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Blazing Trader Review – Scam Revealed

Blazing Trader Review – Scam Revealed


Blazing Trader App is a system, which has been leaked in the binary options trading market. In this detailed review I will debunk this software for the scam it is. I will give you enough evidence to warn you against trusting your capital with the Blazing Trader System. Blazing Trader App is a software which according to its developer Johan Strand will make you rich overnight. The App has the power of not failing a single trade. The purpose of this scam review is to warn innocent traders and prevent them from falling victims to this fraudulent App.

Official Scam Site Login Page Under Investigation is

What is the Blazing Trader App?

According to Johan Strand of the site, the Blazing Trader App is a binary options automated trader that has been designed to prevent it taking any losing trades. Hypothetically, the Blazing Trader App works on the principle of taking both a winning and a losing trade but ends up with a winner. If anyone can understand this screwed up logic, I would appreciate if you contact me under the scam review. I have seriously never come across such a vague and misleading description of how a system works. This has prompted me to write this review. I seriously cannot understand how such a warped presentation could potentially convince anyone that they can make $4000 profits every day but using this dangerous software. Any binary option expert will tell you that you cannot end up with real profits, if your trade will win and lose at the same time.The Blazing trader app claims false results

Before I go any further, let me point out, as I do in many of my scam reviews, that I have never come across a software system which performs 100% This is a definite scam tactic. Legitimate software systems such as CodeFibo and Copy Buffett, which have a history of success, both do not perform beyond 80-85% success rate!

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Who is Johan Strand of the Blazing Trader App? Review Evidence of Scam

Johan Strand (Alias) tells us a story of how being born in New York, he studied and lived most of his adult life as a professor at the Department of Applied Mathematics at the Zurich National Institute of Technology.

For starters, I have contacted the famous Zurich National Institute of Technology and enquired about its eminent professor Johan Strand. I was not surprised to be told that the University never employed anyone by the name of Johan Strand.

Moreover, I was sure that the face of Johan Strand was familiar, and dug a little bit deeper in the archives of my blog, and pronto, I pulled out the magician’s black hat of dirty magic! Johan Strand is the same actor of the previously debunked scam “The Lie Detector Millionaire”.   The Lie Detector Millionaire was an earlier binary options system which had cost many traders to be victimised and lose their capital. I would therefore not be hesitant to point out, the likelihood of the developers being one and the same team!Lie Detector Millionaire

Same Actor – Different Scam

Further Evidence of Scam for the Blazing Trader Review

Is the Blazing Trader App Legitimate? In this review I am collecting evidence to prove beyond doubt that Blazing Trader System is scam. The site does not offer any disclaimers or terms of service. Any legitimate Forex Broker will have disclaimers. A trader is never warned about the risks of trading and the potential loss of your capital. If you check on any legitimate site, you will find all this information. I could not find this disclaimer anywhere on the Blazing Trader site!

Moreover, you would also find clear and concise information about the brokers, which are synched to the software, including names, certification and accreditation. Regulated brokers will not touch scam the likes of Blazing Trader software. Unregistered and scam brokers will be flocking to have a rotation and to grab your money in their dirty hands. Scam brokers are professionals in drawing as much money as possible from innocent victims. These are scam tactics which raise red flags. Please do not fail to be warned that your capital is at risk.

Can you make money with the Blazing Trader App?

I guess at this point you already know that the answer is “NO” You cannot make money with the Blazing Trader App. In this review, I will expose a few more blatant lies.

If you have a look at the testimonials below, you will sadly find out that they are all fake. The photo of Mattie O’Brien of Canada for example is a stolen stock photo. Any real traders in Canada for example, will be unable to subscribe to this software. This is because Canada filters scam, and does not allow legitimate brokers to take on scam. Therefore Canadian traders are immediately blocked off!

The testimonial that Mattie O’Brien from Canada has profited $41k is therefore a complete fabrication! The evidence of trading is tampered with, and the testimonials are fake.

