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CodeFibo Instant Cash App? Real Review

CodeFibo Instant Cash App? Real Review


CodeFibo autotrader for binary options aka Code Fibo signal software is a new trading App, based on the Fibonacci Code.  Is the CodeFibo safe to use? Is your capital safe with the Code Fibo system? This Fibonacci Code review will conduct an in-depth study on one of the market’s new signal software systems.


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Is Code Fibo Scam?

What is the CodeFibo Software?

In the video presentation we meet Professor Matthew Louise.  Although I feel pretty sure that this is an actor who is reading a scripted drafted by the real Professor , we have already concluded in previous posts that the these algorithm wizards are usually very camera shy.

However, the essence of what we see in this Code Fibo demonstration is quite impressive. Here are the basic reasons why I believe that CodeFibo App is a new signal software and auto trader that will revolutionise the binary options market.

  • The software has been developed with the aim of helping both novice and seasoned traders.
  • The CodeFibo software is user friendly. There is a clear choice if you wish to use it as a signal software or as an auto trader.  No heavy and complicated screens that make you lose your capital  before you start trading.  You do not need to tear your hear out trying to understand complicated software systems which leave you perplexed and cheated.  It is simple to operate.
  • The auto trader takes small but rapid trades. It guards the safety of your capital instead of flittering it away very fast.
  • The signals generated by the CodeFibo software are very clear. Taking trades based on signals with this software is a no brainer.
  • Sophisticated and experienced traders will confirm that the technical analysis being provided by this software is the quintessence of this software. This is not a cheap shot of a software trying to engage you to deposit your money.  This is a serious software into which much thought and hard work has been poured.
  • There is no claim to instant riches. The CodeFibo will generate a strong and steady income. It is a proper trading software and not a lottery ticket.
  • The principles of trading are based on support and resistance levels. The creators of the CodeFibo have used the oldest and the most strategic and respected tool in trading and applied it to their algorithms.

What is the Fibonacci Code? How does the Fibonacci “golden rule” apply to the CodeFibo software?

Who was Leonardo Fibonacci?

Wikipedia describes the great Leonardo Bonacci or Fibonacci as “the most talented Western mathematician of the Middle Ages”  He introduced Europe to a sequence of Fibonacci numbers.  He popularized the Arabic numerals in the western world from 0-9.

He became very popular when he discovered ratios arising from the following sequence of number 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55 etc.,

As you can imagine this series of numbers is derived from adding 0+1 = 1, 1 + 1=2, 2+1 =3, 3+2 = 5 etc,

After the first set of single numbers, if you measure the ratio between any number by its subsequent number you always get the result of 0.618

Therefore if you divide 13 by 21 you get 0.618, if you divide 34 by 21 you get 0.618 and if you divide 55 by 34 you get 0.618.  This the behavioural pattern of the sequence.

To complicate or make matters more awesome, if you divide alternative numbers, you always get 0.382.  Really amazing.  Try it out for yourselves starting with 13 division by 34 and 21 division by 55.  Bingo the pattern is unshakeable! This set of numbered algorithms became known as “Golden Rule”.CodeFibo The golden ratio diagram aka The divine code. Is the CodeFibo legit? Is CodeFibo safe?Code

This “Golden Rule” may be difficult for a novice trader to understand.  However, the logic behind it will not be new to a seasoned trader.  Expert traders will never take a position before consulting the Fibonacci retracement and extension levels.

All charting stations will offer these “Fibs” tools as part of their standard services, and traders who study their own signals will be plotting the Fibonacci signals on their charts to see where and when to take their trades. In our Sheriff University Fibonacci retracement and extension levels are explained and trades are taken based on this very accurate tool of prediction.  Watch us taking live trades using “Fibs” HERE.

The beauty about the CodeFibo Software is that this technical analysis is self-incorporated.  A trader does not need to know how to plot the charts, or where to place the High/Low points on a chart.  This new software will be plotting this charting automatically.  Hence it will set signals in a trending market which will give a trader a very high rate of successful trades.

What we love about the CodeFibo Software – Review continues

  • There is no great talk about company jets, stellar offices, mega mansions or incredible wealth.
  • The CodeFibo software is presented as a one-man show. This is not a group of scammers who are trying to orchestrate a scam and draw innocent victims to give up their hard earned cash.
  • The Code Fibo App appears to be available only for a short space of time and in a limited number edition. We have to admit that we find this a bit perplexing considering that Prof. Matthew Lewise has been working with students who have been struggling financially and this software has been a life-saver for beta testers.  In the future we will see whether this limited time aperture may be lifted.
  • com is the company behind the CodeFibo Software. We have done some investigation in this review and found that this is a company which develops Apps and which has been primarily engaged to develop the easy to use software.
  • Code Fibo is dead easy to navigate. Carl Leary is the lead programmer for CodeFibo and he has been engaged to make life easy for traders. CodeFibo is a system which anyone can use. Since the target audience here is newbies, this is a very key factor in using this software. It has been designed to be user friendly.

