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Millionaire Shield Scam Review

Millionaire Shield Scam Review

Millionaire Shield. Scam Review

Have you ever done something in life that has made you very proud? If you have, would you hide behind a borrowed face? Probably not! But Steven Hulsman alleged part time hedge fund manager and full time philanthropist, owner of Millionaire Shield, has done just that! The photo identity of Steven Hulsman is nothing but a photo purchased (hopefully paid for) from Shutterstock. The photo title is “portrait of a senior executive”. Check it out on this link and see for yourselves

Why would anyone, proud of designing such an intricate and successful software as Millionaire Shield want to hide behind a borrowed face? Perhaps because he would like to keep his real identity hidden? Probably because Millionaire Shield is a scam software and not what it purports to be!

We have so far established that the identity of Steven Hulsman is a scam and fake identity. Can we now be convinced that his software, the Millionaire Shield is the real deal? Would you feel comfortable trusting “Steven Hulsman”? The Millionaire Shield claims to have an updated algorithm that is future proof. It works in all financial situations and furthermore is free to download.

Millionaire Shield

If we know anything about real signal software, we know for sure that they never claim to be foolproof. A system that works 100% has so far never been created, and assertions that such software as Millionaire Shield are future proof, only accumulate more evidence that it is scam quality.

A worrying factor about the Millionaire Shield is that it is going viral, simply because the creators of this highly misleading advertising, have spent thousands in production fees to come up with a convincing sales pitch. Real traders would never fall for this scam hype, but new traders and innocent people looking at making money online legitimately can be easily excused for taking this “serious” looking software for the real deal.



If you are on the Millionaire Shield landing page and try to exist, you immediately receive a pop-up on your screen as the one above that prompts you to stay on and register. These tactics are classic scam tactics to hasten the person reading into making a quick decision before he thinks much further. Millionaire Shield, plays on the classic basic human instinct of “need or greed”. It dangles the golden carrot of financial freedom without properly substantiating how this can happen.

Millionaire Shield makes a show of wealth and expensive assets which everyone would like to strive for. The scammers promise the unattainable and further more through their philanthropic souls offer the software for free. Has anyone ever had a free ticket to anything in life? Nothing is for free and Millionaire Shield is certainly for free.

If you proceed to registration for the Millionaire Shield you will be directed to a Binary Option broker that is “optimized” to the algorithms of the software. This is how the fraudulent scam of Millionaire Shield makers earn their commissions. The Broker pays them a big chunk of your deposit, which you will proceed to loose.



Whilst the Binary Option Sheriff sincerely hopes we have warned you in good time before falling prey to the Millionaire Shield scam – we trust that if you have been scammed you will share your experience with other readers and warn them of your results. There is no shame to be scammed, but it is shameful for the scammers to make money on innocent people. Please do leave a comment and subscribe to our newsletter to keep updated on Scams and more.

If you are new to trading, we recommend that you trade on a DEMO Account and not with real money. Being part of a community also helps, and if you are happy to join a broker from the Recommended list on our site, we will in turn introduce you to the Michael Freeman Manual Signal Group on Face Book, which is a successful site of real traders with experience, who give live trading signals. This is the only guaranteed way to make money online legitimately.




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