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BinaDroid Results and Performance Update

BinaDroid Results and Performance Update


Binadroid Results have been launched. After a week of test driving the software in Auto Trading mode we are writing a full review on the updated Binadroid results based on our live trading. Binadroid results update will reveal how the interface for this auto trader works, the level of consistency of the software, the level of risk assessment and the complaints about the software.

Are Binadroid Results what they claim to be or is the software a new scam?

Since our first review on the BinaDroid Auto Trader last week, we have been experimenting with the system until we have seen some conclusive Binadroid results.

Our first week trial with the Binadroid App, was a little bit bumpy. The features for the Binadroid Software are the following:

  • Options allowing for either One DroidBot or Two DroidBot trades simultaneously, is a first in auto trading.
  • It allows the day trader to choose the speed of his trades. The Interface allows also for risk management. On offer is the High Risk – with 60 second trades, the Medium Risk with 180 Seconds trades, and finally the Low Risk at 5 minute trades.
  • Binadroid System allows the binary option trader to manage his funds as well, but allowing trades starting from $5 all the way to $250
  • The software allows you to choose your Broker. The setting at the bottom left of your subscription form gives you the option of choosing the broker which is synced to your area.
  • BinaDroid App is available WORLDWIDE without exception.
  • Binadroid has a Manual Trading Option which highlights the Hot Asset to be traded, has a charting device, but does not give the direction for the trade. This Manual Trading Section is therefore not supported with a Signal Indicator other than that for showing the best trending assets. It must be used in conjunction with another Signal Software, or a day trader needs to do his own analysis.

Binary Option Sheriff has restricted its live trading to Auto Trading in order to test out its software.   In two sessions live trading, these are our BinaDroid results in an update.Binadroid results

Trading with 60 Seconds and 2 Droid Bots:

Binadroid results with a high risk and fast trading on turbo settings were not satisfactory. Our first five trades resulted in 2 losses, 1 Tie and 2 Wins. This is a negative result and not desireable.

Since the trend for the Binadroid Results was showing that this setting does not work, we experimented with some more trade settings with 1 DroidBot, 180 seconds and 300 settings. The results this time were far more satisfactory. The next 15 Trades resulted in 11 successful trades and 4 Lost trades, giving a Binadroid Result of 73.33% ITM Success Rate.

Since we were still experimenting with the settings, our trades were conservative and restricted to $5 trades mostly.binadroid results

Trading with 300 Seconds and 1 Droid Bot:

Later, when we became confident that the best setting for the Binadroid to achieve results were the 300 second trades, we did a live trading session during a strong trending time of the day. We traded during the Asian session at around noon, after having scanned the Economic Calendar to ensure that there was not going to be any news update that might upset market sentiment. Our Binadroid Results were spectacular as can be witnessed from the You Tube Video with live trading below. 10 Live Trades and 10 straight wins. A 100% success rate. Our account balance went from $305 to $684.20 in just 15 minutes!

We will need to qualify this result. It does not mean that the performance of BinaDroid results will be 100% successful. The time we chose was a good trending time, and the time frame quite small. As explained above, we also traded in time parameters which were not as satisfactory as our live trading session. However, we can prove that Binadroid is not a scam software system but a legitimate system which yields results, especially when the settings conform with the following criteria:

  • Binadroid Results achieved on Auto Trading and not Manual Trading
  • Binadroid Results settings on 300 seconds trading mode
  • Binadroid Results were achieved when placing one DroidBot at a time and not two consecutive trades.

Binadroid Results and Performance Review

The relative simplicity by which BinaDroid can be operated have made it very popular with new day traders. The interface is easy to understand and after the first few trades experimenting with the settings which would perform best, it was very easy to take the trades. The live trading video above speaks for itself, and any new trader will find that it is very easy to follow.

