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Golden Paradigm Review

Golden Paradigm Review


Golden Paradigm review. Is this a money maker?

Golden Paradigm App subscribers had best read our impartial scam review before funding their account. We have evidence that will put Golden Paradigm in the place it deserves. In the Scam Bin

The Golden Paradigm Scam review in detail.

Subscribers to the Golden Paradigm software have to be motivated either by need or by greed.  Sadly we feel very bad for those who have fallen into the trap of deceit and lies who are in the “need” category.  The “greed” category we prefer to rule out as downright stupidity because the fact is that this new binary options auto trader has all the classic “red flags” that constitute pure scam.
Below we will be itemizing the list of Scam indicators found in the Golden Paradigm sales video, which will be enough to have our scam barometer overheating! The golden Paradigm, a heavy word for a simple scam means The Golden formula.

Scam Review Fact 1

The sales video for the golden Paradigm system is littered with bogus countdown timers.  The scarce amount of “spots left ” has long been identified as a cheap tactic to trap innocent day traders, into making a hasty decision and subscribe fast to the App. It is psychological warfare aimed at innocent targets.  The point is that if you become a bit cool headed and log in again a day later, you will find that the amount of spots left has suddenly increased again to its original placing.

Scam Review Fact 2

There is no such thing as a free meal in life.  The facts and information on this bogus system have been designed to cheat you out of your humble $250 deposit. Once you subscribe to the Golden Paradigm scam you are immediately taken to the landing page of a Binary Options Broker who in is synced to the software.  If you wish the software to operate, you must find your account by $250 minimum.  This is  THE POTENTIAL Cost of your software.  We are confident that this is the ACTUAL cost of the software. Since the software is a dummy software, it will not work and the signals fired will be null and burn your trading capital.  At this point when your account is burning low, you realize that your deposit is the real cost of the software.

Scam Review Fact 3

The sales pitch which again is hitting on everyone’s basic desire for the beautiful things in life, is littered with fake testimonials. The exaggerated profits claimed to have been made using the Golden Paradigm system only stand to confirm our belief that it is fake and scam.  The opulent show of expensive cars, jets, mansions and glossy lifestyle only serve to make us further question, how a humble deposit of $250 could lead anyone to this untold wealth.  Do the odds look in your favor? We seriously doubt it.  In fact we believe this to be impossible.

Dangling the carrot of luxury at the touch of a button, is just playing up on your basic human of lustful desire.  Actually even if you are a regular and balanced person, such show of wealth will create the desire to have this lifestyle.  Hence it is very easy to fall prey to these conniving and cheating developers.  What are the chances to making $980 per hour?  Even with accelerated and compound trading, this is very difficult to achieve without having heavy losses as well.  Remember promises of impossible gains are just another scam tactic.

Golden Paradigm scam

Scam Review Fact 4

You are promised that the invitation to join the Golden Paradigm is exclusively for you individually to join this private group.  That’s a whole load of hogwash.  It is really a vey wide invitation to whoever cares to drop his deposit with the scammers.  Our inboxes have been jammed with scam email invitations to join this golden paradigm scam system. There is no such thing as a 30 Elite Community.  The offer and invitation is viral because they wish to collect as many subscribers as possible. Golden Paradigm

Scam Review Fact 5

We are promised that the golden paradigm software works on a five wave sty stem or template.  It is named the “emotive” and “impulsive” pattern.  Other than the fact that both terms can never be related with algorithmic trading, we are never really demonstrated how the software works.  The developers just assure us that the software is deigned to be a money making machine. The win rate claims to be 97%. This is unreal and we have exposed plenty of similar scams.  Even the very good software systems such as The Copy Buffett System, never claim a success rate beyond the 80% level.  Upping the success level is just falling into the trap where scam can be exposed.  We have never come across a real software which performs better than 80%. This would be an economic miracle which would put the Binary Options brokers in the red.

Scam Review Fact 6

Nathan Weiss the alleged developer of the software is bogus.  He does not exist.  We cannot verify his identity.  He certainly does not show his face anywhere, and the actor narrator he has set up to tell us about the Golden Paradigm is a hired Fiverr actor who is very well known in the Industry.

What others Reviewers are saying about the Software: is a trusted binary options reviewer and this is his Verdict on the Golden Paradigm Method:

I realize that you probably came to read this review hoping that you had found something that will make you some extra cash. This is not the system that is going to do that for you.

Conclusion and Verdict on the Golden Paradigm Software

We have produced enough evidence in this review to be able to convince our subscribers not to subscribe to this software.  The Golden Paradigm is a Scam and it should be avoided at all costs.

We certainly do not wish to dissuade day traders from entering the binary options industry.  However at this day and age with so much scam floating around, it is really hard to separate the scam from the legitimate software. At the same time we do not want traders to enter into a business with a false sense of hope and achievement that will not be met.  That is why we have chosen to use very limited Signal Software Auto Traders, which we try and test ourselves.  The best Auto Trader for 2016 has been Copy Buffett Software.  We invite you to read our review on this binary options tool, the Copy Buffett Review and decide for yourselves whether the results we have achieved would be in your trading agenda.



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