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Copy Buffett Results and Performance

Copy Buffett Results and Performance


Copy Buffett Results – Sheriff’s Top Recommended Software

It is now exactly a month since the launch of the Copy Buffett software and our first test with the software system. Since then we have given a couple of updates, with the progress, the facts, the style in which we were trading with the software, until finally, we have also traded live for our subscribers with a success rate of 80%. Ten live trades with results of 80% In the Money rate of Success. Our Copy Buffett Results show that Software developed by Jeremy Fin has proven to be an excellent example, of a signal software that delivers what it claims. For the benefit of our subscribers on our blog, who have not yet seen the Copy Buffet App used as a signal software, we are posting our video for transparency and authenticity.

Copy Buffett Results and Performance

We are now about to start paying our fees for 5% on profits. Copy Buffett Software is not completely free. It is actually free for a month trial, but now it is payback time. At this point 5% of our trading profits will be deducted to pay for the development of this software system. To be honest, we think that this is a fair price to pay, as the profits generated during this month of trading, have been a very comfortable income for many. This has been proven by the Copy Buffett results.

The reason that we are endorsing the Copy Buffett software, other than the fact that you can see our results live from trading, is that is not a crazy software system which claims to give you instant riches. It is verified signal software, which gives you results, that you may need to work for.

We have received a number of complaints about the Copy Buffett software, but these were all the same complaint. When the filter is placed at 80% or more (meaning that everyone would like to go for safe trades rather than risk their capital) the software only take three trades per day. Well this is understandable. Binary Options Trading, as well as forex trading, is not a frenzy of button pushing. It is a study of when is the best time to trade. If a trader is conservative and would like to remain with a credit in his balance, then he will take only the best signals available.

For those with a higher risk appetite, the filters can be relaxed, but the chances of having a high success rate, then start to decrease.Copy Buffet Results download

The Solution for Bigger Profits with the Copy Buffett Results and Trading System

As has been shown in our live trading with Copy Buffett results, the other option to have accelerated profits on a daily basis, is to use the Copy Buffett App as a signal software instead of using it as an Auto Trader. In order to do this, you must have both your binary options broker platform open on your browser as well as the Copy Buffett signals. A very important tip, is to refresh your browser as often as every five minutes. Again, many traders have complained that the software does not generate enough signals. This is a web based software and you will need to refresh your browser for the updates. This would be the same on your Facebook page. If you are following a chat, you need to refresh every so often in order to see the new posts. It is simple to understand once you dedicate some time to it. But the Copy Buffett results don’t lie. And as you can see with our live trading, actions speak louder than words! This is the truth.

Since many have been clamouring for a live update, this is what we have prepared for you. However, we have also prepared a Cheat Sheet to help anyone who is new in the binary options trading business, with their download and using the software.

FACT SHEETCopy Buffett Results Fact sheet

Our Conclusion for the Review Copy Buffett Results and Update

In our trading career it has often transpired that we start using software, which often disappoints. We have also tried many software systems, which appear legitimate, but in the end sadly burn our accounts. These are often the scam systems, which we try to expose on a daily basis. But it is with great pleasure that we can rank Copy Buffett results as the most accurate software that we have tried and tested in a very long time. As we have re-iterated in the past, this is not a push button software that will make you rich overnight. There is no such thing. It is only an illusion. But if you are conservative and have a low risk appetite, Copy Buffett is an excellent tool to add to your trading box and like us you could be looking at a daily profit. The Sheriff’s verdict for Copy Buffett Results prove that  the software as the Number 1 Trading System for 2016



  1. the copy buffet sounds awesome. i would love to give this a go for sure but cant invest any money to start trading for another couple of weeks. im so hoping this works out as im unemployed and want to get off benefits forever.

  2. i have received an email from Jeremy Fin with email id : Jeremy Fin with link .

    When i click on link it opens up for Amisso formula.

    below is the copy of email received
    Remember: You are receiving this message because you asked for more information about CopyBuffett.
    If you have changed your mind (or you don’t recall requesting information) then simply unsubscribe by clicking here

    Hi prashant,
    Yesterday I asked you, if you want to stay on my list, and if you want to keep getting emails from me.

    And yes, you still want to 😉

    Here’s what I promised,
    I promised you something that can help you achieve financial freedom.

    ==> Click here for access

    Use it prashant!

    Best Regards,
    Jeremy Fin

    appears to be scam.

  3. Hello,
    I have received the same Ammiso Mail after signing up to CB. It has had me wondering about the validity of my copy actually.

  4. I have had Copy Buffet on Auto for 4-5 hrs a day on Friday 4/8 and today 4/11. I have not received any trades! How can I contact customer service?

  5. Had Copy Buffett for 2 weeks. 21 auto-trades so far (out of the 7 days i’ve chosen to trade) 71.43% Hit-Rate using the 75% signal strength. The ROI% (Nett Profit/Total Stakes) is @+28.71%. (+$150.75/$525)…All trades are $25. All auto-trades have been either GBP/USD or EUR/USD, nothing else.

    I live in the UK and only switch the auto-trade on between 9am–>7pm GMT. If the performance continues, I believe is will compliment well targetted manual trades using the strongest signals. (That’s my trading plan).

  6. hi, i registered with copy buffet last friday (25/11/2016). My broker is optionbitglobal.

    The problem is i cant see autotrader on copy buffet. Why?

    Kindly help me regarding this.


    1. For the time being the auto trading option has been removed. This may be a temporary thing. In the meantime you may use the software as a signal software. Follow the signals and trade manually

  7. Hi Sheriff. I registered yesterday with copy buffet, and they sent me to a broker SecuredOption, I did not knew the broker, so I searched for information on the broker, and there was a lot og very bad rewievs on the broker. a lot of people could not make redraws from the broker, and no contact at all. I doubt want to use a broker like that, Is it possible to chance to one of the broker you recommend. Best Bjarne


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