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Crunch technology software review – Scam or Binary Options Strategy ?

Crunch technology software review – Scam or Binary Options Strategy ?


Crunch Technology App Review – is it a Scam or worth to try ?

Crunch Technology Software System or Captain Crunch Software as it is also known – is a new binary options System which has been released into the day trading market just a week ago.  This software has created quite sensational waves, based on its performance. Our Captain Crunch review will go into detail to consider whether Crunch Technology Software should be considered a legitimate software, or whether it should be shot down to our scam list.  For the benefit of our subscribers we have done a complete review on this software system, read below to find our conclusive evidence.


Here is a Quick Update on our CRUNCHTECH trial in real time offering a 75% return on daily investment!

Website under review

Crunch Technology App Software Review – Scam or Legit?

Following the success of the recent binary options signal software Neo2, which was presented to us by three very credible personalities, it is of little surprise, that the world of weather technology is teaming up with the world of binary options, to crunch data together, and create this new software system that is going by the name of Captain Crunch App.

The site which is supporting this new software is called and this has been registered just a few days ago, probably in great timing for the launch of this new App.


The Founders for Crunch Tech Software

High Tech entrepreneurs CEO and co founder Rick Paulson together with Daniel Avery have combined their very diverse experience, and explain to anchor person Briana Mattison, how their techonology was developed on her show “How I became a Millionaire”

As soon as one watches the video trailer for the Captain Crunch software, it is evident, that altbhough these young entrepreneurs are extremely high tech, the logic behind their algorithms, is very reasonable and easy to understand.  The scope, is clear.  Trading binary options, should not remain exclusive to financial analysts, but can become reachable to day traders.

In an interview with Rick Paulson, he explains very logically, how he has created the biggest financial revolution in Wall Street trading today, simply by understanding the impact of weather forecasting. This is a simple exercise.

How does weather prediction data become a legitimate trading data system? Features for Crunch-Tech App explained!

Let us take an example of the commodity we all know as Corn.  Corn today, can be purchased at a price of $100 per ton.  If however, we have another very dry winter, as we did this year, the production of corn will drop drastically, therefore, the price of corn, will hike up to $200 per ton.  If we know, in advance, because of the weather forecast, that the price will go up, then as major traders, we need to hedge against the future, and purchase an option price on corn today, therefore making a killing on the increased price next year.

Such data crunching and switching from weather software algorithms to trading software algorithms, is what has been the key to success to the Captain Crunch App.

More Features that make this App worth your time and Investment

  1. The Captain Crunch Synch feature.  The Crunch-Tech software has been designed to be accessed by all traders.  Whether you are new to the Industry or a seasoned trader, you can benefit from this system.  Choose from the options of automated trading, or using the software as a signal software, and you can make success of your future tradign
  2. The Crunch-Tech Auto trader – is specifically designed for new traders, who need to take away the stress from market analysis, and can therefore trade binary options automatically.  We still recommend that this feature is used with some Economic update analysis, particularly in the light of the upcoming Brexit referendum
  3. The Signal Software feature.  For seasoned traders, this is a match made in heaven.  Signals are generated periodically and can be tried and tested against market sentiment.
  4. User friendliness.  This software was created for an all-to-use option.  The algorithms may be complicated to analyse, however the interface will not punish you with endless learning themes.  As such once you get your account with the broker, you are good to go.
  5. Free to use for 90 days.  It is expected that this Captain Crunch Technology will be free to use for 90 days. This is more than ample time to reap profits from the system.  Carla Acosta, one of the employees of Crunch Technology has made a regular $16,000  monthly profit in the past couple of months, from having traded with the system.  An appropriate gift from her bosses!


Proof that Crunch technology is Not Scam and that it is a reliable App

Our review of this software system shows that there are none of the usual red flags that indicate Crunch technology to be scam.  We have discovered plenty of evidence to prove that Crunch technology is legitimate.  In this part of our software review, we will uncover why this is a rare and trustworthy application and automated trading system, and that it is not scam.

