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Midas Touch App is Binary Options Scam?

Midas Touch App is Binary Options Scam?


Midas Touch claims to generate $5000 per day! Does that sound credible? Probably not. Before you decide to subscribe to the Midas Touch App, we recommend that you read our impartial review to find out hard facts about the Midas Touch Scam system.

Full Scam Review for the Binary Options Midas Touch App

The site under investigation is
This site was registered a few weeks ago, precisely on the 22nd January 2016. A new site for an old name! The site is registered in Panama, which seems to be the hub for scam binary options software systems. Claims of successful trading by means of this Midas Touch App, are very likely to be fraudulent, because of the sheer novelty of this binary options auto trader system itself. Registration of sites such as the in Panama, mean that the developers are using an offshore tax-haven which will cover their identity. Sounds like scam? It is probably scam!Midas Touch App registration

A few facts that will set the record straight. Who is “Martin Morrison”? The introduction video pulls the curtain on our main British actor. In case you think we are joking, of course we are not. Martin Morrison does not exist. It is just a fake name used to obscure the real identity of the makers. The first testimonial is in fact, a hired actor, that has been engaged via the popular website Fiverr. He has already been exposed in a number of similar scams. One such scam we exposed was the Alpha Money Generator. In case you did not know anything about the site Fiverr before, it is an excellent site for anyone who wants to provide a service (even a scam one like this App under review) from as little as $5! The name of our actor is Deren – a marketing manager specializing in Public Relations and high ROI video productions. Granted that many people shy away from a camera, and perhaps the real developer of the Midas Touch App could well be one of them, however, this is a very bad start. False identities, do not instil confidence.

Midas Touch App Actor exposed
Midas Touch App Actor exposed

So far we have established, that testimonial of money making via the Midas Touch App is false. It is presented to us is a professional actor and not a real binary options trader. The site is a brand new one, and therefore any real trading testimonial cannot be verified.

The Midas Touch App sales talk clearly demonstrates that using the software is “Risk Free”. Anyone who has any experience with binary options trading, knows that this is an illegitimate statement. Binary Options is a legitimate way of making money online, but it is not without its ancillary risks. The markets are volatile, and sometimes even the best traders and chart analysts go wrong and do not foresee pit falls. Everyone loses some money with binary options. The trick of the trade is to win more than you lose, and end up with a net profit! Claims to risk-free trading are only true when you are trading paper money, meaning that you are trading on a demo account. It also means, that it is an excellent way of learning binary options trading, but you will not lose any money, and neither will you gain any money. You only gain experience.

Another red flag for scam is the false scarcity counter which is presented to us for the Midas Touch App. The scarcity counter is a psychological tactic used to hasten innocent traders to subscribe fast, without thinking of doing their due diligence. If you refresh your browser or log in through a different browser you will find that the scarcity counter simply starts ticking all over again. This is a very good trick played by scam sites. Once you subscribe, you feel that you should at least try out the App. That is when you discover that you have lost control of your money and your account. Traders used to scam know better and usually avoid sites with false scarcity counters.

Established Markers for Scam pointing to The Midas Touch App:

1. Brand new site which cannot be verified
2. Developer’s identity cannot be checked because the presenter is an Actor. Exposed
3. The scarcity counter is Fake. Refresh your browser and it will start ticking over again.
4. Risk-Free Trades do not exist. It is just sales talk which is fake and unreal.

To this list we can now add the fact that the software is unverifiable! How does the software work? Do we have any information about this? Nothing at all. All we have is a lot of hype of how the Midas Touch App Software will be generating no less than $5000 per day for us from a humble deposit of $250. Sounds credible? To the Sheriff team, this sounds like scam. The details exposed, which can sound overwhelming to a new trader, are in fact old and jaded tricks which crooks and scammers use to trap innocent people. The cost of the Midas Touch Binary Options software is supposedly free, however, if you lose your initial capital, will you still think that this is free?

The Midas Touch App is not worth trying out. Whenever we are alerted of new binary options signal software systems or auto trader, we investigate them and write our reviews. If we think that there may be some credibility to them, we try them out. If we think that there is enough hard evidence to point to scam, then we would rather not waste our money.

We hope that this review has already helped you in determining which pointers you should be looking out for when trying out a new binary options system. With so much to choose from, sometimes, it can be overwhelming for a new trader to pick the legitimate from the scam.

If you have been scammed and wish to avoid being duped another time, we recommend that you check the systems which have been tried and tested by real traders. One such case is the Copy Buffett software. With a very conservative trading profile, we have tried this software ourselves and netted over $300 a day. Note the word conservative. Others who have risked higher have made as much as $800 a day. But that is not our style of trading. We prefer to make less, but build our capital and not burn it. In case you wish to find out our trading secrets with the Copy Buffett System, then you can watch this video.

Should you wish to subscribe to the software yourselves, you may click on the banner below, and it will take you towards your financial freedom.

Conclusion and Verdict on the Midas Touch App

Sadly our scam review on the Midas Touch System has presented enough incriminating evidence to show that the App is scam. The only good thing about this binary options system is it’s name!

If you require assistance with disputes, complaints or simply wish to have more information about safer trading methods, then we will be very happy to assist you. If you have been scammed, drop us a comment below. You will not be the first to have been scammed. But you will also not be the first to get help. We make a commitment to our subscribers to reply to every email sent and give sound and impartial advice. If you prefer to stay anonymous, just drop us an email on support{at}



    1. Stark Trading is another scam. We will be writing a full review soon. Please subscribe to our site so that you will automatically get an update for it.

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