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Dubai Lifestyle App – SCAM Warning Review

Dubai Lifestyle App – SCAM Warning Review


Dubai Lifestyle App by Scott Hathaway, makes us wonder how incessantly new scam can reach the binary options market on a daily basis. If you believe in fairy tale stories that people have visions in their dreams that he needs to change the life of poor souls like innocent day traders to the better by using his auto trader, then you can buy this sad story by “Scott Hathaway”. Stay away from the Dubai Lifestyle App. It is a poor effort at attracting you to win with Binary Options which will sting you with its scorpion bite! Read our full impartial review on the scam Dubai Lifestyle App.

The Dubai Lifestyle App Review

The website under investigation for scam is

Despite the fact that The Dubai Lifestyle App is a very pathetic effort aimed at trapping newbie traders into parting with their capital, it is still going viral. The Binary Options Sheriff has received numerous complaints about the Dubai LifeStyle App results. E-mail marketers have been spamming the inbox of many innocent victims, who are looking at making money online trading binary options. Sadly most of these traders have little or no knowledge of financial markets, and stupidly believe that scam software systems such as the Dubai Lifestyle App, will trade their capital into profits. The opposite could not be more true.

Once you deposit the minimum required of $250 you are directed to a shady and scam Broker, who will swiftly be calling you to deposit some more. Be warned. You will be hassled by scam brokers who will offer you a bonus for trading with them. This will lock up your capital and you will not be able to withdraw your original investment before you trade at least twenty times the value of your capital and bonus.

This is the scam route that evil masterminds go down. The statistics of the odds of coming across a legitimate software are 100:1 Therefore, avoid falling into this trap.

Read our full scam review exposing the warped and twisted information delivered by the bogus Scott Hathaway

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Is the Dubai LifeStyle App a Scam?

Can you make money with the Dubai Lifestyle App? In this review we will establish beyond any reasonable doubt that the Dubai LifeStyle App is not legitimate.

The sob story behind the Dubai Lifestyle App depicts Scott Hathaway, who hides behind a voice narration through the presentation. As the owner and developer of this scam auto trader, Scott supposedly moved to Dubai some two years back with just $500 in his pocket. He had a vision through his dreams to make thousands of hard workers around the world without a hope in the world turn into millionaires.

Scott Hathaway has the audacity to tell us that he met the Mahmood brothers (the Royal family in Dubai who own and run the super rich country) and they immediately supported his project. As a show of faith they funded his auto trader, with a $430,000 donation, and in appreciation he called his development the Dubai Lifestyle App.

Once his pockets were lined with the imaginary donation from the Mahmood brothers, Scott recruited software engineers and programmers. Six months later he came up with the final version of the scam auto trader that according to him has an outstanding performance of 99.8% win ratio.

Can The Dubai Lifestyle App generate $7000 per day?

According to Scott Hathaway his Dubai Lifestyle App, which has been restricted only to clients from Dubai for 90 days, the 319 users of this software have seen their bank accounts grow to over $2 million each!

The Binary Option Sheriff will now dispute all these fictitious claims one by one.

Do not deposit any capital into the Dubai Lifestyle App before you read our revealing review.

Who is Scott Hathaway? Evidence from the photos below generally dispel the myth of Scott Hathaway immediately. The photo used by the scam developers of the Dubai Lifestyle App have just stolen or paid for a stock photo to portray their Scott Hathaway. Hiding behind a stock photo comfortably hides the identity of whoever is really behind this scam software. Do you feel safe parting with you cash to anonymous liars? We think not! The dubai Lifestyle App is Scam. Fake identity of Scott Hathaway revealed The dubai Lifestyle App is Scam. Fake identity of Scott Hathaway revealed
The CEO Scott Hathaway, whom we have now established to be a non-existent identity claims to have moved from Iowa to Dubai two years ago. We are fed a story that he travelled with just $500 in his pockets to what is renowned to be one of the most expensive cities on earth.

