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Millionaire Trader SCAM REVIEW

Millionaire Trader SCAM REVIEW


Millionaire Trader Scam Review – Fake Software – Scam Warning

Millionaire Trade software is a bogus software.  This scam review will reveal that you should not consider joining.  You capital is not safe with the Millionaire Trader software.  Below we will give you conclusive evidence that the developers of the Millionaire Trader binary option App are dedicated to steal your money.  In terms of vague promises, they are heading the top of the scam list.

Site under investigation for scam is

As soon as we came across this scam system, we decided to conduct a full scale investigation into this software.  The first flag that raised our alarm is the claim that the Millionaire Trader scam review software will make you tremendous amounts of cash.  Never believe get rich overnight schemes. Claims for instant riches are always deceitful and are aimed at new traders who do not have enough experience to smell out scam quickly.  Seasoned traders will detect red flag scams immediately.

Here are a few Scam and Lie Detectors to measure why the Millionaire Software should not be trusted.Millionaire Trader scam  review pressure tactic

  • Impossible Revenue claims? Yes
  • Claims of overnight riches? Yes
  • Unsupported stories of trading success? Yes
  • Pressure tactics for quick sign-up? Yes
  • Fake evidence of earnings? Yes

The above and much more are just small evidence as compared to what we are about to expose when dealing with scam the scale of the


Millionaire Trader Scam App – False Claims

We are introduced to the Millionaire Trader SCAM software by a mysterious story of a Russian man called Max.  Let us call him Max the Russian, since we are obviously not given any surname to go by.  You will recognise that this is an excellent tactic for traders to be unable to verify on the identity of this bogus genius.  As the story unfolds he gives the presenter of the software, Oliver Miller a gift which should be opened in a month’s time.  What a joke!  These devious developers will go a long way in terms of imagination to engage the gullible public in general.

So as the plot thickness, Oliver Miller tells us that Max the Russian, the mysterious ex client disappeared, and the gift was a pen drive that contained this miraculous program that would make him a millionaire in a very short time.  Pardon our sarcasm, but this sounds such a fake story!  The story ensues, that Miller’s friend, Harry Abbot broke the code to the software and crunched the algorithm that guaranteed a success rate of over 85% trading success!  Does this sound plausible?  If your answer is no, you are correct!

Who is Oliver Miller of the scam Millionaire Trader SCAM App?

Miller claims to be a corporate banker (they all are of course).  He is now an ex-corporate banker because he has found a much better way of making easy money.  In case you are wondering, this is not by means of his trading success with the Millionaire Trader Scam App, but by stealing money from new traders.  Seriously this story is so farfetched it is almost hilarious.  Would anyone in his right senses, and who is raking millions with a software that makes him money at the touch of a button, give it free to 50 subscribers?

Once we are on the point of the limited window of opportunity, we should point out that this is just a pressure tactic.  This review shows that this is another classic scam tactic.  There are no real 50 windows of opportunity.  There are thousands of opportunities for a scam trap!Millionaire Trader Scam Review. Review Millionaire Trader software. Is Millionaire trader safe?

We have checked all social media, but have found no evidence to show that Oliver Miller really exists.  It is probably another hoax name made up for the occasion. We assume that if he were really the millionaire legitimate business man that he claims to be, that he would be easily discoverable or traceable.  In fact, we draw a big blank on Miller.  It is yet another scam set-up.

The same goes for Harry Abbott – “the friend” who masterminded the cracking of the algorithmic code.  Harry Abbott himself does not exist.  He is just a scam actor.  The only thing he has managed to crack is his brains whilst learning the script for the binary option scam Million Trader.

Millionaire Trader Scam Software – Free Scam?

Do not be fooled into thinking that the Millionaire Trader Scam App will come for free.  To download the Millionaire Trader software is free but you will need to deposit a minimum of $250 into your account before you can start trading.  This deposit will be with a broker of their choice. As a new trader you will not have an option of choosing a legitimate broker.

You are simply thrown to a pack of wolves, who will call you within a few seconds of registering your account and ask you to deposit more and more money.  They will entice you with promises that they will manage your account.  We can assure you that they can be very rude about it.  Even if you limit yourself to the initial deposit of $250, this is going to become the actual cost of the software.  You will proceed to have enough losing trades that will eat up your account.  Do not be disillusioned with promise of free software.  Your capital is the cost of the software.  This review is a Millionaire Trader warning.

Millionaire Trader Scam App – Results and Testing

Claims are made that this system has been generating millions of dollars in wealth over the past couple of years.  When we checked on the registration date of the site on the site Who.Is we found out that this has been registered on March 2016!!  One would naturally question the validity of these claims!  How is it possible that such a high-tech software not be registered any earlier? If it really has been raking these millions for these years?  Well, we guess you all know the answer for that! The software has not been used for all these years making money trading options.  These are all lies.

The video presentation for the Millionaire Trader scam App is full of lies and inconsistencies.  The crazy story that this creation is coming out of Moscow Russia is fictitious and has only been invented to create some drama.

Other trusted bloggers arrive at the same conclusion about this questionable App.

Prestige Binary Options issue a traders alert warning as follows: Trader Warning Update: was initial launched late last year and the amount of complaints referring to its losing rates are staggering. Traders have reported huge investment losses and/or inabilities for retrieving their remaining funds. Tread Carefully!

Conclusion and Verdict by the Binary Option Sheriff

If you are into fantasy, we recommend that you watch a Bond Movie.  You will have a lot of spare change on the deposit of $250 you will risk with the Millionaire Trader App and a lot more fun.  Incredible stories with Russian spies leaving bogus pen drives which are later cracked as millionaire codes, are worse than fairy tales.  They hold no magic!

The Millionaire Trader Scam App is Scam! Do not trust the site

Best Performing Software through 2016!

Copy buffett software

Thank you for taking time to read this review.  If you visited this page in the hope of making money online trading binary options, we are very sorry to disappoint you.  Always review software systems on our SCAM Software reviews page before depositing money. Alternatively read reviews on Trusted Binary Signals HERE

Making money trading options is still a legitimate way of raising extra money online.  It is a lucrative and cash rich market.  It does however require some skill and an education.  If you wish to take binary trading seriously, contact us on support(at)

We offer our subscribers a healthy trading experience with a free education program and RISK FREE Trades on Free Demo Accounts.   Join us on Facebook and check out our You Tube Channel for daily updates on Scam and Tips and Tricks on Trading.




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