As for Manual Trading, we recommend that for the BinaDroid Results to be consistently positive, it requires an expertise of a seasoned trader. The BinaDroid can be used to trade manually in conjunction with other signal software systems such as the Mike Auto Trader – which submits signals but does not perform auto trading. Unless you have some experience with trading, we strongly recommend that you use the BinaDroid Results as your example and only trade using this software are an auto trader.

binadroid software

BinaDroid Results and Performance Conclusion

The live trading session speaks for itself. BinaDroid Results and positive and trending upwards when the software is used conservatively. We recommend that you use time frames within trading sessions such as European, Asian or American. Trading between these sessions can expose you to unnecessary risk as the market may be flat and slow movements have a possibility of giving negative results. From our experience so far, day traders who have made complaints about the BinaDroid system have been either using high risk trades to see fast trading, or having been trading after trading sessions.

Thank you for taking time to read up BinaDroid Results and Performance update. We would love to have your feedback and your experience with this software. If you are new to trading BinaDroid may be a good option. If you would like more advice and personal strategy, please contact us via the subscription form below and we will devise a personalised plan for trading for you. Opening a FREE DEMO Account is an excellent way to feeling the possibilities of trading binary options without exposing yourself to any risk.



  1. I was scammed few times before but that one really seems professional so i signed up.
    So far 15 trades 12 wins! Thanks so much for sharing this review!

    1. Thank you for sharing your statistics Jeni. We are glad that you are finding the BinaDroid as rewarding as we are

  2. Hi Binadroid gave me binarytilt as broker,what about binarytilt are they safe.Because i did not deposit yet,so i want to confirm about this broker and then make final decision.What about binadroid latest performance,please inform
    us about your binadroid current performance.

    1. You must be in the United States if you have been assigned Binary Tilt. Our performance is running well, but please do your own due diligence on Binary Tilt

  3. Hello.Just started.I chose Banc de Binary. So far I am having average results. I started with $5 trades using moderate risk and then $10 trades using low risk. 32 trades. 16 itm and 16 otm. I trade during euro session without any big impact news. I will continue to report

  4. I’ve a question.. if you follow the economic calendar and you see a red block on for example 10.00 am… how long does it take before you can safely trade again? Half an hour? So in this scenario at 10.30 am? Like to hear from you.

    1. Yes. usually 30 minutes are enough for the price to establish on a trending level. However, it is also wise to check the charts again and see where the price went after the news release. Net Dania have excellent free charts

  5. Good morning I would like to know with witch software to start if you re knew to trading safe income or Binadroid to start with.

  6. On your video you had 305 dollars with a 25 dollar trade. It then went up 373 dollars? The math doesn’t add up!

  7. I registered with with binary tilt Broker how is them are they legit brokers ?
    and i seen on binadroid i can’t trade 5$ the minimum is seeing 10$ i want to know the information

    1. you should be able to trade $5 trades. Binary Tilt is not the best broker around. Have you already funded your account? email us for more info

  8. I sign up with Binadroid and they gave me broker how is them ? , i searched reviews on google found less then a 3 or 4 review so i am afraid to deposit with them can you send some links about them . thanks

  9. please help my sign up and send me logins.dont like the broker options i have here,Bigoption,Binarybook and Gainoption from personal experience.Also help send your strategies,timings and all other necc for success with the to fund asap cos got some funds in my neteller account.thanks alot and hear from you soonest

  10. Hey I signed up with Binadroid and the broker options are BigOption(heard mixed reviews), BinaryBook(also heard mixed reviews) and Binaryroom365(Couldn’t find anything). Which broker would you say is the best and won’t scam me out of my money?

  11. hi
    I am trading with binadroid for two days now, investin 5 $ per trade with low risk.I went from 250 to 170 on my account.To be honest i am getting a little discouraged. If i go with this pace i wont make it to the and of the month. You guys have any tips? That would be very helpfull. thank you

    1. don’t trade around important economic news and this will help’s hard to say what you’re doing wrong as i don’t see your account. if you want personalised help write us an email.

  12. Is binadroid still working well? They assigned me to the binary room365 and need to know is it ok to trade with or should I have to change it.

  13. Hi Sheriff,
    What is the best time to trade according to your explanations
    You said about trading during : European, Asian And American market please, kindly specify the time
    frames of these three country in GMT.


    1. most common time for all markets is between 9am-17pm GTM Mon-Fri but always look at economic calendar and avoid high volatility moments.

  14. hi..sheriff,
    I had a problem, when I tried to register to binabot2 ‘the page is not responding’ . and only asked repeated by converting emails only . Can you help me ? i am from indonesia.


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