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Binary Option Club Scam Review – Beware

Binary Option Club Scam Review – Beware


The Binary Option Club review will expose this social trading App for copy-trading software for the scam it really is.  Paul Schafer is a hypothetical name invented solely for the purposes of this SCAM.  We have no alternative but to BLACKLIST The Binary Option Club which is also known as the Binary Options Club because it is potentially harmful to your capital.

The Binary Option Club portrays itself as a high-quality binary options trade copier.  It boasts to be a 75% net income earner (which is not impossible in binary options).  Keeping the performance absolutely low key is a strategy used by smart scammers.  However, the truth is, that when we started digging deep into the investigation and trial for the Binary Option Club, we came up with some very disturbing information.

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Binary Option Club Scam Review – Spam Emails and Fake Reviews

The Binary Option Club copy trader software is all about extreme marketing.  It is a well-known fact, that the more you hear about something or a name, the quicker you become familiar with it.  That is not to say, that it is good for you.  In fact, the biggest downfall of many traders has been in being falsely led to believe that the Binary Option Club is safe. We can make a bold statement at this point and confirm that the Binary Option Club is Scam.  And if that is not enough, we will go forward and prove it.

We hope that this will not worry you unnecessarily.  However, we have evidence to prove that other than the SPAM emails, which many people have reported to receive in their inbox, Binary Options Club has been responsible for very serious spyware.

Spyware is extremely dangerous.  It tracks browser navigation based on your activity.  Therefore, if you are browsing for trading, best trading strategies or binary trading, then the Binary Option Club scam is bound to pop up. This will unnaturally lead you to believe that the Binary Option Club App is legit.  But actually, it is not.

Binary Option Club – Proof of Scam

The first and obvious proof of scam is that you have no choice on the binary options broker that you wish to work with.  The minute that you complete your registration, you are led to a broker of the Binary Options Club choice.  If you thought you would have a choice to test the software on a demo, you can think again.  This is not an option.

So why should you trust the Binary Option Club?

Actually, you should not. The software brags that you will be able to become an expert trader and earn a solid income after following just a few steps.  This is just sales talk to lead you into the devil’s den.  And pardon the pun, but we do mean it literally.  If you have been “scammed” before, you will understand exactly what we mean.  The Binary Option Club scam is just a conveyor belt to smoothly take you off the shelf and into a pile of “dumped luggage”.

Fake Profiles and Bogus Distinguishing Features

Has anyone serious in trading every heard of Michael Jessop or Chase Drexter?  Has anyone bothered to google these names and see whether they can come up with a line of credibility? For example, if you google Michael Freeman – from the Mike’s Facebook Group – you come up with a history of a real person.  Good or bad.  But whatever, it is, it is totally verified.  We are discussing a human being who has achieved a lot in binary trading.

Therefore, naturally speaking you will find good and bad stuff. More good than bad.  However, try googling any of the Chase Drexters or Michael Jessops of the Binary Option Club, and what do you find? Nothing!  Nada! Zilc!  For kicks you should also try LinkedIn.  Similarly, there is plenty of information about Michael Freeman Junior, but absolutely nothing about the perpetrators of the Binary Option Club Scam.

Yes, I know. Comparisons are odious.  However, please use this as an example.  Do your proper due diligence. Do not just believe in anything you read.  Check everything out for verification.  If it is really out there, you can start to believe it.
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Fake Promises – The Best of The Binary Option Club

If there had to be an academy award winning software for glib lies, then The Binary Option Club would receive a nomination.  Here are just a few of the illusional promises that are made by the scam designers of this software.

a.  Manual Trading by the experts Michael Jessop and Chase Dexter.  We have earlier proved tat they don’t exist. So whose strategic planning are you following?

b. Free Education.  The “educational program” for the Binary Option Club has graduated from an unknown “university”.  This is just a grand use of words to lure you into the web of lies.

c. Choice of Manual or Automated Trading:  This is a very serious breach of law. CySec has completely forbidden any sort of automated trading with Binary Options.  This is because many scam brokers were taking control of traders’ accounts.  Today, any serious broker would never consider taking on an automated trading software on its account.

d. Free Software – Yes technically speaking the Binary Options Club software is free to receive.  However, you do need to fund your account with a minimum of $250.  If you lose this capital, it might as well be the cost of a scam software.

Binary Option Club Review Conclusion and Automatic Blacklisting

Paul Schafer is nothing but a fraud.  He does not exist and the whole set us is a scam orchestration.  Be careful of the malicious malware warned earlier.  We highly recommend that you unsubscribe from any email blast you may be receiving containing content soliciting the Binary Option Club Scam.

This detailed review has only been written as a warning to avoid the Binary Options Club Scam and similar scam such as the Omnia App.  There is no magical solution to making money with online trading.  There are indicators that can help us, but bottom line we need to get an education and training.  Trading requires focus, determination and skill.  You can find solutions by following our online trading course with plenty of live trading examples by subscribing to The Secret Trader

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