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Brexit Bot Review – BRexitBot is Scam or Legit?

Brexit Bot Review – BRexitBot is Scam or Legit?


The Brexit Bot Scam Review – Truth Revealed

Brexit Bot is yet another binary options software riding on the Brexit band wagon. Could the BRexitBot be legit or is this yet another system designed to cheat your capital?  Paul Harrison presents his “hot out of the oven” Brexit Bot software and we will investigate it in this impartial review.

Website Under Investigation for Scam : BrexitBot.Com

Is Brexit Bot a world of opportunity or is it a can of worms? What is Brexit? With so many new scams on the binary options market, it is an Alice in Wonderland affair, picking up a legit system.  New traders have a hard time understanding what is scam software and what is legit software. Which are the systems that can make money trading online? Which are the systems that will strip your capital? The Brexit Referendum – or the Exit of Britain from the European Union, has opened a niche market of opportunity for scammers to cash up on the name.Brexit Bot review. Review BrexitBot. Brexitbot scam review

Brexit Bot  system is an opportunity or is it exploiting the naïve?

In this review we will analyse whether a trader can trust the BrexitBot software or whether he should drop it like a hot potato.  Paul Harrison and the BRexit Bot are the headlines for our investigation review.  Who is Paul Harrison?  Sadly in most scam software systems names are made up along the way as an introduction to the software.  Is Paul Harrison really who he claims to be?  We are told that he is a long time trader with a university degree in Economics.  Quite Generic and very suspicious.


How does the Brexit Bot Software Work?

Paul Harrison brags about his ability to understand the currency fluctuations in the forex market.  This is all well and good, and it would be a thumbs up for designing a great binary bot. He claims that he has a free fall ability to understand market fluctuations and gain from it.  In 2008 during the financial crackdown, Paul Harrison was making $50k a week!  BRexitBot true or false?  There is nothing to challenge the logic in our review of BRexit Bot software, however there is something that does not play right about it.  In our scam review we are going to train new traders to understand what red flags for scam they should be looking out for in order to identify scam software systems.

  • BRexitBot Software – Pressure Tactics and Forced Urgency.

    Aggressive pressure tactics like the ones shown by the alleged Paul Harrison, should heat up the scam barometer fast.  It is true that at the moment the UK is in shambles.  The sterling has had a free fall and many lost money whilst others made money anticipating this.  It is also true that once the UK finds its feet again, the currency will stabilise and the opportunity window to make money on sterling will narrow.  In this case however Bully Paul Harrison is practically shoving the Brexit Bot App down our throat!!  Pressure does not result in persuasion to sign up.  Watch out newbies! This is a classic scam tactic.  The visual pressure tactics which are illustrated in this scam review also add to hastening innocent traders to enter blindly.  This is the scope of the scam BrexitBot. Do not give interested traders time to think.  Lay the trap and collect the goodies!

  • Brexit Bot Scam Software – Unrealistic Performance Claims.

    Here is another red flag for scam.  Seasoned traders can smell rats from far, because the same dirty tricks are used over and over.  New traders may be enthralled by the “fantastic performance” record for BrexitBot.  If you are scammed to sign up to this software, you are invited to enter with a small capital of $250.  For many $250 are negligible, but for students with university loans who are vying this scam product to make money online, this is hard cash!  A working mother looking to make extra money trading online, this could be food for her kids.  So many scenarios are possible.  The point is that $250 can be easily accessed but it hurts to lose this money to scam!  Traders watch out! Unrealistic promises are a scam approach to lead unsuspecting traders to sign up!

  • Brexit Bot Review – Show of wealth.

    We can all fall prey to need or greed.  However crafty exhibitions of show of wealth are only dangling carrots in front of their hungry audience.  This is yet another scam tactic which is easy to goggle.  Do not fall for it.  You cannot become a millionaire trading binary options on a humble deposit of $250.

Can The Brexit Bot System earn you money on autopilot?

BRexBot is said to be able to generate $25,714 on the first day on a deposit of $250!  Laugh out loud and run a mile!  Paul Harrison is scam.  He implies that by exploiting assets which involve the Pound Sterling and working on auto pilot, he can make you $180,000 a week and more than a $1 million in just six weeks.

Please be warned.  Be realistic.  DO NOT believe this crap!  The claims are unfounded.  They are sugared up statements to make the pill of losing a minimum of $250 easy to swallow.  This review for the BrexitBot software has coughed up enough scam evidence to warn you that your capital is not safe with this system.  You will be conned!  92.3% success rate is unachievable.  Even the best legit software systems which have been in the market for many months and which have been tried and tested and proven to work never perform better than maximum 85%.  Far-fetched and non-verified is the scam BrexitBot system that we are being presented today!

BRexitBot System’s Review – Final Catch of Scam

Reputability is a salient point to consider when subscribing to a new binary options robot.  Stamps of approval which are legit, would be a great endorsement to a valid autotrader. In the case in point, the Brexit Bot is using the trusted stamps to falsely gain your confidence. If you look closely at these stamps and try to click on them, you will realise, that these are just put together with clever photoshop editing.  The stamps are non-clickable and subsequently scam. McAfee SECURE has surely never heard of the BrexitBot Scam nor has it ever received a premium for protection. This is a clever ploy at assuring innocent traders that Brexit Bot software is legitimate.  In fact the Binary Option Sheriff has just revealed in this scam review, that this is far from the truth.Brexit Bot false badges. BrexitBot false badges. Scam badges

Whenever we are reviewing a suspect binary options trading bot, we always like to check what other reviewers are saying on the matter.

TheBinaryOptionsElite Club summarise in their review that the promises made by the developers of the Brexit Bot scam system are impossible to achieve.  They warn that if yo are joining the binary options market, that you should stay away from the BrexitBot App.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion by the Binary Option Sheriff

If you are looking to make money online trading options, this review of Brexit Bot shows that scam software systems are not the smart way to gain.  We are even more vexed with seeing false testimonials used on the sales page for and which are only paid actors from

Fiverr.Com is actually a site where you could really start making money online very quickly with no capital required.  You can offer your services for leaving comments on sites, proof-reading, give testimonials (true or false) and be paid a minimum of $5 per gig!  It will not make you a millionaire overnight, but it can certainly help anyone make some extra money online.

Review Verdict on – Is Scam!

Other scam software cashing in on the Brexit name: The Brexit Money Machines Scam !

Thank you for taking time to read our review.  Remember to subscribe to our blog and receive daily news on how you can make money online, and which scam pitfalls to avoid.

Remember that the Binary Option Sheriff will never recommend a system unless we have tried it ourselves.

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