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Lexington Code vs Penny Millionaire App

Lexington Code vs Penny Millionaire App



Lexington Code vs Penny Millionaire App – which is the better of the two binary option software systems? In this review we are ringing the bell and placing Lexington Code vs Penny Millionaire in the boxing arena!

Who will win this contest? Will it be Michael Lexington’s brainchild the Lexington Code which has been audited by the best financial institutions to win? Or will it be David Forester’s creation, the Penny Millionaire, that is based on the principle of compound interest auditing to come out as a winner. Read this full and impartial review and find out which is the better system.

Lexington Code vs Penny Millionaire Review

Before we go into any specifics, it is quite important to understand that the reason for this Lexington Code vs Penny Millionaire review, is that both systems have already passed the scam-test and have made it all the way to our recommended software systems page.

Both systems have been tried and tested, and therefore worthy of be recommended as the best binary signals software systems. However, given that the systems are so different, we feel that we need to brief our subscribers on their salient features. This should definitely help any trader identify, which of the systems ie., Lexington Code vs Penny Millionaire is best suited for their trading style.




Lexington Code vs Penny Millionaire – Core Principles

The best signal software systems are built on the fundamentals of their algorithms. This is the core principle on which robots and signal software systems are based.

The Lexington Code App has been created by Michael Lexington and Barry Storyk. Storyk is the head programmer and together with the business acumen of Michael Lexington, they developed this software based on artificial intelligence. The core principle of the Lexington Code is that is has machine learning abilities.

The Lex Code is a fully automated binary options robot which takes small but quick winning trades. Trading denominations start from as little as $10 depending on the broker that is synched to its platform.

Ideal for new traders, who cannot work out the complicated world of charting systems, this software, has a winning ratio of 80-85%

The Penny Millionaire offers a very low risk exposure factor and is a semi-automated software based on the principle of compound trading.

The Penny Millionaire App has been developed by David Forrester and it is based on trading principles approved by the world’s keenest minds like Warren Buffett and Einstein. This trading program has a strong win rate of 83% . One of its best advantages is that it allows the trader to have complete control over his account.

Lexington Code vs Penny Millionaire – Platform Differences

In this match-up we are also going to have a look at the differences of the trading platforms for the two systems.

The advantage of both the Lexington Code and the Penny Millionaire platforms is that they have been designed to be very user-friendly. However, they do vary fundamentally.

The Lexington Code Trading Platform

Lexington Code has dual platforms. a) A fully automated platform and b) A signals software platform. The fully automated platform allows a trader to set the trading to his risk appetite, namely by choosing the value of the trade and the frequency of the trading. Therefore, the trader has the option to regulate the risk exposure.

Best Binary Signals The Lexington Code results interface and features
Lexington Code App fully automated trading platform

Once the trade setting is selected, the trader has nothing else to do, but turn on the software. The Lexington code will automatically kick in and execute the trades on behalf of the trader.

On the other hand, if a trader is more seasoned than a newbie, he is given the option to trade on the broker’s platform by taking the signals from the manual trading platform.

The Penny Millionaire Trading Platform

Penny Millionaire is a semi-automatic platform. The platform displays a number of high-quality signals, which in turn specify the ratio of winning probability. The trader has a choice of picking the high rated signals and take a trade from the same interface, without needing to visit the broker’s platform. Furthermore, the trader has the possibility of specifying the value of the trades.

The advantage of this semi-automated software, is that the trader is in full control of his capital, and may trade with the frequency which is comfortable for his trading style.

Lexington Code vs Penny Millionaire
Penny Millionaire Semi Auto Trader Trading Platform

Furthermore, should a trader wish to manually trade on the high-performance signals, he may visit the platform of the broker directly, and trade from a different interface. This is a more technical manner in which to execute trades, but it has the advantage of controlling the expiry times. This is a system which offers complete flexibility to a seasoned trader.

What is the Cost of Lexington Code vs Penny Millionaire?

The cost of the trading systems is the same for both. Penny Millionaire will require you first to subscribe to a lottery and if the participation is approved, you will follow into the member’s area.

Penny Millionaire is not available for traders in the United States and Canada.

The Lexington Code has open subscription. Therefore, all the trader is required to do, is to subscribe to the software.

In both cases, the minimum starting trading capital to be invested, is $250. The amount is not the cost of the software, but the capital that the trader has at his disposal to grow into profits. The trading software itself is free of charge.

The minimum trade value, does vary between one system and another, as it varies between one broker and another. In some cases, trades as low as $10 can be taken by the Lexington Code, whereas the minimum for the Penny Millionaire software is $25.

Both systems allow for higher trading values – and the value depends entirely on the broker that is synched to the software. However, the maximum is usually capped at $500.

Selecting your Broker – Lexington Code vs Penny Millionaire

In this round, Penny Millionaire wins over Lexington Code hands down. In the video below, you can see, how a trader is given a choice to selecting his preferred broker in the system.

This feature is not offered by the Lexington Code. The broker is automatically synched to the trader, depending on his geographical area.

Lexington Code vs Penny Millionaire – The Winner?

In both cases, the systems have been tried and tested by real traders. Confirmation of this can be checked on the multiple YouTube Channel posts by different traders, who have recorded their results.

There is no doubt that both the Lexington Code App as well as the Penny Millionaire system, are high performers. As can be seen from videos above they have exceptionally high winning results.

However, when it comes to selecting the best software, it boils down entirely to your trading style.

If you are new to trading, you will probably prefer to select the easier manner of trading. In this case the Lexington Code is a very easy to use interface, which delivers profits and results.

If you are a trader who prefers to remain in control of your capital, and trade at your speed and leisure, then probably the Penny Millionaire Software is more appropriate for your trading style.

The Penny Millionaire is the newest of the two systems. Lexington code has now been tested for several months with an excellent track record.

Our experience with the Lexington Code vs Penny Millionaire has been satisfactory on both levels. We did not break any records trading with either, but that boils down to our conservative trading style. We have witnessed however, traders netting more than a $1000 a day using the Lexington Code.

Lexington Code vs Penny Millionaire Conclusion

As demonstrated above, the best trading software is a very personal choice between the two. The systems are both dynamic in their own way. However, they are very different in the way that trading is executed on either of them. Therefore, the choice stays with the individual trading style of the day-trader.

All given below autotraders we have tested ourselves and we confirm they are reliable.

The bottom line conclusion is simple. The results are what count most. Both the Lexington Code system, as well as the Penny Millionaire software, give an excellent performance. They have the features that any trader looking for profits would be happy to subscribe to.

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  1. Hello, I am having trouble winning anything on autotrade with lexingtoncode. Are you sure this is not a scam? Because my percentage to wins to losses are 80% lost.

  2. mentioned binary options sherif as ascam at their page when they are reviewing penny millionaire they said penny millionaire is blacklist scam now I’m confused and I already deposit with penny millionaire and assigned to broker TorOption please what do I do here.

    1. We offer live trading sessions in order to validate our claims. Unfortunately binaryscamalerts have been trying to push their own product, which had to be labelled as scam when many of our subscribers lost money with it. They have never used live trading sessions to show how their product works


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