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Cash 365 Warning; $1857 per day or Scam?

Cash 365 Warning; $1857 per day or Scam?

0 is the website supporting the new product Cash 365 which claims to deliver $1857.93 daily straight to your account.  However, before you dive and sink in your capital, you should read this full and impartial Cash 365 scam review.  We will bring you enough evidence that will dissuade you from investing in an unlicensed and unregulated system.

Can you earn profits with Cash 365 or will you just be exposing yourself to an automated fraud? Our Cash 365 Warning will leave you in no doubt that you should stay away from this scam.

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Cash 365 is a Scam – Impartial Review

 Binary options have always been a good playground for both scam and legit automated systems, however, whenever we come across a straightforward scam, we feel a responsibility to warn our readers.

It is evident that this system which promises to be an automated cash machine is nothing but a bait meant to hook new traders.  What simpler way to catch an innocent victim, other than by promising untold riches at the push of a button?

Cash 365

What is the Real Story behind the Cash 365 Trading App?

This is the crux of the matter.  There is no real story behind the Cash 365 travesty.  We are being presented with a software system that is being narrated by an unknown quantity.  We know for a fact that some of the testimonials are presented by actors.  And we have no clue how the software works.

If we dig deep and check how the Cash 365 App works we find nothing important other than claims.  Is it reassuring that the unknown narrator, who incidentally never reveals his name, tells us that the software works fast and produces great profits?

Let us be straight.  Why is it important to know who is behind the  Cash 365 trading software?  It is important because you need to know whom you are trusting your capital with.

Would you trust a stranger on the road with your capital just because he promises you to deliver $1900 a day to your doorstep?  I would think not.  And probably neither would you.  Therefore, why would you trust a complete unknown on the internet with your cash, without having tangible evidence that they will deliver the spoils?

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Can The Cash 365 Scam Software Really Generate $1900 per day?

The first trap that the developers of this software fall into is greed.  We are told that the software will generate $1900 a day for 365 days a year.  Make no mistake, this sounds really great.  But the problem is that trading on the open market happens only 5 days a week!!  Therefore, this is already a Freudian slip and it indicates, that whoever was making this script got over excited and has not real trading experience.

The Cash 365 scam system is aimed at new traders!

Why is the Cash 365 review important in revealing this fraudulent system?  It is simply because only new traders would not know what to look out for when dealing with a scam.  Scammers hit at newbies because they are easy prey.

If you are a new trader and have no idea how to read market signals, then it is likely that they will opt for a software that will work on autopilot and take the trades on their behalf.  In the process, they give up their hard earned cash to do it.

However, be warned, auto trading is not a shortcut to learning how to trade.  It is merely giving up your rights to your capital.

Cash 365

In an effort to do proper due diligence and discover if Cash 365 is fraudulent or legit, we have signed up with the software from a number of different IP addresses.  The reason that we have done this, was to find out which brokers were supporting this App.

Guess what we found?  There was not a single broker that was either licensed or Cysec approved.  What does this mean?  It simply means that the software providers who remain an unknown quantity have chosen to work in a fraudulent manner.

The fact that there are no reliable brokers means that a scam is highly probable.  What happens in this case, is that the software is rigged in such a way that you lose your capital fast. The capital is shared between the scam broker and the developers and you remain empty-handed.

Why is it important to trade with a legitimate broker?

24option banner broker registration

Brokers which are licensed and authorized are subject to extremely rigorous controls by the government officials of their country.  This is why they are given a license to trade.  Therefore, if for any reason a trader feels unfairly treated, he will get a good hearing from the governing boards.  It is an arduous system to get a license and a broker will not risk its reputation and lose it easily.  This is how you know that your capital and your profits are safe with a Regulated Broker.

Cash 365 Scam Software Conclusion – Sheriff’s Verdict

Here is a quick resume why we are sure that Cash 365 is a scam

  • We have no idea who is behind the software
  • We are not given a good explanation of how the software works
  • The site has been registered for just a few weeks and there is no proof that it delivers profits
  • The testimonials are made by paid actors
  • The brokers supporting this software are not licensed
  • The profit claims are too good to be true
  • It claims automated trading that works even for someone who has never traded


If something is too good to be true it probably is not true. So be warned and do not trust your hard earned cash to a scamming entity.

Have you been scammed?  Have you trusted a software that has facilitated that you lose your capital? It is time to speak up.  Leave a comment in the comment box below and we promise to print it.  Your loss could be a safety valve to other traders.  We will endeavour to help you get justice.

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