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0 is nothing but a Crypto Ponzi Scheme.  Do read this full and unbiased review before you part with any cash.  The poses as an investment opportunity but is, in fact, nothing but an HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) that is meant to lure you with its high rewards, but which will only crumble and fail.  If you value your capital, then be aware that is a scam. offers phoney “investment plans” which any seasoned trader will pick out at first glance.  However, given that this Ponzi scheme is being aimed at new investors with little or no knowledge of Crytpo trading, it is likely that many will fall into the trap of investing with – only to end up losing their capital.

Is a Scam? The BitMargin.Org Review

If you have come across this site and are asking what is, then you are on the right page for answers.  This scam website is posing as a platform for Bitcoin investment.  As explained earlier, if you are a seasoned trader, you will pick out the red flags for the scam at first glance.  However, if you are new, you have a good chance of falling for this elaborate and devious plan.  In this review, we will be providing you with enough evidence that will leave you in no doubt that we are dealing with a first class scam.

Let us be very clear, the is not the ideal place to park your Bitcoin.  We will prove to you in no uncertain terms that is nothing but a Ponzi Scheme. claim to employ a vast number of professional traders who will earn you outlandish returns on your investment with them.

You can rest assured that this will never happen.  For starters, the site and the company relevant to is not transparent. We have no clue who the developers of this site really are.  If we do not know the real identity of the developers. Therefore, we would know much less about the “professional traders” who are ready to grasp your capital.

Registration Process with

The registration process with the scam site under review makes it very easy to part with personal information and also with your capital.  Should you decide to participate in this Ponzi scheme, you are led into a very easy registration process.

All you need to do is to give up your personal data and you are doomed for good.  Before you can study the investment plans, you need to surrender your personal information.  This is a very studied and effective ploy in order to acquire your data.  Once you are in the data files of the developers of this scam site, you are subject to become a victim either now or later with other elaborate scams.  Scammers collect personal information through registration.  This gives them a wide database by which to target their victims.

If for any reason you have come into information about through your inbox, then it is very likely that you had hit an earlier scam and your private information is being used to target you once again. This is how these systems work.

BitMargin.Org – Scam Features explained

As explained above, before you are in a position to get any information about BitMargin.Org you need to surrender your personal data and register for an account.  We highly recommend that you avoid this process and we will give you valid reasons why you should not.

In order to save you the exposure from the scam, we shall explain the very unimpressive plans ourselves.

BitMargin.Org Plan A

Plan A is an outlandish promise to give you a 10% profit return every 3 days on your bitcoin investment.  If you have been following the huge tumble and volatility of Bitcoin at the time of writing this article, you will realise that this is highly unlikely, if not outright impossible.

In serious and real term investments, no claims or promises are ever made. Investing in any market carries with it risks. And it is illegal to even make promises of returns, let alone make these whimsical claims.

With Plan A your minimum investment deposit is 0.4 Bitcoin (currently valued at $260 and easily affordable) and a maximum of 5 Bitcoin ($35,000).  The Plan A “opportunity” offers a 100% return on investment – FOREVER.

This “forever” claim is now standard for all scam sites and this should be a clear indication, that the site is not legitimate.  There is no such thing as forever in trading and profit making.

Plan B

At this expense of writing a cliche, I would say, that your Plan B should be a safer investment.  But instead, let us discuss what is being offered as Plan B on this site.

Plan B is a much bolder invitation to scam.  It offers an ROI of 120%.  Technically you will receive a 20% return every six days.  It is a bolder invitation to scam because it makes more sense than the outlandish Plan A, but it does not make it any more legitimate.  All investments will be lost under any of these plans, so these are just hypothetical plans.  As with Plan A, Plan B requires a minimum investment of 0.04 bitcoin and maximum of 5 bitcoin.

Plan C 

Plan C is one that has to make out laugh out loud.  It is with a minimum deposit of 0.1 ($650) and a max of 10 bitcoins.  The ROI is 100% every month and naturally, it is FOREVER! an Investment Opportunity?


We are fairly sure that is not a legitimate investment opportunity. This is because of the number of complaints that have been received from this site. Notwithstanding the fact that the site has been created to give the impression of a community of satisfied traders, we know the uglier side of the story.  Real traders and not orchestrated ones are who matter.

The large lists of positive feedback is simply a fabricated act and it is only the reality that counts.  The first investors of the Ponzi Triangle.

If you are not convinced of our version, then we invite you to have a look at what is being said in Forums about HYIP and Ponzi schemes – where you will realize that there is a repeated pattern of scam.  In this Forum – there are more than 10 articles all related to how investors get scammed on Ponzi schemes such as the

BitMargin Review – Our Conclusion

If you are interested in making money with Bitcoin Investment then we recommend that you open a safe wallet and keep your coins.  The recent upsurge in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has ensured enough profits and interest to have many investors looking at this option.

However, in our opinion, BitMargin is not the best investment opportunity.  It is nothing but a scam that is intended to clean you off your capital.  BitMargin will be going straight to our BlackList Scams lists.


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