Saunders has built the Altronix Trading App, which supposedly tracks data of news releases’ tweets, and other social media data and then executes trades based on the amassed information. This is all done automatically by the Altronix Bot.

In principle, this may well work. If the Robot is built smart enough to catch all market nuances, than this could be possibly true. Sadly we know from complaints about the Altronix Trading Bot, that already several of our subscribers have tried it, and have had their modest capital wiped out. This is what has triggered this scam review for the Altronix Trading App.

Altronix Trading App Scam Review: Exposing the Truth behind The Lies

False Identity of James Saunders Revealed with proof.

Altronix Trading App has been live and available to the general public only a few days. Within just a few hours of its availability, we have been inundated with requests from subscribers to review this AutoTrader. Some already listed complaints that their accounts were immediately wiped out soon after funding. We take these statements very seriously and hence our investigative review about this binary options signal software.

Let us start this review by evaluating the claims being made by “James Saunders” the alleged developer of this App. Who is James Saunders?Altronix Trading App review

The only information we have managed to find in the Web about James Saunders, is that he is either a Composer or a Playwright. We have scanned pages on Search Engines, but other than the self-made connection ie., the website page of the Altronix Trading Bot, we have been unable to find a verified persona for James Saunders. With such a successful invention, one would naturally think that he would be easily identified. Again a search on the prolific business page LinkedIn Has left us just as empty of information as any other social media search. We are therefore safe in assuming that James Saunders, is a bogus personality. The real developers of the Altronix Trading App wish to remain unknown.

Altronix Trading App
Real Identities of John Saunders. None related to Altronix Trading App

Altronix Scam makes technical claims which are impossible to achieve and verify

  • The technology behind Altronix App is supposed to be so cutting edge that will scan billions of bytes of data. Even if the content is offline, it can assimilate and store information in a matter of seconds. From this amassed data, it will find the trades with the highest probability of profit and executes them. First misnomer here! How can an algorithmic robot scan OFFLINE data?? Put this question to a child, and you will immediately receive your answer. We feel truly insulted, and our intelligence put to test with such a statement.
  • Altronix trading bot is supposed to enter and exit trades on the online market in milliseconds. Anyone who has any experience in binary trading, know how difficult it is at times to enter a trade, because the price can be fine tuned to the millisecond. In order to enter such trades, the platforms of the Binary Options Brokers, would have to be optimized to the same speed. We can confirm that they are not. Brokers with platforms on spot option, tech financials and the other technology providers for platforms are much slower systems that this App claims to be. Binary Option brokers are constantly trimming and leveraging prices, because this is how they make profit, and there is no way that a super fast Altronix App could enter at the optimal price.
  • This hands free Altronix Auto Trader promises you that you can profit by using it even if you have no previous experience. A child could probably use it as well because it is a no brainer. This is really encouraging minors to commit perjury. Although we confirm that very good auto traders, will require very little maintenance and therefore experience may not be a pre-requisite, however, having some knowledge of trading is always quintessential in trading. We have recently posted a very good education You Tube on how, having some knowledge of Economic Updates can ensure that you have better results in trading, even when trading with a good Auto Trader as is “Copy Buffett” 
  • The endorsement emblems by CNN MONEY, BBC AND CNBC and the awards for the best software for 2016 are all fake. It is fabricated stuff. Again a quick check on all the sites mentioned, has drawn a complete blank. None of these sites have even heard of the Altronix Trading Bot, let alone granted it prestigious awards! This is serious scam!
    Altronix Trading App. CNN has now knowledge
    Altronix Trading App. BBC has now knowledge of ALTRONIX!!

    CNN Money has no knowledge of Altronix Trading App
    CNN Money has no knowledge of Altronix Trading App
  • The dates on the testimonials from the site of the are all dating back from 2015. Again if you check on the registration of the site from the Who.Is we discover that it was registered on the 9th of February 2016. This looks like very conflicting evidence. Has the data for the verification been manipulated? If the site has only existed for a few days, how come we are told that users have profited with it since September 2015? Sounds fake? Well yes, and it probably is.
  • We do not like pressure tactics used to make binary options day traders sign up without thinking. The 50 spots available for sign up is again a false scarcity counter. It is only put there to orchestrate unnecessary urgency for traders to sign up. There is no cooling down period here. You cannot return your product if you realize that you have made an error.
  • Trying to get in touch with support is impossible. We have sent several emails to the support system for the Altronix Trading App and sadly so far we have heard nothing from them. Our question regarding the speed by which the Bot works, however there are no answers or even acknowledgements coming from their customer support. It probably does not exists.


Conclusion and Verdict on the Altronix App Scam Review.

After putting our facts together and exposing all the incorrect data and information on the site we feel sure that the Altronix Trading App is Scam. This has been further confirmed from live and real traders who have started filing in their complaints about this Bot.

Thank you for taking time to read our review. If you want to move to safer grounds, we recommend that you check our live trading results on YouTube with the “Copy Buffett” software which has been tried and tested, and is giving steady positive results.

Download Copy Buffett Software

If new to trading , you will find that Binary Options is a great way of making money online. However, with so many Brokers and software available, it can become quite overwhelming to pick the scam from the legitimate services. We recommend that you open a FREE DEMO ACCOUNT and practice trading before you go live. Look also at our recommended signal software for enhanced trading results. And you must certainly check our Scam Reviews to avoid falling into pit falls such as the Altronix Trading App.

Please do subscribe to our blog and get regular updates from us about what is new on the market, what you should avoid, and what is recommendable. Drop us an email on support{at} if you want to receiving free trading tips and advice on how to earn a living trading binary options.



  1. What a bogus scam! In my opinion, Copy Buffet is one of the few auto-traders that are actually worth using. The results it produces are amazing. I liked your previous review on Copy Bufft 🙂


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