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BinaBot Review Update – Does Binabot still work?

BinaBot Review Update – Does Binabot still work?


BinaBot has been an online binary options software used by traders for the past year. Is Binabot still working? Does the software still provide the best binary options strategy available in the market? In this BinaBot review, we are going to have an overview of the features of this App with its newly designed platform.

BinaBot Review – Semi-Automated software

The new re-designed BinaBot is once again making an impression on binary trading platforms. BinaBot is offering a binary options strategy that is sought by many traders, to enhance their trading results. In this BinaBot review we are going to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of this software. We will investigate whether BinaBot still works as a top rated binary options solution.

BinaBot has been developed by Troy Everett. Troy Everett is a financial expert who has invented this binary options trading system that stands on three pillars of information.

How Does BinaBot Work?

Binabot is a semi-automated trader which works on three modules. The first module analyses information received from social media. It probes the noise level or trading, and feels the pulse of how traders are making binary investments. This information is then moved to the second module. The second module draws conclusions on the information received and in turn generates signals. Finally the third module is that which converts the signals into trades.

This is a process that provides binary options system that works. In the past the success rate reached the 85% high mark. However, given that the software now is a semi-automated trader and not a full auto-trader, we decided to take BinaBot for a new test-spin.

What is the Difference between BinaBot V2 and the New Binabot?

BinaBotV2 was a fully automated trading software. What this meant, was that as a binary options autotrader, the software traded on behalf of the client. As a binary options trader, you would set your software to the given parameters you wanted it to trade. BinaBotV2 automatically translated the signals into trades.

The updated version of BinaBot is a semi-autotrader. Therefore, the account holder will receive the high quality signals that are triggered by the software. In turn, the trader will decide which trades to execute, merely by hitting the trade button on the platform.

signals generated by the binabot software

What are the Advantages of a Semi-Auto Trader?

In a recent post on how to choose the best trading software, we explained the differences between fully-automated trading systems and semi-autotraders. The advantage of a semi-auto trader is that the investor has complete control over his capital.

Finding the best time aperture for trading is a very important consideration. No matter which part of the world you may be trading in, finding an active market is crucial for best trading results.

Another aspect of high quality trading results is avoiding time frames where the market is experiencing high volatility. This usually happens during pockets of time where important news announcements impact the market.

A semi-automated trader will give a new trader time enough to find his best trading time without running into financial trouble.

BinaBot is not a trading scam. The signals are based on a sensible technology by scanning social media and the Internet. It provides the trader with excellent opportunities by way of signals. Experienced traders and newbies alike, in turn, use the high-quality signals and convert them to trades.

BinaBot User-Friendly Interface – Features Explained

A complicated interface would immediately daunt new traders. However the updated version of BinaBot has simplified trading to the point that even a beginner can easily understand the platform.

One important feature of the revised BinaBot is that the signals are also indicating the strength of the signal. This is called the signal potential, which is the potential strength of winning the trade. The profits are clearly marked, as are the currency pairs or commodities that the software is signalling.

The trade can be executed simply by hitting the “Buy Now” or “Sell Now” button on the platform itself. The trader does not need to use the broker’s platform, in order to execute the trades. As such, the trades can be taken in real time, without the potential risk of losing the trade until you navigate from one platform to the other.

Binabot new updated semi-auto trader

BinaBot Login and Trading Tips

If you have already been subscribed to BinaBotV2, you automatically qualify for the updated version of the software.

If, on the other hand you are a new trader and wish to subscribe to BinaBot, this is the simple process which you will have to follow:

  1. Clear your browser for a better trading experience. If not sure how to clear your cache you can check HERE
  2. Download the BinaBot software HERE
  3. Enter your email address and you will be directed to the members’ area.
  4. Enter your correct details which include your telephone number (this will be verified)
  5. You are then transferred to the binary options broker that is best suited for your geographical area. This is where you make your deposit for a minimum of $250 – which is your trading capital.
  6. Your software is automatically downloaded and synched with your broker’s platform. You will then start receiving the signals immediately.

The advantages of using a semi-automated trader have already been explained earlier. However, there is one very important trading tip that every successful trader should know. Always consult with the Economic Calendar prior to taking any trades. The Economic Calendar will give you the exact time when an important news update will be announced. Expect high volatility from half an hour before the news announcement and another hour afterwards. It would be recommended that new traders will avoid trading during this period of high volatility.

Why Use a Semi-Automatic Software like Binabot?

One of the best trading strategies in binary is always to find the perfect trade set-up. This is not a particularly easy task for a beginner. Therefore, this is why traders require legitimate signal software to guide them to the best trade set-up. BinaBot provides exactly that set-up. A trader does not have to study charts and do technical and fundamental analysis. He may act on the signal. The advantage of BinaBot, is that it allows you time to check free trading charts for trade set-up confirmations. In this manner, the semi-auto trader can be trusted over any scam software. The trader stays in control of his capital.

Once downloaded Binabot can be used independently of the synched broker. If you have a favourite broker, or if you wish to check out the validity of BinaBot, you can take trades on a FREE DEMO ACCOUNT. This way, your risk exposure is zero.

What is being said about Binabot in the Trading Industry?

Feedback is always a key factor that differentiates scam software from legit systems. Bogus testimonials are a high incidence in scam. However the community feedback on BinaBot is nothing short of sensational.

If you scan the Internet, or even YouTube, you will come across a huge number of traders using the software and recording their trades.

Notwithstanding the fact that the software is now over a year old, and the new update may not be immediately visible on the net, BinaBot remains one of the most trusted systems in binary options.

BinaBot complaints in the past all circled around its auto-trading function. Some traders experienced complete manipulation of their account by scam brokers. For this reason, the developers of the software, have decided to remove the auto-trading function completely, and present a high-quality signals software instead.

What is the Success Rate for BinaBot?

Since binary options trading does not pay out 100% profit on successful trades. Most brokers pay around 80%. As such a trader needs to see a high ITM performance in order to register capital growth. With BinaBot high-value signals, a trader can expect to hit the 85% success rate when trading responsibly.

The tips for trading responsibly have already been spelled out. However, doing proper money management is also a very important factor for your risk/reward ratio.

Learning how to trade binary options is a key-factor for your trading success. We highly recommend that you download “The Secret Trader” for a complete guide on how to trade binary options with success.

BinaBot Revised Version Conclusion

BinaBot is not scam. It is a high-performance trading software if used properly. As a signal-generating software, the trader has to manually execute the trades simply by hitting the trade button. It is an innovative approach to trading with responsibility.

Expert traders who combine technical analysis in conjunction with BinaBot have been reporting very high success rates. Tools and indicators such as Moving Averages and Bollinger bands go a very long way to ensuring high success rates.

In conclusion BinaBot has been updated to wipe out scam manipulation by brokers, and to give traders an improved overall trading experience.

You are invited to download BinaBot for free from the link below.


download binabot

Thank you for taking time to read this BinaBot review update. If you should experience any problems using systems which are scam, we recommend that you contact us immediately on support(at) We have helped hundreds of traders recover their capital from scam systems. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for educational tips and scam updates



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