He travelled with a dream to make regular traders on the binary options market mega-rich. We can assure our readers that the logic in this story does not tally. Arriving in Dubai with $500 would mean that you can last for exactly two days before you burn out your cash. Sadly, that is exactly how long it will take any victim of the Dubai Lifestyle App to lose their capital.

Further Evidence to Prove that The Dubai Lifestyle App is a Scam. Review Reveals.

As the story goes, the software was developed for just 350 Dubai Residents for just 90 days. 319 have already enjoyed benefits of millions from this App. Scott Hathaway arrived in Dubai 2 years ago and within six months he had finished his software after receiving his donation and turned the software for regular users in the market. That should have been 18 months ago right?

Well this is yet another lie that we will prove is aimed at attracting your confidence in investing with the Dubai LifeStyle App. Do not trust the Dubai LifeStyle App. A quick look at the site Who.Is proves that the site has been registered on the 6th of July 2017. That makes it exactly 65 days from the time this review is being written!

The Dubai LifeStyle App is scam. evidence of registration date. Warning Scam review

Falsely raising traders expectations into believing that they have a certainty to win with this scam software is a crime.

More evidence incriminating this scam App, is the fact that whoever devious developer is behind it, states that the performance level of the Dubai LifeStyle App is 99.8%!

We have exposed many other scam software systems, and claiming near total win rate is one of the red flags that are suspect of scam. In a trading market where volatility rules the game, and financial news upsets pricing, there is no such thing as a perfect robot. Even the best of the best software systems such as CodeFibo and CopyBuffett Software has never reached a success rate beyond 75-80%. CodeFibo for example is coded on the Fibonacci Retracement numbers and Golden Rule. This is a real algorithm and despite the fact that it is an excellent software, its performance is still at a maximum of 80%. By declaring that the Dubai LifeStyle scam software performs at almost 100%, these hateful developers are only shooting themselves in the foot! There is no “risk-free” software. There is only “scam” software is you are promised a free and risk free App.

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code fibo

Is the Dubai LifeStyle App Free?

There is no such thing as a free meal in life. If you consider that you need to deposit at least $250 before you can start trading with the software, you can understand your costs. All software systems including legitimate ones, require that you fund your broker account with their minimum requirements.

The point is, if you do deposit your capital, and trust it to these hungry scavengers, the likelihood is that you will lose your savings. The robot takes control of your account and flitters it away in losing trades. Therefore the cost of the Dubai LifeStyle Scam Software could be exactly the amount of your capital! Be warned. Your capital is not safe with the Dubai Lifestyle App.

Reviews by other legitimate sites:

The Binary Options Gorilla – exposes the Dubai Lifestyle App as scam by giving inexhaustible evidence and proof in their review that there is no such thing as a “no loss formula” Their review unmasks all the testimonials to be fake and purchased from the Fiverr Site.

The Binary Umpire – concludes that The Dubai Lifestyle App is a Scam and that the software is not recommended for testing!

The WhizzOptions.Com declare “After researching we couldn’t find even one valid piece of information that related to the Dubai Lifestyle APP scam. No explanation about how the system works, fake testimonials, falls performance claims. Not to mention the fictive characters and company name. It’s not possible to find even one real and genuine proof that the Dubai Lifestyle APP is legit. Not one you can verify.” The dubai Lifestyle App is Scam. Fake identity of Scott Hathaway revealed The dubai Lifestyle App is Scam. Fake identity of Scott Hathaway revealed

Scam Auto Traders Versus Education

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Conclusion and Verdict by the Binary Option Sheriff

Thank you so much to for taking time to read this scam review. We hope that we have provided you with substantial information, that will leave you in no doubt that the Dubai Lifestyle App is not a legitimate site!

The Dubai LifeStyle App is SCAM!!!

If you have reached this page in the hope of making money online, we are very sorry that we have dispelled your hopes.

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