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BinaBot V2 – Updated Results Review

BinaBot V2 – Updated Results Review


BinaBot V2 or version 2 of the Binadroid App which has been successful for a couple of months is now a few weeks old.  In this review we will discuss the features and the pros and cons of this software system. BinaBot V2 by Troy Everett.  This review will discuss the updated results from the three weeks of trading with BinaBot V2.

BinaBot V2 – Results and Myths

The myths around BinaBot V2 need to be dispelled because so many questions have been asked.  This arose from the changes that have occurred with the system since it was launched. If you are looking for results with BinaBot V2, then read this full review, for tips and tricks on how to adjust this software to your best advantage.  If you are planning to invest your capital into the new BinaBot V2, this review will answer all your questions and give all the legit details on the site

BinaBot V2 and Binadroid – Different Technology Companies – Same Concept

For any of our subscribers who are confused and are still wondering about the rumours surrounding the software, we are here to dispel the myths.  Troy Everett, has used two different Tech Companies to support his one and only software.  Binadroid belongs to John Everett.  The only change between the two software systems is the name. The improvement on BinaBot V2 is a result of many contributions from real time traders, who have been trading daily with success, but wanted a more sophisticated operations system.

The programming of the software remains the same both of Binadroid as well as the new improved and more sophisticated BinaBot V2.  In fact BinaBot V2 is also being called Binadroid 2.

Functions of the BinaBot V2 – Review Results and updates

The performance of BinaBot V2 is outstanding.  It is very consistent and the current profit rate is around 85% ITM success rate.  All the original functions of the first version have been preserved, however, BinaBot 2 has new and improved functions which make it one of the most unique software systems on the binary options market. is aimed for both new and seasoned traders.  Whereas the first version of Binadroid was a semi-automated software, BinaBot 2 can be used either as a fully automated software system, or as a signal software.  There are quite a few added features, which exceed expectations of regular Bots and we will go through these individually.  These added features are giving the experienced traders a head start on any other software system.

  • BinaBot V2 has an auto trading function. This is targeting new traders who do not have much experience trading, and wish the Bot to take over their trading.  Simply click on the function and the auto trader will place minimum $25 trades from your account on your preference of Low, Medium or High Risk. The higher your risk appetite, the faster the robot will trade.  Naturally, a trader must bear in mind that risk and rate of return are diametrically in opposition to each other.
  • Reverse Function: This is certainly a first in automated trading and it makes BinaBot V2 completely above board. If you are worried about BinaBot V2 being scam, or that it will cheat you money, then you simply have to reverse the action of the robot.  We do not recommend that you use this function, unless you are seeing a high percentage of losing trades.  Losing trades may occur if you are trading outside the recommended trading parameters.  These include trading during the 9.00 am – 4.00 pm GMT Time bracket.  It also includes trading without consulting the economic calendar, and trading during news announcements.
  • Manual Trading. BinaBot V2 is also a signal software. This is our favourite feature, and it has been further enhanced by setting a trend signal with a time frame. This means that a trader is given a very clear indication on the time scale of the trade and for how long the set up is trending.  Even new traders will find that the results achieved with BinaBot V2 on account of this feature are outstanding and easy to follow.
  • Economic Calendar – The Binary Option Sheriff cannot emphasise enough how important it is to consult the Economic Calendar before setting off trading. Whether you will select automated trading, or will perform the trades manually, consulting the economic calendar is of imperative importance. The calendar will give alarms on time frames where important news announcements will be released.

New traders should always avoid this time frames due to high volatility in the market.  A trend is set when a market is moving actively.  However high volatility due to news may reverse a trend.  Learning to avoid these pitfalls, will ensure that you will have positive results with BinaBot V2.  With any other binary options automated software systems, traders have always need to consult independent providers such as Forex Factory.  BinaBot V2 has incorporated the Economic Calendar in its operating software and therefore available at the push of a button.

  • Multiple Frame Charts – BinaBot V2 gives a guide on the currency pairs or assets which are hot and trending on multiple time frames. Again, with all other software systems, analysis of assets in different time frames had to be done independently.  I the past we have consulted sites like Free Stock Charts and NetDania in order to see the overall performance of an asset in different time frames. Now we have all this information on the same page.


New Improved BinaBot V2 – Traders’ Results

The functions of the improved software are very easy to understand.  The success being achieved with this software boils down to the more sophisticated nature of the robot.  A trader can choose to follow the rules as set by the economic calendar and trade on auto mated mode. More ambitious traders may take a more active experience and trade manually.  In the video below we see how a real time trader has managed to improve her capital by 100% in a matter of days trading with BinaBot V2.

This conclusive evidence clearly shows that BinaBot V2 is legit and is safe for your capital. A trader will not be cheated from his money, but of course the key evidence is knowing how to use the full functions of this auto trader.binadroid2 aka Binabot join button Binabot v2

Conclusion BinaBot V2 is legit.  The updated results show that you can improve your trading results by using the full functions being offered by this unique software.

Thank you for taking time to read this updated review on BinaBot V2.  We recommend that you follow the recommendations carefully in order to avoid loss of capital.  Taking time to learn and understand trading will go a long way into improving your capital gains.  Visit our Sheriff University for more information about trading.  If this is your first attempt at trading binary options, we recommend that you open a Free Demo Account and practice risk free trading.

Ensure to check out our list of scam software systems, which are sadly leaked daily on the binary options market to avoid loss of capital through scam and money cheats.

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  1. Thanks for the review and for introducing BinaBot to me! BinaBot works fantastically and generates at least a couple hundred dollars every day!


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