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Cloud Trader App Review-Is this Scam?

Cloud Trader App Review-Is this Scam?


Cloud Trader System, a new Binary Options software and auto trader is under the spotlight. Is the Cloud Trader Bot scam or legit? Read our review to confirm whether this software should be trusted.

Is Cloud Trader Scam or is it worth Investing? If you are planning to subscribe to the Cloud Trader App by Matthew Shepherd, we recommend that you find out all the details before you commit your capital. In the detailed and impartial review by the Binary Option Sheriff, we will investigate the strengths and weaknesses of this new Cloud Trader System.

Cloud Trader Review

Can Cloud Trader really turn $11 into $220 every hour? We are told by the alleged CEO and developer of the system Matthew Shepherd that this system is connected to the world’s financial markets. If you subscribe to a trading account, you are given the possibility of connecting to the markets via the software, which is web-based and therefore requires no download. Matthew Shepherd claims that the software is 100% risk free and enrolment to the software is as fast as 87 seconds. Once recruited, a day trader will make an average income of $2567.27 in just one day. Is this scam or legitimate?

Binary Option Sheriff puts under the spotlight of investigation

The story line by Matthew Shepherd is a very flaky and non credible story. We may have been tempted to try out this software had it not been for the instant red scam flag of boasting that the Cloud Trader Auto Trading System is 100% Risk Free. We have exposed many Scam Software Systems for many reasons, but those which deceitfully declare that they are 100% risk free, go straight into our Scam Bin. Check out our Blacklist Page to get a full run-down on scam systems.

In Forex, Options and Share trading, there is nothing which is 100% risk free. There are good days and there are bad days. The best analysts, using their specialised knowledge and algorithm auto traders, never top above 80% success. So this 100% risk free, is just a sales tag, to attract innocent traders and falsely making them feel secure. Beware of scam sites which promise you that there is no risk in trading. You may have lost your capital by the time you realise that this is a conniving and false detail.

Clear Evidence Denouncing the CloudTrader System.

As we generally do, we check on the reliable site website to glean as much information as possible about a site that is selling itself as a 100% risk free proposition. is under scrutiny. From the evidence below, a day trader can see that the site supporting the Cloud Trader App has been registered in early March 2016. This is just a few days from writing this scam review. At the same time, our probable actor Matthew Shepherd is stating that he has collected 1231 member traders since December 2012. Does this sound authentic? We think not! We think that this is a story made up in time for registration of Cloud Trader, in order to sell you this new software.

Email Spamming by the Cloud Trader Site

We started to believe that Cloud Trader system is a nasty scam, when we received a number of Cloud Trader complaints from our subscribers saying that their emails are being spammed with invitations to subscribe to the software. The developers of this software, have a strong marketing strategy designed to lure day traders into registering with fraudulent offshore brokers who steal your money. This is not hypothetical. The danger of loosing your money with Cloud Trader is very real. This makes the software dangerous to use.

Verifications of Cloud Trader being Scam

There is no evidence of the software running any trades. We are never taken in the Members area to get an idea of the real trading strategy behind the sales pitch. The demo video is fake and has only got the logo of the Cloud Trader Bot, sported on the platform of the binary options broker. This is a serious illegality. The risk of even leaving your email address on this site exposes you to the possibility of being scammed. There is no hard evidence of trading.

Who is Matthew Shepherd from Cloud Trader App.

Matthew Shepherd is allegedly the CEO for   A quick check on social media reveals that there is no Matthew Shepherd that is remotely connected to Binary Options Trading or any other sort of trading for that matter. Matthew Shepherd has no social media presence. It is a criminal offence to use a fake identity in order to attract innocent people who want to make money online by fabricating false promises. Even the company can be traced online. Why would anyone legitimate hide behind a false identity? We will leave our readers of this scam review to arrive at their sensible conclusion on this issue.

Fake and Paid Testimonials for Cloud Trade Signals Software

The testimonials used in the Fraudulent Cloud Trader App sales video are paid actors, hired from the famous Fiverr Site and paid a pittance for their lying and cheating evidence.  They are is not  Cloud Traders. They are paid ACTORS!!

Beyond this, there are many stolen photos such as that of Jeffrey Head, and Shawn Mendes, whose identities are being pillaged by these unknown scammers and abused on the internet. This again is a serious criminal offence.Cloud TraderCloud TraderCloud TraderCloud Trader

Backhanded Tactics to pressure traders to subscribe for the Cloud Trader Scam

If you try to move to page 2 of the sales video, you cannot access it unless you leave a valid email address. This is the key to get hesitant subscribers to sign up. If you leave your email address and telephone number, you can rest assured that in less than an hour, you will be inundated with phone calls from Brokers pressuring you to pay money into your account. This is the only 100% guarantee that you will get from this scam review about the website.

The badges and verifications that you see on this Cloud trader site are false. The site does not have SSL certification or security seal. It may well contain malware, and one should be advised on the risks exposed when clicking on such unsecured websites. Your personal and financial information may be at risk.

Reviews by Independent Traders and Bloggers on Cloud Trader Program

We have not found one real trader testimonial with live trading that has made any real money with Cloud Trader. A few sites, that promote anything for financial reasons, are endorsing the software. Beware of these sites, because they are just in it for the money. A day trader should note that any site including our site, may receive revenues from systems which are recommended by way of commission. Our only guarantee to our subscribers is that we will never recommend a software unless we give you evidence of live trading, and try the software ourselves. This is our commitment. You may read reviews about our trading success with Copy Buffett System and BinaDroid system. They are supported with successful trading evidence.

At the same time other legitimate sites such as the Binary Options Opportunity arrive at the same conclusion on the circumstantial evidence: Quote from their review on Cloud Trader

No auto trader is hundred percent correct all of the time, they all fail at least once along the way, and we can assure you Cloud Trader is no exception. Plus the amounts they are claiming you will be able to generate each day, is a bit high and above what is true.


Verdict and Conclusion on Cloud Trader

Although we set out with the best and most impartial of intentions not to slam this new auto trader, we feel duty bound to advise our subscribers that from the evidence we have found, we have to declare that CloudTrader is Scam.

Thank you for taking time to read our scam review. Please do subscribe to our YouTube Channel where we review and test many auto traders. If you have been scammed, there are ways to recovering your capital. Contact us via the subscription form and let us see how we can help you.

If you are new to trading, we recommend that you open a FREE DEMO ACCOUNT before you commit any capital and practice safe trading. If you wish to learn and earn with trading, just reach out and drop us an email. We will devise a personalised plan that is safe and satisfactory.



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