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Money Code Scam Paul Thomas Exposed-Review

Money Code Scam Paul Thomas Exposed-Review


Money Code System presented by Paul Thomas is downright scam. In this scam review we will reveal that the Money Code Software is not the appealing binary options trading automated system it promises to be. The technology being presented is not that of an efficient trading bot but it is in fact a system which is going to suck up your capital. Be warned. The Money Code App is not safe to invest your money into.

The MoneyCode Scam Review Money Code App is MoneyCode software and they are all scam. is scam. Review money code system

System Under Investigation for Fraud and Scam –

The target audience for this new binary options scam are innocent new traders who do not understand the basics of Forex and currency trading. It is aimed to attract investors who are looking for help by adding a trading tool to help them successfully gain money online.

However the Money Code App will not be the answer to anyone’s search for success. The term “codes” which is repeated used in the poorly presented video presentation for this software, is used often in an effort to convince people to subscribe to the app. However, any over exaggeration is always a red flag for scam.

The only manner in which scammers and fraudulent producers of software systems like the Money Code scam software is by setting up a clever campaign and spam email blasting. Therefore if you have received a clever invitation to make money online by the developers of the system, be careful before opening their files, as malware can easily damage your computers.


binadroid2 and binadroid 2 is legit software unlike the scam money code system that is being reviewed

Fake Promises & The Money Code Review

Paul Thomas of the is a non-existent personality. He is an bull…s….. actor that claims to help you make $1225 in the next 6 minutes. There is no truth to this claim. The only reason he lies in this manner is to attract traders to sign up. Do not fall into this trap. Another fake promise is the carrot he is dangling and forcing you to take a ”bonus”. A bonus is a hinder. A bonus will lock your account indefinitely. What a binary options broker does not tell you when you are taking a bonus, is that you will need to trade at least 20 times the value of your capital in bonus before you can withdraw any funds! Fair? Absolutely not fair. Once you accept the bonus, you are locked in for good!

How Does The Money Code Work?

In our review, first of all,  we reveal that the creators only make invalid claims that a trader can make $1000 in just 6 minutes. In reality we are not given any explanation on how the software really works. By conveniently omitting to give a valid explanation on how the Money Code system works, we can only arrive to the conclusion that this software is scam. Can the Money Code developers be trusted with your hard earned cash, if they do not even explain how the system works? The Binary Option Sheriff warns against this software.

Who is Paul Thomas? Paul Thomas is a Fraud

Our scam review furthermore reveals that Paul Thomas is not who he purports to be! He is a complete fraudster. He comes up with a bogus story of discovering “the C Code” whilst playing around in an internet café (LOL) because he could not even afford to have internet at home.

We have made multiple search on the name of Paul Thomas in relation to his development of the “C Code” and the Money Code fraud App and we could not find any information on the Internet about this person. The only conclusion that we can arrive to, is that the name was just made up for the purpose of feeding us this total garbage.

If you analyse the logo for the money code, you will realise that this is a manipulated and stolen image from the famous CNBC LOGO. It is not even done in a very clever way. The colours are just a mirror image of the original logo and the birds head has just been duplicated. This stolen idea, only goes to further prove, that no real effort has been put in the production of the advertising page for the Money Code scam. Can you imagine what kind of effort has been made in the real robot? None whatsoever. What this scam robot will do, once you connect to it, is to transfer you to a fraudulent broker, who will proceed to suck up your entire capital. This is a scam alert.

Money Code logo is scam. Review reveals that logo is copied from CNBC NEWS logo

Is MoneyCode Legit? MoneyCode is a Spam Scam

If you try to subscribe to this system, you are immediately pushed into revealing your personal details including your phone number. There is no members area which will give a trader supplementary information. They just go for the pushy kill! Once you reveal your email address you are guaranteed to have spam emails hitting your inbox.

The cheap tricks and tactics which are used to promote the MoneyCode scam are similar to all classic scams. This system is quite identical to previous scams just using a different name. In fact if one checks out the Triple Threat Trade, you will understand that the Money Code is the same scam but uses a different name! Below we reveal in this scam review evidence by showing up photos from the different websites. It is shocking! But it is true! Can you trust the Money Code System after this scam exposure? Most of all, we strongly recommend that you do not. These scammers did not even bother to take the time to change the names or the values! They just copied and pasted and produced different backgrounds.Money Code Fake testimonials scam double up with Triple Threat tradeMoney Code Fake testimonials scam double up with Triple Threat trade

Pressure Tactics and More Lies

Do not believe that there are only 16 spots available for subscribers and that those you manage to sign up fast enough will get no less than a $1225 welcome gift. This is just a ploy to get you to sign up fast. We have already revealed that taking a bonus will only lock your account and you will not even be able to withdraw your real capital!

This devious tactic is further confirmed by the BinaryOptionsOpportunity. The reviewer sums up the review by saying that systems like the money code scam are born daily and they only make it more difficult for traders to distinguish between what is legitimate and trustworthy and scam.

Final Thoughts – Conclusion and Verdict

In this scam review we have given conclusive evidence that the MoneyCode system will burn your capital. It is a scam software designed only to make money to the scam binary options brokers and the criminal developers that created it. Experienced traders will recognise scam right away, however, in this case the opposite happens.  This is aimed at new traders who will therefore,  not understand they this software is targeting their trading naivety. Protect yourself from loss and do not download MoneyCode App. Since our target is to keep you out of trouble, we finally advise you to stay away from the software.

The MoneyCode Software is Scam.

Thank you for taking time to read this review. We are sorry to disappoint you if you came to this page in the hope of making money online trading binary options.

Do not despair. There are very sensible ways of learning how to trade. We recommend that you stay safe and start a trial with a FREE DEMO ACCOUNT before committing your capital to trading. Drop us an email with any question about trading on support(at) Learn trading by joining our social trading group on Facebook and meet like minded people. Copy trades from professional traders and start earning with binary options.



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