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FX Sniper Software – Best Forex System or Scam? Review

Is FX Sniper a reliable system or is this a Forex Scam? The FX Sniper robot is allegedly a 100% hands-free system that will trade on auto-pilot. This FX Sniper review will investigate whether this software is really designed to hit record profits, or whether it is yet another Forex Trading Scam!

FX Sniper Bot By Simon Reed Investigated

The Forex Sniper Software is presented to the public in general via a video presentation by “Simon Reed” Simon Reed is allegedly an Expert Forex Trader. He is the owner of the site FXSniper.Co that supports the software.

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How Real is Simon Reed?

Simon Reed is just a fictitious name that has been cooked up for the purposes of the FX Sniper Scam. He appears to be nothing but a semi-professional actor, that has been featured in other scams like ProfitBall Trading System.

In the ProfitBall system, the actor in question is Joshua Ethan. One would think that he either has an identity crisis or else as is more like the case, he is just an actor promoting whatever is written in his script.

I would say thumbs up for the first red flag which points at Forex Sniper being a scam.

Can You Make Money with FX Sniper ?

FX Sniper has very mixed reviews on the Forex Peace Army forum. It really makes me wonder how it is possible that one trader can say that it is a good software whilst another one says that his account has been completely wiped out. Mostly all traders say that their support is next to nonexistent.

Here are some screen shots from the testimonials of real traders who have been experiencing losses or no communication from the alleged Simon Reed and his team. FX Sniper scam reviewFX sniper scam

How Is the FX Sniper Supposed To Work?

According to the video presentation that is made by the bogus Simon Reed, the FX Sniper software is a mastermind of mathematical equations. The software collects vast volumes of data, that no human could ever amass. It progressively sifts through the data in nano seconds and then determines the surest and safest trades.

I would say that these are big words, and it would be quite awesome to come across a software with these incredible algorithms. In truth, the real testimonials above leave us short of believing any of this mumbo-jumbo.

To add insult to injury, in the sales pitch for FX Sniper – because the video is nothing but sales talk in order to get you to subscribe to the scam software – we are told that it works 24/7. This is a real insult to traders who are seasoned and well trained. We are all aware that unless you are a complete Newbie, you would not buy this story. There is no trading on Saturday and Sunday. Maybe this is a slip of the tongue? Whatever it is, it certainly does not uphold any professionalism on the end of the real developers of the FX Sniper scam.

FX Sniper Further Evidence of Tempered Data

Contrary to the claims made by Reed, the software has not been around for years. A quick search on Who.Is shows that the registration date of the website is as recent as the 9th March 2017


It, therefore, follows that the evidence of bank accounts that go back a couple of years are nothing but fabricated evidence.

Even more worrying is that other than the real testimonials that I am producing as clear evidence of what can happen to you when you subscribe with FX Sniper, the testimonials on the actual site are all borrowed stock photos.

Therefore, one wonders if there is anything real about this software. It certainly does not encourage me to trust my capital with FX Sniper.

Registration and Payment with

If you have not been convinced as yet to stay away from FX Sniper Bot, then I will give you one last piece of evidence that should leave you in no doubt.

When you register with FX Sniper, you are re-directed to the “members’ area”. At this point, you will have to leave your email address and telephone number. This automatically makes you very vulnerable, since you have exposed your real identity to the scam broker who has orchestrated the software.

Why would I make such a strong accusation? The reason is very simple. Because it is the broker that is behind the software that you should be really worried about and not the software itself. In this case, the software has been rigged for two reasons.

# Reason 1. The trader is trading against the broker in this case and not directly on an MT4 Platform in the open market. Therefore the broker does not want to lose against you.

# Reason 2. The video presentation is nothing but a sales video, in order to introduce you to the broker. The broker is assured of new clients, whom they can proceed to give the rigged software to and win against them.

FX Sniper Software Review – Our Natural Conclusion.

Unfortunately, pretty much like in Binary Options trading, the bottom line that you need to be reassured about is the authenticity of the broker that you are trading with.

If the Forex Broker is a legit broker, then you have no need to worry and you can proceed with a subscription. If a Forex Broker is regulated, there is no way on earth that it would participate in a Robot Scam the likes of FX Sniper.

In our case, there is nothing to leave us in doubt, that the real developers of FX Sniper are probably one or a team of brokers that are supporting the software. Therefore one word of advice from the Binary Option Sheriff.   Before you proceed with your deposit, do your due diligence and check on the reputation of the broker.

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FX Sniper is A Scam! Your Capital Is At Risk with FX Sniper.

Forex Trading can be a very great source of making money online trading. However, there are always risks when trading, and you should be made aware of that. Your risks are further compounded!

If you are serious about trading then you must follow these steps

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