In our 7 day trial period Crunch technology has proved to be a very consistent and reliable binary options strategy system.  The statistics clearly show that a 75-80% win rate is perfectly achievable even to a new day trader.  We have traded with Crunch technology on five consecutive days with genuine trading results.  This is the principalreason why we are giving Crunch technology a positive review.

Testing software with real trading is the only manner in which the Binary Option Sheriff will advise on investment strategy. Only after the proof of testing will we recommend a software system.

You may also look at our Hall of Shame to understand how we come across scam software system on a daily basis, and we reviewing them for our subscribers to avoid falling in their trap of web of lies.

How to Get Started with Crunch technology. Pricing Strategy

There are no misleading claims with Crunch technology.  You are not promised to make 7 figure profits in a few days.  Singing in for Crunch technology means that you have a FREE software system which will work in conjunction with a binary options broker. This is available for just 90 days.

We recommend that you do your due diligence about the binary options broker which you are assigned to your account, before committing your capital.

Here are a few steps which will make you work efficiently with the Crunch technology binary software

  • Clear your cookies before going tot he Crunch technology Official Website
  • Click on the sing-up button. Use a unique email address, so that you are assigned to a good binary options broker. Make a note of the email address and passwords you are using, as these are required for login later.
  • Click on the Sign-Up button after filling all the important data.  Your name and address need to be correct as they will have to be verified later with the broker.  This is where you will receive your login details.
  • You are now assigned to your Binary Options Broker. Here you register and open your account.  Minimum funding deposit is $250.  We recommend that you keep this to a minimum, until you have confirmed profits with trading Crunch technology
  • Decide on your best trading mode.  Automated trading or manual trading, using Crunch technology as a signal software.

The minute you have your first winning trade, you will see the profits reflected into your account.  You may request a withdrawal anytime after you have verified your account with your assigned binary options broker.

Legit App – Proof and Results

There are a number of people who have been shocked that the Binary Option Sheriff has endorsed an App that looks like scam.  This review has been intended to clear any doubts about this allegation.

We agree, that there is some sensational element in the presentation of the Crunch-Tech Software, however, one needs to also mention that there are a few irrefutable media organisations, that have endorsed its credibility.

Credible sites who has also endorsed the Captain Crunch App Include

Binary Options Opportunity

Binary Options Elite Club

Objective Binary Options

Binary Options Spot

Binary Options Watch Dog

What these sites see, is that Crunch-Technologies has a solid based system which is a game changer.  By leveraging prices in the futures of commodities with the aid of predicting the weather algorithms, we can use the weather behaviour as a likely influence on the price of assets.

Conclusion and Verdict –  Crunch Tech is legit!

You are recommended to check out our Trusted Signals Page, where we have put a limited list of Binary Options software reviews, for systems which are tried, tested and proven to have successful ITM results.  So far, NEO2, Copy Buffett and Binadroid are legitimate and have reached the targeted 80% of their claims.

Remember, The Binary Option Sheriff, will not recommend a software system, unless it has been tested live and audited.  Many Binary Options Apps are nothing by scam systems.  When testing a software with unique features like Crunch technology is hard and rare to come by.  Making my first online profits with entirely on good investment advice.

Crunch technology increases the potential of making quicker profits with Free Binary Options Signal Softwares. Crunch technology is an approved trading solution.

If you prefer to go directly with a broker that offers free training accounts choose IQoption that give 1000$ demo account without any obligation.





  1. I have been following your blog for a while, and after seeing that almost everything is a scam was quite surprised that Crunch Tech is trusted. I have registered an account about an hour ago. Can’t wait to get going.

  2. I have tried this system already and happy to register a profit of $250 in the first day… I am very excited. I will not trade during Brexit tomorrow as I know it is very volatile. thanks for this tip

  3. I signed up for Crunch technology software yesterday. I can’t believe my eyes! I am up $98 dollars in few hours of trading. Love it so far!! Thanks for the great review.

  4. I think that the problem with binary options is not that it is a scam in itself. However, when someone who is not knowledgable tries to trade binary options, he will definitely lose money. The problem is that people are very anxious to make money and they don’t take the time to learn the business. Incase you lose your money or looking for a great strategy on how to trade email..


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