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Cash Formula Review – Traders Complaints of Scam

Cash Formula Review – Traders Complaints of Scam


Cash Formula Review by Tim Stafford is scam? Secret cash formula is a new binary options software system and auto trader that is due to be launched. Scam warning. Read our full review and avoid falling into this new trap and risk losing your capital.

Website under review:

Is Cash Formula Legit? Read the Cash Formula Review accuracy scam

Cash Formula Review will be controlling your investment. If you are new to binary options trading, heed the advice by the Binary Option Sheriff and stay away from products which can ultimately result in loss of capital. This “secret cash formula” will not give you the best trading possibilities as the bogus Tim Stafford claims. It will eventually show up to be another binary options scam.

Warning is to stay away from the Cash Formula scam and proceed to safety on tried and tested binary options systems. The Cash Formula Review reveals

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Cash Formula Software – Tim Stafford and the Cash Formula Review

Trading binary options remains one of the most legitimate ways to make money online. However, the market is still largely unregulated and therefore gives rise to multiple scams. Our Secret Cash Formula review will reveal that this new software which will be launched in the next couple of days is not what it purports to be, but is just another binary options scam.

Binary options is a cash market. Millions of traders worldwide are executing transactions every minute of the day and it is therefore a very liquid market. The question is whether tools like the Cash Formula System will help you optimise your day trading and not scam you of your capital. It is for this reason that the Binary Option Sheriff conducts investigation on products. Is the Cash Formula software robot a genuine system, developed to help traders to generate profits, or will it suck up your hard earned cash? This is the question that we will investigate and review today.

Is the Cash Formula Software Trustworthy? Cash Formula Review continues

The Cash Formula aka CF Files, has been developed by Tim Stafford. It is a system whereby the top 1% of binary options traders are supposedly meant to make top gains, if they use this system on a regular basis. As the story goes, Tim Stafford is just the co-founder of this Company that actually owns and distributes this system, because his “mentor” who prefers to remain conveniently anonymous has been the guru that has developed this system and given off the secret trademarks to Tim. The ghost mentor provided Tim Stafford a generous bonus when he gave me an “intriguing book” with a flash drive inside it which results to be the “cash formula” and which is the reason for his incredible success! Read on our Cash Formula Review saga!

Tim Stafford is supposed to be a business consultant who, after getting divorced has struggled to make ends meet whilst raising his daughter. This sob story is sadly not unique. It has been orchestrated only to resound well with day traders, who are possibly struggling with the same situations. It is a very smart tactic that psychologically plays well with many innocent traders, who easily fall prey to such stories.

There is no evidence to confirm the real existence of Tim Stafford, and much less of his mentor who hovers like a ghost for this secret formula. This Cash Formula review will reveal that traders should be warned about the complaints received from real traders on the use of the CashFormula and there are no guarantees that trading is safe and secure with this new binary options tool.

Will CashFormula Make Profits? Cash Formula Review Red Flags

There is no conclusive evidence that traders working online have been able to make profits using this new binary options trading tool. A good binary options trading tool should calculate accurately to the extent of at least 75% the algorithms of the economy and produce signals whereby the trader can safely rely on the accurate time to enter the market. Compound profits will result with correct signals, however the CashFormula cannot be confirmed as having this accuracy level. The performance results for Cash Formula App have not been proven as yet.

Cash Formula is an integrated platform which is fully automated and therefore takes complete control of your capital. It is said that CashFormula App has a limit of $20,000 profits per day, which is a rather laughable assumption on a humble capital of $250! If anyone joins the system with a starting capital of $250 and manages to make $20,000 per day, we cordially invite them to share their results. This is not a realistic possibility and therefore screams scam. Are you believing this Cash Formula Review? Read more for evidence.

Is Cash Formula Review Scam or Worth Investing?

The features which are being claimed by paid actor Tim Stafford for his secret Cash Formula are numerous. Amongst the bogus features, we can count that the CashFormula scam is an automated formula which is designed to predict movements in the financial markets. It is supposed to be turning over profits in less than a minute from the time it is operated. CashFormula scam software is supposed to earn you no less than $50k per month and their support should be available 24/7!!   This is the trap that over zealous developers fall into.

BinaryOptionSheriff has tried to contact support for the past two days and so far has not received any communications in return from the support team that is meant to be working round the clock. This is a red flag which sadly signals scam and therefore should be avoided at all costs.

Cash Formula System is Easy to Use

Another very smart scam tactic is the promise of a software which is specifically designed for new traders. Cash Formula is allegedly a new product in the binary options market which is easy to use and will result in profits on day trading. The truth is that trading hurdles are not ironed out by scam software. There is no straightforward solution in automated trading, and promises that a software is dead easy to use by newbies is only a promise carved in water.

By presenting a product which appears to be easy to use, the criminal developers of the Cash Formula software are falsely wooing traders to sign up to their software. Cash Formula review reveals some more.

Traders should note complaints about the CashFormula system and understand that this is not a software that will eventually help them with trading solutions. It is not the seamless, smooth and fun software that it is set out to be.

Website under investigation is is an old scam. The site has been around since 2011 and if this were not a scam, we would have been able to find concrete evidence and proof of profits. Sadly, our review investigations have not resulted in testimonials by real traders who have gained with this system. This Cash Formula review has been doing some digging!

Our conclusion has been confirmed by the scam review of BinaryOptionsOpportunity who conclude that the marketing team behind the Cash Formula scam have done nothing but build up a story which pulls at your heart strings. It is a great act and properly scripted production that is meant to entice you to subscribe.

Conclusion and Verdict on the Cash Formula Review System

The software is not even fully released as we write this scam review. Even at this stage, we have received numerous complaints from real traders who have become early subscribers that the Cash Formula App is not safe to use because it is a 60 seconds service and this is the least recommended system to use in binary options trading. If you are not interested in having your trading account wiped away fast, then we recommend you stay safe and avoid the CashFormula Scam Software

The Cash Formula System is Verified Scam

Thank you for taking time to read our scam review on the CashFormula system. We are very sorry to disillusion you, if you have visited this page in the hope of making money online. Sadly we have been instrumental in bringing several scams to light in the past few days. We highly recommend that you always do your due diligence before engaging in an online binary options software and consult with our Blacklisted Signals before you sign up and fall victim to scam.

Binary options trading remains one of the more legitimate ways of making money online. It is a cash market and can result in profits if properly advised. You are encouraged to look at our Trusted Signal Services page where you can find software systems that have been tried and tested by our trading team in real time.

For any questions about day trading please contact our support team on support(at)




  1. This story reminded me of how I got started trading many years ago. I got started during the dotcom bubble. In a very short time, I turned $90,000 to $600,000 in a few months. I learned by reading a lot, practicing strategies, and learning how to chart. Unfortunately, when the bubble burst, I lost most of it and realized I still had a lot to learn. Eventually, I came across binary options and now I earn as much as my husband who is a doctor.

  2. This story reminded me of how I got started trading many years ago. I got started during the dotcom bubble. In a very short time, I turned $90,000 to $600,000 in a few months. I learned by reading a lot, practicing strategies, and learning how to chart. Unfortunately, when the bubble burst, I lost most of it and realized I still had a lot to learn. Eventually, I came across binary options and now I earn as much as my husband who is a doctor. If you’re interested, you might want to check out this article, which explains what I’m talking about much better than I could: Hope it helps anyone reading this!


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