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Copy Buffett Software compared results update

Copy Buffett Software compared results update


Copy Buffett software update. Raising the bar!

Copy Buffett software has undoubtedly been voted the best binary options signal software for 2016. It is highly reviewed and bar the few reviewers who consider binary options to be gambling rather than a legitimate and smart means of making money online, this software has been tried and acclaimed to be the best tested. It is the time to cash in the profits.

How to trade Copy Buffett. High Risk vs Low Risk vs Manual Trading.

Generally speaking the software created by Jeremy Fin, has been used and tested by real traders. The results are varied, mostly depending on the level of filtering for safe trading. If your appetite for risk is high, then the filters you chose are normally lower. Some have seen high profits with filters as low as 50% whilst others have gained slow and consistent profits by trading more conservatively.



Three different cases – 2 woman and 1 man trading strategies. Risk high, gain high vs risk low, gain low vs manual trading, efficient gain.


In the example below, we are going to evaluate the trading of two women traders in the industry and one guy. It is not common to have two women traders compete with the same software in binary options trading. It is generally considered to be a man’s world.

1.Mariella’s strategy

Our own finance specialist Mariella, has chosen to set her trading on a conservative level. In the you tube video below we see that after less than two weeks trading, her strategy yielded a profit of $2350. Trading profit was generally around $300 per day. Choosing a filter of 80-85% trading, Mariella has been trading manually on the safe signals as well as by auto trader. The software is switched off during pockets of times where it is generally considered very volatile. These time bands are easily assed by looking at the economic calendar which is available in The red icons seen in the screen shot below, and those time frames were chosen to avoid trading. The results can be watched on this you tube video!

2. Mareli’s strategy

Mareli in the other hand, is a cutting edge trader. Her skills are very well tuned out and she has gone for the real kill. Her filtering is a lot less cautious but as a result, her profits are much higher. Her withdrawal within the same time frame is $5000. So where does one find the modicum road to success? Watch her trading results from Copy Buffett on this video and see her pull out a handsome profit in the end.

The reason for this evaluation is to understand the logic behind trading. As with everything in life, it is the survival of the fittest. Those who are looking for high volatility amy find their fingers burnt, but they may also find the holder grail. Those choosing a safer path, will live in the hope of making a breakthrough. This is not everyone’sflavor. So where does one raise the bar?

There is no doubt that the Copy Buffet System has revolutionized the binary options industry in the past couple of weeks. Everyone seems to be talking about the copy Buffett. It looks almost as if it were a political topic with for an against arguments. How to trade it, when to trade it, how much money to squeeze out of it! There is no doubt that this system has harvested success. Which level of success is really your choice.

3. Sam’s strategy

Choosing Copy Buffett as a guide for manual signals

Our final analysis for the day for Copy Buffett, comes from a seasoned trader. It is a perfect response for all the skeptics who have shunned the Copy Buffett software and said that it does not work. Sam from Easy trading signals takes ten consecutive live signals from copy Buffett and trades them one after the other. This you tube video has probably taken the best part of the day, but it proves irrevocably that the Copy Buffett system is a revolutionary system which works, whichever way one may choose to use it. In the video below, we see Sam taking 10 trades with a success rate of 80%. Every trade is time recorded with charting open, and historical data all registered. Copy Buffett System is verified and it is undoubtedly the best binary options auto trader that we have ever come across.


Conclusion for the Copy Buffett System

When the Copy Buffett App was introduced a few weeks back, as always we were rather skeptical about the performance. Was Copy a buffet Software legitimate or was it scam? We cannot say that we were not teased. This is the reason that we have tried it out ourselves. Being conservative is not a sin, it is a virtue. The fact that Sheriff’s traders did not rake in as much money as others is not to be shunned. Our choice is to safeguard investment. For those who flavor more excitement, this software performs. One must note that the higher the exposure, the greater the risk. Hence either the greater the reward or the bigger the loss. That, our subscribers is in your good hands.

On a final note.

For those who have a little bit of experience trading, and do not want to rely on the rather scarce auto trader signals, we highly recommend using the software as a signal software, especially during the GMT time frame, and trading the signals manually. Sam for easy trading signals proves that perseverance is extremely rewarding.




  1. Hello Mariella,
    When I signed op I got as broker. They have quite the negative feedback on the Internet. After the contacting their support desk for a question (which insisted on giving my phone number), I was suddenly locked out of the account. Then 30 minutes after that, I got a call from an account manager who wanted me to invest more with a sales pitch. Same scenario like in the reviews I saw from this broker on the Internet.
    Luckily, I haven’t made a deposit and singed up again. This time I got as the broker. Reviewing this broker on the Internet, again we see stories of being locked out and account managers trying to upsell.
    All the positive reviews I saw about Buffett software had these the brokers: binarybook, optionbit, ivoryoption. So unless I can ‘choose’ such broker, it seems not a the best idea to proceed. Or maybe, the first customers good the good brokers, to get good reviews and now the buffet software connects you to more suspicious brokers?

    1. Hello Jay. Actually it does not work exactly as you describe. The software is synched with brokers who are prepared to run it. The rotation depends on whichever broker is next to get the client, and also depending on your geographical area. Tradorax is a far better broker than Bloombex. All brokers will try to upsell you anything, even the best and regulated ones. You need to stay firm in your decision to try the software with whatever amount you are comfortable. We are sending you a private mail to let you know how the rotation works if you decide to go ahead with Copy Buffett.

    1. The Broker is automatically selected for you because they are on rotation. All depends on your Geo area. If you subscribe from this link you are taken to the broker page. Do your due diligence on the broker before you pay into your account. If you are happy with the broker go ahead. If not, start afresh with a different email address and you will get a different broker

  2. Hi
    I did not make a deposit yet but it seems that banc de binary will be my broker.
    Is it a good and trusted broker?

  3. Hi. I am in South Africa and have been assigned UK Options as broker. I’ve noticed that in your recommendations of best brokers their name does not feature . Are they legit?
    Do any of your recommended brokers broker for South Africa?

  4. Hi, what settings do you recommend for copybuffet software? Should my laptop be turned on in order for the autotrader to work? And is there a specific time frame to turn the autotrader on and off? This software seems to be losing a lot of trades recently and i’m starting to get worried.. Should i turn off autotrader for the time being?

    1. Hi Brian.. Your questions are very important because many ask the same thing. a) Your laptop should be on of course (but it can be running on sleep) Yes there is a specific time frame and the ideal time is between 9.00 am and 4.00 pm GMT time. However, you must always consult the Economic Calendar and switch the auto trader off during volatile news, that is when the software looses trades. We recommend using the software as a manual signal software over automated trading


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