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Den Svenska Metoden- The Swedish Method Scam Verified

Den Svenska Metoden- The Swedish Method Scam Verified


Den Svenska Metoden or Swedish Method is yet another version of the scam Aussie and Brit Method previously exposed.
Akta dig för Svenska Metoden . Det är bluff

Beware of malware site. Full details in Sheriff’s scam review. The malware on the site may be temporary, however, it is definitely a warning sign, that nothing good can come out of this site. Screenshots reveal the extent of scam and spam on this site.

Scam Review on Den Svenska Metoden – The Swedish Method aka Golden Goose Method

Whoever invented “The Method” has been intent on targeting every country and every niche market in the binary options industry. The Swedish Method, which is incidentally identical to “The Aussie Method” is also known in the Swedish version as the ‘Den Svenska Metoden’. The site under investigation is and the site immediately re-directs you to The Golden Goose Method!  So many different names, but all pointing to the same scam! The alleged designer of this software “Jakob Stenson” will only reveal to you, what has already been exposed on the original version of the “Aussie Method” This software, is jaded and has been rotating the Industry with other names such as The Saffa, Canuck, Native Trader and also the Brit Method. The sites are all identical, and the scope of the new names is only to infiltrate new markets, in this case the Swedish market. There is nothing new added to the site. It has been generally exposed as scam in all its different aspects and categories. A quick search on all variations will expose thousand of negative comments, complaints and general debunking of “The Method”.

Den Svenska Metodon alias The Swedish Method is hacked by Xallix

It is pathetic really, to promote a scam site, only to be attacked by hackers from equally scam industries, such as the Xallix. The attack has since been fixed, but scam is scam right? That kind of scam cannot be fixed. Once the scam was fixed the Den Svenska Metoden directed to the old viral site Golden Goose Method.  The developers must the one and the same persons/s.

Den Svenska Metoden promises you untold riches. Overnight millionaire claims, are by far the biggest indicator or scam. Suspicious promises ensure that you are trapped into the right net of scam. Ramifications that the software is free, are only bogus promises. If you try to register for the Swedish Method, you are directed to some shady Broker, who is actually partnered up with the developers of the software, and who will in turn suck up your capital faster than the word go. So is the Svenska Metoden really free? Well if the cost of losing your capital means something for you, then of course it is not free.Den svenska metoden site hacked

Den Svenska Metoden Scam and Aussie Method Scam are the same Scam

A few weeks ago, we had exposed Native Trader and described that this was just a new name for the Aussie Method scam. You may refer to this article HERE:
It is rather clear, that littering the binary options industry with scam software, can come in a variety of names for the same product. We have come across countless complaints about  Den Svenska Metoden as well as any other which method name the software comes by, that “support” is non-existant. Many new day traders, find that when they subscribe and fail to have the results claimed by the Svenska Metoden system, they have negligible response from the bogus developers of this App with the myriad of names.

GEO Targeting by Scam App – Den Svenska Metoden aka Golden Goose Method

The Brit Method site has also been attacked by the same hackers. Someone smart enough in hacking but not smart enough in binary options trading, must have been very upset with this system and strategically decided to smash it down. The sites are complete fraud, as is their non-existent CEO Jakob Stenson. Jakob Stenson is just a fabricated name. The photo belongs to someone else’s identity and has been purchased on the site of Testimonials are available on Fiverr sites

The same situation was prevalent for the photo used of Jake Mason in Native Trader and Jake Petru in the Aussie Method. One would have thought, that after all the disgraceful debunking of the other sites, the developers would have learnt their lesson. Clearly they have not because they are using the same scam tactics to convince innocent traders to join their dirty bandwagon. What is thoroughly worrying, is that it would appear, that many people get trapped in these sites, loosing incalculable amounts of money. If this were not the case, the developers would have refined their poor strategy. It seems to us, that they are happy with their achievement, and will keep on trying. Parcel by parcel, country by country, language by language, the world is under attack by “The Method”. The software system has long gone viral, and in this case the virus attack will leave you empty handed. Den Svenksa Method, The Brit Method, the Aussie Method are now also pointing towards the empirical worldwide name of the Golden Goose Method!  Certainly a huge effort on target names!

Complaints and Updates on Den Svenska Metoden or The Swedish Method

Any options trader who is familiar with forums and does his due diligence before subscribing to any binary options signal software, that may be legitimate or scam, will come across countless complaints about Den Svenska Metoden or any other variation of this software. Swedish residents are the direct target this time round, and we hope that many will be able to understand our clear message, even if this is in a different language. Stay away from den Svenska Metoden it is nothing but scam.
Akta dig för Den Svenska Metoden . Det är bluff. Formgivarna av metoden är skurkar 

Conclusion and verdict for Den Svenska Metoden The Swedish Method is Scam.

Avoid this scam and stay on safer territories. If you wish to start trading using a signal software, then we recommend that you subscribe to a system which has been tried and tested with proven results. The ”Copy Buffett”system has been yielding steady profits, and we have posted several reviews about it. This system, has been personally tested by the Sheriff’s Team with very satisfactory results. If you wish to subscribe to this system, you simply have to click on the banner below. In the meantime have a look at the excellent results achieved in just a few days of trading with the Copy Buffett Software: Watch on YOU TUBE  Sheriff”s results!

Copy Buffett Update


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