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Crunch Tech Update – No Scam – Live trading results


Crunch Tech software is not scam. The software has been around for two weeks and in this honest review we will ascertain that Crunch Tech Software has proved to be legitimate after our live trading trial.

Have you heard about the Crunch Tech Software? Are you still looking for ways to establish whether this software system is not yet another scam? Many traders search for the right tools to use in their daily trading. Many are getting scammed along the way. Sadly the binary options industry is still highly unregulated, and therefore scammers are rife. The only way in which to establish if a software system works or not, is to choose a signal system which is tried and tested.

Once you have read our Crunch Tech Update review, you will be armed with the knowledge base to make the right decision.  Money does not grow on trees, and it is hard to come by.  For this reason we are doing our Crunch Tech update review with a live trading session, whereby, we prove that we have earned $137 in under 30 minutes of live trading.  Trades are with a minimum risk value of just $25 per trade.

Sign Up Page: Click HereCrunch Tech update

Crunch Tech Update Software – Unique Features

The platform for the Crunch Tech Software is very easy to use. The signals are very clearly indicated. As a day trader you will receive six signals every ten minutes. Our strategy has been a very simple one. We pick the trades at the top minute when they are issued, and place trades for the first available expiry which can be anywhere between fifteen minutes and half an hour. The closer the expiry, the better the results.

Crunch Tech Update
In our live trading session, you can witness how we have taken ten trades in close succession – over a period of less than thirty minutes and arrived at the success rate of 75% in the money.crunch tech update

Of the ten trades taken in succession, the progressive results were as evidenced with 7 wins, 2 losses and 1 tie.

Advantages of Crunch Tech Software – |Crunch Tech Update

The Crunch Tech Software is available in most countries worldwide, wherever binary option trading is approved and permitted.   The software can be synchronized with a broker that is usually on rotation. As a word of friendly advice to our subscribers, particularly those from the United States, we always recommend that you do your due diligence, and check on the credibility of binary options brokers prior to depositing cash with them. By choosing a regulated broker, or a broker of good standing and reputation, you are guaranteed not to have difficulties when withdrawing profits from your new broker account.

When you sign up with the Crunch Tech System you are given full access to their technical team. Support is available by email or phone.

Crunch Technology Software is Not a Scam!

You can always tell signs of scam, when a trading program claims to make you a millionaire overnight. This is not the case with the Crunch Tech App. Although you may not make enough money to take you into retirement, using this software, you can certainly improve your lifestyle with some dedicated trading of a few hours per day. It is not impossible to see your bank balance grow to the extent of 1,000 dollars per week. The only small drawback with using the Crunch Technology software is that it is only free for a 90 day trial period. After that a license of $800 is imposed. As such you may either choose to use this software for just the trial period and take advantage of the no cost option, or else, if you are trading actively, you may feel that the $800 a month is justified from the profit retention with this application.

No Fake Marketing Tactics and Genuine Testimonials

In our Crunch Tech Update review, we see that there are no tell tale signs of scam. There are no pressure tactics for signing up with the Crunch Tech software. No false scarcity counters, and no limited number of spots available. There are no promises of instant millions either. Online criminals who push subscribers into making decisions without allowing them time to think, are very easily recognisable as the binary options scam, that is sadly rife in this industry.
The testimonials on the landing page for the Crunch Tech Update are real testimonials, and this is further endorsed with our live trading session.

Crunch Tech Update shows that trades with the software can be executed easily and with speed. A day trader will be able to choose the frequency of his trading at his own pace and leisure. Since there are plenty of trading sessions all over the world, the option to trade is open at any hour of the day. Therefore traders who are looking at trading part-time after working hours, do not have any problem in finding a trading slot time.

Crunch Tech Update Summary

Binary Option Sheriff will only recommend a software that has been tried and tested. We are exposing scam on a daily basis. Recent warnings for scam software have included the Quick Cash Method, Safe Guard Trader and Pearson Method. A full list of Blacklist scam can be accessed on our site, and a diligent trader would benefit in checking out which software is recommended or labeled as scam.

It is therefore a rare occasion for the Binary Option Sheriff to recommend a software system that comes free of the standard red flag warning signs. We have plenty of evidence to prove in this Crunch Tech Update that this software is legitimate and is a good tool to help you with your daily trading strategy.

Crunch Tech Update signals have proved to be very consistent and therefore considered reliable for trading. The statistics drawn from live trading, and the trial period of two weeks, are clear evidence that you can make money online with trading the Crunch Tech software.

Genuine traders have also given Crunch Tech App a positive review after doing their own testing. The value placed by real traders, is the only conclusive evidence that this software is legitimate. Sites which have tried and tested the software include The Binary Options Spot, Binary Options Elite Club, and The Binary Advisory.

Pricing and How to Get Started – The Crunch Tech Update Review

As you may see from this Crunch Tech update review, there are no misleading and false claims made about instant riches. Once you sign up, you know that the software is only free for the first 90 days. If you wish to continue trading after the trial period, there is a fee for $800 per month for trading licenses.

Here are a few simple steps which will permit you to download the Crunch Tech Software and start your day trading.

  • Clear your cookies before you register on the Official Crunch Tech website
  • Click the Sign Up button after filling up your relevant data, which include your name and email address. Ensure to make a note of these and the password which you use, as they will be your login details once you have proceeded with registration
  • Find a regulated broker to work with. Remember to do your due diligence about the broker. Then you will need to fund your new broker account with a minimum of $250. Should you get calls from aggressive brokers, we recommend that you ignore their calls for heavier deposits. Trading online exposes you to risk of losing your capital. Therefore one should always take a conservative approach to investing.
  • Click the Signals button or the automated trading button and start trading. Although the choice of trading mode is a personal choice, we highly recommend manual trading over automated trading.

Profits will be gained from consistent trading. As a note of cautionary warning, we also recommend that you check out the Economic Calendar for any important news updates before commencing your daily trading. High volatility due to impending news announcements have affect the software adversely. Crunch Tech update shows that we are understanding the reasons why we trade, and do not place trades for the sake of trading live.

Crunch Tech Update Review Conclusion – It is not Scam

Crunch Tech Software, if used correctly performs well. You may generate a healthy profit in just a few hours if used conservatively. Remember that software systems are tools in your trading kit, and not miracle makers.

If you are interested in further pursuing a trading career, we recommend that you visit our Sheriff University and read and learn about trading. We also suggest, that you join up with like minded traders and use our social trading group. Details for signing up may be obtained by dropping us an email on support(at)



  1. Thanks for this review sheriff, i’ve just registered with crunch tech, the app looks pretty easy to use i will follow your recommenadtion to do manual trading soooo excited! it’s my first time using autotrader with binary options. hope to see good results like you had.

    1. great, just keep to guidelines and you will be successfull. Keep us updated about your Crunch Tech results.

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