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Crypto Advantage Review – Smart Way to Trade Safe

Crypto Advantage Review – Smart Way to Trade Safe


Are you the only one not making money with Bitcoin? The Crytpo Advantage Review will introduce you to a day-trading system which is based on crowd sentiment and teamwork.

There is no question that the past year has seen some huge opportunities in this decentralized currency market.  We have seen regular investors become millionaires in just a few months.  It is therefore natural to feel that you may be missing out making money with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.  However, it is also normal to feel lost in this new world of cryptocurrency opportunities – simply because it is too difficult to understand for the average man in the street.

In this Crypto Advantage Review, we are about to reveal that day trading does not need to be complicated.  This is because Crypto Advantage offers a simplified solution to day trading with the responsibility of mature education and due diligence.

Crypto Advantage App is available on PlayStore and App Store
Crypto Advantage App is available on PlayStore and App Store

Crypto-Advantage.Com a TeamWork Strategy Solution for Crypto Day Traders is the official website that supports a collaboration with “teamwork strategy”.  The Crypto Advantage App is presented through a “no-fluff” video clip that details the advantages of trading in a group with professional supervision.  Therefore, the strategy for Crypto-Advantage is that you can trade like a Pro – no matter what your current level of experience or education is. 

Here is a Brief Overview of What you can Expect when joining the Crypto Advantage Team

  1. As soon as you register, you are immediately given a detailed and comprehensive crypto trading manual.  Details of the manual are mapped below.
  2. Crypto Advantage has a platform which offers an easy trading solution.  You can trade at the push of a button.  The software has been written by experts in the field and has a user-friendly interface.
  3. Crypto Advantage is a social trading platform.  Follow your favourite  Crypto Traders and emulate their performance. The profile of high performing traders can be accessed prior to making the decision to copy follow.
  4. There is a live chat area where traders can interact and discuss trading decisions prior to taking trades.

Crypto Advantage review

Crypto Advantage Review  goes behind the scenes on the trading platform

Why Should you Day-Trade Crypto Currencies?

There are two primary ways by which you can earn on the Cryptocurrency market.

a. You can invest a substantial amount of capital for a long period of time and enjoy the profits of escalating prices. The advantage of this is that your exposure to risk is lower than day-trading. The disadvantage is that you need a large investment in order to see a reasonable profit.

b. You can invest a small starting capital and roll it over by short-term trading the volatility. This means that you buy low and sell high.  You can enter and exit the market rapidly and repeatedly taking small profits successively.  The advantage of day trading is that with a small capital you can profit several times thus building your profits.  The disadvantage is that is very risky and you may lose your entire capital.  This is especially true if you are a newbie trader without much experience of technical data.

Is Crypto Advantage a Scam? Crypto Advantage Review Details

Cryptocurrency opportunities are in their infancy.  Therefore, if you are looking at cashing in on the rising price of bitcoin, and you are not conversant with trading, you need to do it with a team of professionals.

The Crypto Advantage Team offer 100% transparency.  The team is made of real people and not automated robots who are manipulating your capital.  At the very outset, you are introduced to the group with a gift of education.

The emphasis throughout the presentation video for the Crypto Advantage Club is always on doing proper analysis and correct due diligence.  Therefore, support to members is given via a live chat and a social trading area.

The invitation to join Crypto Advantage is only free for the time that is necessary to get proof of commitment.  Once you are satisfied with the results, the team will negotiate a profit-sharing fee.

Crypto Advantage review


Whether you join the professional paid signals group or not is entirely your prerogative.  So far we are not informed on how long the “grace period” has been given, but so far the service has its free introductory offer.  As a trader, you will get to keep the powerful crypto trading free e-book.

How To Trade on the Crypto Advantage Platform

First of all, in this Crypto Advantage review, we see that the cryptocurrencies which are offered on this platform are various. Hereby, is a list of the Top digital currencies that can be traded on the platform

Bitcoin (BTC) 

Ethereum (ETH)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Neo (previously known as Ant Shares)

LiteCoin (LTC)

Monero (XMR)

The Crypto Advantage Group is made up of Statisticians, Analysts and Traders.  The trading platform has been written by the best cryptographers to make it an easy experience.  Therefore, you can trade on any of the above currencies (buy or sell) based on the live signal feeds.  Alternatively seasoned and practised traders can do their own trading by manually selecting the currency and the direction.

If you are thinking of getting started with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, this is a very legitimate and easy way of learning and trading with peers.  Recently, Bitcoin value has risen over 700%. This is in just 11 months.  In the same period, Ethereum rose by 2300%.  Bitcoin Cash was born in August 2017 at the value of $250 and at the time of writing it stands at $1300.  The price is expected to reach $5000 by the end of next year.  There is no question that the opportunities for making money with trading cryptos are there.

Crypto Advantage review
The exponential rise in the price of Bitcoin since January 2017 – Image courtesy of

Benefits of Subscribing the Site

There are several advantages if you subscribe to the site.  Firstly, this is a live site with traders, experts and professionals all using the site as a think-tank for success.  You get the benefit of free education and also use the experience of seasoned traders before making your own trades.

Since this is the launch of the site to the public in general (previously available to closed group members only) – you can currently join free of charge until proof of performance.

Of utmost importance is the social trading benefits.  The reason for our Crypto Advantage review has been to highlight the importance of being part of a team that is “on the ball” with what is happening in the crypto world.  Digital currencies are decentralized. As such, it is relevant that the prices and the volatility are solely dependant on supply and demand.  The supply and demand are subject to technical potentials or limitations.  Therefore, you can have an assurance that professionals are keeping abreast with whatever is evolving that may affect the price is a huge asset.

How to Subscribe to the Crypto Advantage Club?

Registration is very simple.  All you have to is to follow the steps:

a. Clear your browser for a better trading experience.

b. Click on the official site to get subscription form.

c. Enter your data and automatically download your free Crypto Trading E-book.

d. This is where you enter the Members’ Site and start watching live trades.

e. When you are good and ready – fund your account and start emulating successful traders.

f. At the time of writing – the Group has been reaching an exception rate of 85% profitable trades.

Crypto Advantage Review Conclusion

We have been watching and waiting for a legitimate group that would be formed exclusively for the interest of crypto day traders.  Finally, we have come a solution to margin trading with profits that is also a social trading platform.

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to get an education before starting to trade.  Trading is not a push button gambling, which you transact in the hope that the market goes your way.  As such Crypto trading can be very rewarding.  However, this will depend entirely on the choice of joining the right platform and doing your due diligence.

In conclusion, Crypto Advantage is not a scam.  Actually, it is the most sensible and grounded site that has proven to get rewarding results. Hence our Crypto Advantage review confirms that it is legitimate.

Crypto Advantage App is available on PlayStore and App Store
Crypto Advantage App is available on PlayStore and App Store

Disclaimer:  Cryptocurrency trading falls in the same bracket as currency and stock trading.  Your capital is at risk and you may lose part or all of your capital.  This article contains affiliate links and is therefore not impartial.




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