What annoys me most about these scam systems, is that are targeting new traders. Newbies will have little or no experience with binary options, but even less experience to leverage scam. The Blazing Trader story is full of waffle and facts which do not make sense. A seasoned trader will pick this out immediately. However, if you are a rookie or a newbie, this information will sound impressive, and you are the target to become the next victim.

The Blazing Trader App is scam - fake testimonials

Is the Blazing Trader System Free? Review Exposes Scam!

Johan Strand makes the fatal error of telling you to put away your credit card, as you will not need it. Thereby implying that the software is a free system. We can assure you that very soon, you will have to dig into your pockets and whip up your credit card all right! Trading cannot happen through thin air. You need a trading capital with which you can place your trades. The minimum deposit required is usually $250.

Now if you consider the possibility of losing your investment, would you still think that the Blazing Trader App is free? I doubt you will. Your capital will be the cost of the scam software. All hopes of making $4000 a day will vanish as soon as you see the balance on your account dwindling to nothing. Very likely at this point, you will get a call from your “dedicated manager” and he will ask you to deposit fresh capital in order to recover your losses.

One word of severe warning! Do not throw good money after bad! If for any reason, you persist with subscribing with the Blazing Trader App, and you lose money, count your losses and call it a day!


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Conclusion and Verdict by the Binary Option Sheriff.

My main concern about the Blazing Trader App, is that it is targeting new traders who are searching the Web for legitimate systems to help them trade and profit. The Blazing Trader review, has been intended to set the record straight about this dishonest App.

The Blazing Trader review reveals that the presenter is nothing but a bogus character who is lying about his employment, and is furthermore a paid actor, who has been endorsing previous scams. This on its own, would be strong evidence against any system.

Blazing Trader App is a dangerous system targeting victims with little or no experience. It is a warped story that does has no logic to it. Our recommendation is that The Blazing Trader robot should be avoided like the plague!

Blazing Trader App is a Scam

JOIN SHERIFF UNIVERSITYThank you for taking time to read the Blazing Trader review. We are sorry if you visited this page in the hope of making money with this App and hope that I got you in good time to save your capital.

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  1. I read the Blazing Trader Terms and conditions. There is an indemnity requirement to pay in to Blazing Trader if they get into hot water. For this reason, I decided not to Register.

  2. I decided notto sign up to Blazing Trader because they say the customer might have to pay them an indemnity.

  3. So it is a Scam… I sign in and created a profile only, without adding any card or important details – maybe just my phone… I know I’m stupid, but what shall I do now? Please help

    1. You need to do nothing else. But if you receive emails you must unsubscribe immediately as they will spam you with any new scams they design. Always read reviews before signing up in future. You got away with luck this time

  4. Omg is a scam.. I have just sign in and register with an amount of US250.00. Is there any possibilities that I will have a refund back from “Blazing Trader”to my Credit card asking for a termination and withdrawal?. What should I do next to prevent any further loss on my credit card? Please help & advise.

  5. I am just about to register a while ago, good thing I don’t have money right now. An agent in Blazing Trader called me, and that made quite believe and even told me it is not a SCAM. Thanks God you’re really good. I really prayed to God that if I register and the connection lost it is not real. And my internet really lost its connection while loading.

  6. after sign it and registration on Blazing Trader i have doubted about i have search weather it is authentic or not,so i have got positive info on your site.mean while their representative called me by private no, asked me if continue to member.but after refusing he disconnect the call immediately. Thanks a lot.

  7. I have recently registered to this site, amazed as a newbie, they called filled me with a load a crap I did not believe so I took it up on my self to do extensive research and found reviews that pointed out details I missed .. thank you very much this wss helpful.. where can I find recommendable sites for profitable trading?

  8. Please help I had recently deposited 250 from my credit card but I haven’t submitted identification yet. How wil I get my money back?

    1. Simply by requesting a refund from your credit card. It is best to contact the card centre directly


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