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Bitcoin Investment – Hits $1400 ATH on May Day

Bitcoin Investment – Hits $1400 ATH on May Day


Is Bitcoin Investment the new gold? Many are touting Bitcoin Investment to become the new gold. Whereas in the past, it has been gold that has been considered as a “safe haven” today, Bitcoin investment is being considered the “politically free” cryptocurrency that could replace even gold.

The value of Bitcoin has hit the All-Time High of $1400 on May 1st, 2017. This is almost $450 increase from March 11th a mere 50 days earlier. Is this a bubble? Will the Bitcoin investment burst or will we see the cryptocurrency soaring like a meteor?

How safe is Bitcoin Investment?

Bitcoin has been attracting investor’s attention for the last couple of years. This is especially so at times when political instability shakes the economic world.

Donald Trump’s unexpected victory and the following 100 days in office spiked up the value of the cryptocurrency.

Even the Bitcoin ETF Rejection on March 11 by SEC did not dampen the price for very long. Bitcoin slumped to $1060 from $1300 a few hours earlier. However, the Bitcoin Investment plan bounced back into action with the price reaching unprecedented heights of $1469 on May Day 2017.

What is the Reason behind Stronger Bitcoin Investment?

Bobby Lee, the co-founder and CEO of BTCC – which is one of China’s biggest Bitcoin exchanges has a very strong opinion for the Bitcoin Investment growth

I think the world is starting to realize that, just like gold is a good hedge, bitcoin is a great hedge against the system, because it is outside the system.

Bitcoin Investment attracts a lot of attention simply because it is not controlled by any country, politician or central bank.

Furthermore, bitcoin is a digital currency that is limited in supply. The total amount of bitcoin that can be mined is 21 million. So far more than 14 million bitcoin have been mined!

Unlike gold, that so far is still copiously mined, bitcoin’s supply is limited and therefore cannot be diluted. This is what makes Bitcoin Investment uniquely interesting, even very attractive. Anyone can hold a fraction of a bitcoin. MilliBits or even MicroBits are now becoming more available as the price of Bitcoin Investment keeps soaring.

Bitcoin is divisible to eight decimal places (100 millionths of one Bitcoin), and this smallest unit is referred to as a Satoshi.

The Satoshi is named after Satoshi Nakamoto. This is the pseudonym of the founder of Bitcoin. Nakamoto mapped out the founding rules for the Bitcoin in a white paper published in 2009.bttc bitcoin investment

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Bitcoin Investment – A History of Bad Reputation

So why does Bitcoin Investment have such a bad reputation? In the past Bitcoin Investment has been associated with the “dark web”. It has been an easy gateway for anonymous and quick payment for drugs, sex and rock ‘n ‘roll.

BTCC’s Bobby Lee does not shy away from being nailed with questions over the security of Bitcoin Investment. In his presentation at the Blockchain Week in London, he explains

“If Bitcoin is being used to pay for drugs, hitmen, and all other illegal activities – it can only amount to a fraction of what is being paid for the same activities in U.S Dollar

Major currencies like the U.S Dollar are also associated with cartels, drugs and drug deals. Of course, Bitcoin Investment can be used for this purpose, as can be the U.S Dollar and also gold for that matter.

Pinning down the exact percentage of is what really matters. Lee is a man of simple explanations and demonstrates how a knife can be multi-purposed. He says “ you can use a knife to eat breakfast but you can choose a knife to hurt someone” The choice to eliminate knives will not be a solution for murder.

Whereas the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) may not have had a chance of finding out who is who when tracking illegal payment via Bitcoin back in 2013, today the story is very different!

The FBI Begs to Differ – Criminality that is Bitcoin Related Can be Tracked!

Today criminals cannot hide behind Bitcoin any longer! The FBI tracked down Ross Ulbricht who created Silk Road! In 2015 Ulbricht was sentenced to a lifetime prison sentence for facilitating the sale of $1 billion in illegal drugs.

Likewise, Trendon Shavers and Mark Karpeles were arrested for fraud that is Bitcoin Investment related.

The FBI begs to differ on their ability to impose law enforcement on the anonymity of bitcoin transfers.

The biggest percentage of bitcoin users are law abiding citizens. They are interested in an efficient and speedy way of using the cryptocurrency for money transfers and in remaining largely anonymous. The increasing red tape with banks worldwide has been an excellent motivation for the growth of Bitcoin Investment.

bitcoin investmentImage Courtesy of C. Smith/Science

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Bitcoin Can Reach $7k if it Breaks $1.3k All Time High

In a recent interview with CNBC, Bobby Lee stated that if the price of Bitcoin scales over the $1300 ATH, that there is no holding back the cryptocurrency reaching even as far high as $7000 per bitcoin.

The price of Bitcoin has been steadily increasing over the past 8 years. The past six years have seen the currency increase by over a thousand times in value.

Bobby Lee looks at the long term future.


I think long-term, we all understand that Bitcoin is very unique. It’s the world’s first digital asset and in that sense, today’s value is only around $16 bln. Compared to other assets, especially things like gold, stocks and real assets, $16 bln is just a drop in the bucket. So if it goes to $32 bln, that would be doubling the price. In the past few years, what we’ve seen is: whenever we hit an all-time high, Bitcoin itself would actually exceed its all-time high and go up by 3 to 5x or even more. So if it crosses the $1,300 sort of all-time high, it might even go up to $7,000 per Bitcoin.


 Bitcoin Investment and Regulation

In an important conclusive statement, Bobby Lee states that Bitcoin regulation is a question of “when” rather than “if”. In his opinion, it is just a “matter of time”.

Bitcoin Exchanges that have given Bitcoin Investment a rather dubious integrity in the past, now need to be regulated.

The future seems to be brighter for Bitcoin investment. It is, in fact, similar to gold. It is mined but it has a definite volume. This is an advantage over gold. It is also entirely anonymous and completely transparent due to the fact that it is a digital currency. The blockchain is the record and backs up every transaction that is made.

So is Bitcoin the new Gold? Notwithstanding the security and legitimacy issues that have clouded the history of bitcoin, it would seem that the future looks quite bright for the cryptocurrency. Time will tell and although the past is no guarantee for the future, the meteoric rise in the value of the Bitcoin crypto is very encouraging for investors.

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