CodeFibo Review – The App’s Features explained

The software has been designed to be “mobile friendly”.  In today’s hectic world, we cannot imagine sitting in front of a computer all day, watching charts and finding the exact moment to take a trade. This is a job for professionals only.  However, today there are many day traders who are interested in making money online.  The platforms are easy to navigate.  If a trader arms himself with good tools, this can be a good source of additional income.

The CodeFibo App can be used “on the go”.  It is tablet and smartphone compatible, and a new trader can just switch the software on auto-trader and check in on his results.

Alternately, for traders who wish to have a more intense trading experience, the signals generated by the CodeFibo software can also be used for more rapid trading.

The screen below shows the few easy steps that can be taken to be on your way to trading with the Code Fibo software.

  1. Select whether you wish to trade manually or by auto-trader
  2. The trade volume needs to be selected, and this is the value of each and every trade that either the Bot or you will take. Note of caution! Do not get over ambitious with your trading.  Remember the principles of Risk Management.
  3. Select the “strength of the signals”. This value key will give you more trades if you choose a lower signal strength.  Again caution is advised here.  You may get a lot more signals with a lower strength signal but it also means that you are exposing yourself to more risk. The stronger the success percentage rate, the lower the number of signals. Better be safe than sorry.

Realistic approach to trading with the CodeFibo App – Real Review

The results which are being discussed during the Code Fibo demonstration are very generous. Claims that a trader can be making $9800 a week are downright difficult if not impossible.  The results achieved in this trading video are with trades of a $100 dollar value per trade.  Therefore traders please take note of our earlier warnings, that you should always heed risk management.  If you capital is just $250, you will ostensibly not take trades with a $100 value.  One small mistake and your account is wiped out.  There is no margin of error.  We strongly recommend that you do not take trades of more than $25 if your capital outlay is the minimum acceptable.

The software is claiming a 97% success rate.  We find this totally overrated.  Although the principle behind the Code Fibo is an excellent algorithmic strategy, we doubt that such a high rate of success can be achieved.  The “Fibs” are excellent tools but work best in a trending market.  Therefore, as always we advise that you check your Economic Calendar before setting your software on automated trading.  The safer you are the better your results.

No Time is Better Than This Time – Subscribe to the CodeFibo App Now!

It appears that there are only limited spots available.  Although we feel that this could be a good move to get people interested in the software, there is also a risk of not being able to participate for this software for free. There is mention that the software could cost $600 in the future. As such we recommend that you try this software within the next few days, if you are interested in increasing your trading capital with this software.

Conclusion on our Code Fibo Review

Before the Binary Option Sheriff recommends a software, there is a process that we go through, and that is to check what other real life traders are saying about the tool that we are about to test.

The Binary Signals Café have tested the software.  Their results confirm that they have not reached the targeted 97% but that they were very positive with an 80% In the Money Rate of success.  We consider this to be a very healthy success rate.

The Binary Options Gorilla conclude in their review of the Code Fibo App that this is a one-of-a-kind innovative software.  It helps traders take control over their daily income and that it is a “phenomenal trading tool”.

The Binary Options Opportunity have done an in depth analysis in their review. They explain how Professor Louise has engaged five years to come up with the CodeFibo trading tool which is based on the Fibonacci arbitrage strategy.  They clearly declare the CodeFibo software as legitimate and safe.

Given this analysis and the research we have done in this review to see what other traders are saying, we feel confident that the the CodeFibo software is a trustworthy software system.


The CodeFibo System is NOT SCAM

How to subscribe to the CodeFibo Software

    • Clear your cookies for safer browsing
    • Watch the Code Fibo demonstration HERE
    • Enter your valid details including name, address and phone number correctly. These will have to be verified at a later stage before you can start trading.
    • You will be taken to the broker’s platform which is synched to your geographical area
    • Fund your account.
    • Decide whether you will use auto-trading or manual trading
    • You are set to go.


Thank you for taking time to read this detailed review on CodeFibo revolutionary software.  Remember that trading can also involve losses and therefore never deposit more than you can afford.

If you wish to learn how to set up your own perfect trades, take a trip to the Sheriff University and open a Free Demo Account to help you make safe trades.





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