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Bullish University Scam Review

Bullish University Scam Review


Bullish University Scam Review – Education or Frame Up?

Bullish University masterminded by Ben Newman purports genuine efforts at giving education to new binary option traders. Their pitch is that it is impossible to learn binary options trading by yourself. Be Warned. Do not fall into this new trap. The Bullish University has only been established since July 2016 and it is a result of scam. Review details for the Bullish University below.

Whilst Binary Option Sheriff is the first to champion education by giving FREE and easily accessible information about trading options or learning forex – we have to expose Bullish University as trapping new traders into expensive education which will never give them their money’s worth!

Bullish University Exposed – Do not be scammed!

Website under investigation:

The Bullish University by Ben Newman is an innocent enough looking website. It has all the pre-requisites to entice new traders to follow a method of education and later get them into community trading and live webinars.

The first hurdle that needs to be navigated is getting your pricing for the “education” that you will receive. This is a complete mystery and you will need to wait at least twenty four hours before getting a price structure.

Furthermore, when you actually do manage to enter the pricing site, you are immediately transferred to another pop-up, which will require you to surrender all your personal details including a phone number and geo-location as well as your email address. There is absolutely NO TRANSPARENCY in getting any information about what a trader will engage in.

In scam world these are known as pressure tactics. Before we get into more details about why we think that Bullish University may be scam, we will point out evidence in the little investigation review we have conducted.

  1. No details about the structure of education is given on the opening page. You only get promises to be successful within a month.
  2. You have no idea what you will pay for your education and support, let alone if you will get this
  3. If you try to leave the webpage without surrendering your email address, you get a blocking pop up which once again will entice you to the Bullish University “Free” Trading Tips by surrendering your email address.Bullish university

Although these may be acceptable marketing scam tactics, which are standard to many people trying to accumulate e-mail addresses, it is highly unethical to put such pressure on a new trader. Whilst Bullish University are trying to withhold all information from the trader, they are exerting 100% scam pressure to obtain their email address.

Do you understand why surrendering your email address under duress is scam? – The Bullish University Scam Review warns

Bullish University exposed

We can assure our subscribers from the many complaints that we have received about the Bullish University SCAM that once they surrender their personal details, they are inundated with pressure calls.

The reason why the country is important information to the Bullish University scam, is that they will require you to enter into agreements with Binary Options Brokers that are synched with their ”University “in your area. The scope of this is very simple. Bullish University is literally “in bed” with several brokers, who will “rub each other’s backs”!! The broker wants the clients received from the university, and in turn will return favours to the developers of the Scam Bullish University!

As a new trader, you are not only being asked to PAY FOR TUITION that is available for FREE from regular sites such as the Binary Option Sheriff, but you are also expected to SIGN-UP with affiliated Brokers, where Ben Newman and his Bullish University – will make some more cash off your scammed back!

We have to be transparent here. We point out that the Binary Option Sheriff also makes money from affiliation, whenever a new subscriber registers from one of our links. This has to be put to the table. The only difference in this case is the following point:

  • Transparency: The Bullish University provides no Proof before Commitment. All the offer is a bunch of “fabricated” testimonials which can be put together at any point in time by anyone. We see no real signals. No live Membership area. No Links to a structured learning plan.
  • Education should be FREE! The Bullish University site is highly suspect of SCAM because at no point does it even present a structure for education. No information is forthcoming. If you try to access this, you fall into Alice in Wonderland’s downward spiral.
  • Ben Newman is a SCAM – The photo presented on the cover of his University Site is yet another Fiverr Classic
  • The real identity of Ben Newman (if that was ever his real name) is exposed below. His webinars at the very best are feeble and in this classic case in point we can see how he struggles with many possible scenarios of why you could lose your capital due to market instability.
  • Track Record. Ben Newman has good days and Ben Newman has bad days. If you subscribe to his you tube channel and follow his analogy you will understand that this is not a professional trader, but a professional marketer!

As a champion for FREE EDUCATION, we have to warn our subscribers that The Bullish University looks very suspect! There is a big possibility of getting your account wiped up fast if you use this trading method, and it will seem like it is your fault and very legit.

This is our Recommended Software and Tried and Tested on You Tube in Real time by Binary Option Sheriff

code fibo

Sadly Ben Newman is history repeating. Ben, has been trained by a successful team of traders offering a well known service called Option Bot. At the time Ben Newman was the partner of Keith Waring, a highly colourful but smart trader who rocked YouTube with his witty comments and strategic trading.

As the story goes, “Newman” stole the technology of Option Bot, destroyed it, and then dissolved partnerships with Keith. He stole clients from TrendXpert, which until today belongs to Keith, and came out with his own weak strategy for the “Bullsh**t” University (pardon our French) Bullish University a few months ago.


Ben Newman from Bullish University

You may also need to be warned against these sites which are also belonging to Ben Newman :

Do Not Rely on our judgment – Check Out what Other Sites are saying about the Bullish University by Ben Newman.

The Binary Options Spot in the Bullish University Review conclude that it should not be trusted. Ben Newman the Head Trainer cannot be trusted anymore because he is motivated with personal financial agendas.

The Binary Umpire – arrives at the same conclusion as the Binary Options Spot and recommends that your capital is not safe for testing the Bullish University which has only been established since July 2016!

Conclusion and Verdict by Binary Options Sheriff

New Binary Options Traders, are the key target for scam sites such as the Bullish University, who are greedy to take their money and scrape off some more making commissions off their backs. Scam me once shame on you, but scam me twice, shame on me. You are being warned. Ben Newman has scammed his partner Keith from Option XE and would have no qualms but to take your hard earned capital and turn it to dust.

Free Binary Options Education – The Sheriff University

JOIN SHERIFF UNIVERSITYEnroll for Free and with no obligations to the Sheriff University. We follow your progress, answer your emails, and discuss your concerns. We do not guarantee that you will make money online on the first month, but we will guarantee that you can learn as much as you are prepared to learn.

We also introduce you to a REAL COMMUNITY OF TRADERS who have a proven success rate of 85% in the money! Drop us an email on suppor(at)



  1. At last a website exposing these guys… It cost me fortune and I learn nothing at all, I have to sign up with few brokers which is about $250 per broker, plus the fee for Bullish itself and small fortune with no return and now I have been pushed out the group for having an opinion, really not happy…


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