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MS Management Software Review

MS Management Software Review


MS Management Software is a fully managed discretionary fund service. Retail and wholesale investors can have their portfolio managed by expert traders who excel in margin FX Trading.

In this article, we are going to examine whether MS Management software is legit or scam. Binary Option Sheriff has conducted a thorough examination on the set-up of the MS Software in order to ensure that investors are not beguiled by the smooth promises made by Christopher Fernard.

MS Management Software – Scam or Legit?

MS Management Software is very well presented to the public by the Fund Manager, Mr Christopher Fernard.

In his brief but expert presentation Fernard explains the principles of investment of MS Software fully managed discretionary account services.


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What is MS Management Software? How Does it Work?

MS Software is a not a robot that works on artificial intelligence. It is a team of FX experts who manage clients’ portfolios. The traders on the MS Management team all have a minimum of 10 years forex trading experience. The key strategy is to manage clients’ funds based on the principle of margin trading.

Therefore back to the original question of whether MS Software is a scam or legit, we know that we are dealing with a team of human beings rather than clouds in the sky.

Review MS Management Software – Background Information

In this review, we understand that the MS Fund is an off-spring of a previous company that focused on Forex trading education services. Recently the company developed its services to include Fund Management.

Basically, MS Management is built on an investment team, that invest your capital and manage it on the sound and ethical trading principles.

These are the trading principles and best trading strategy adopted by the MS Management Software group.

Here are the Team’s Trading Strategies

MS Management Software is engaged in building a portfolio that is based on multiple assets. It invests primarily in major currencies such as USD, EURO, STERLING, AUD and also in major commodities such as gold. It also gives special attention to Indexes and Futures the likes of ASX200, and S&P 500.

Therefore an investor is never over exposed with any one particular asset but gets the advantage of a mixed portfolio of assets.

  1. The MS Management Software fund adopts a medium to long term trading strategy that is based on margin FX trading. This is not a get rich quick scheme based on frenzied trading, but a solid scheme that will take your investment to future and long term profits.
  2. Risk Management and minimizing exposure is a key trading strategy within the MS Management Software group. Money Management is a key element in long-term results with trading. It is the best trading strategy to ensure that your capital is safeguarded. In other words, the investment proportions are always going to be relevant to your capital. Your capital will not be over-exposed.
  3. MS Management Software group offers a dedicated team of expert traders who work on shifts, therefore, covering 24 trading hours. This means that no opportunity is passed by, nor any threat is overlooked.

Is MS Management Software Team Safe for your Capital?

As we have detailed above in this MS Management Software review, the trading strategy that is being adopted by Christopher Fernard and his team is structured and sensible.

Unless you are an expert trader, you probably cannot manage your own capital.  You probably do not have ample time to dedicate to your investment portfolio. Hence, you are probably not going to see too many profits with your trading account. On the contrary, you are likely to see more losses from trading errors.

The advantage of investing your capital with an investment management team is that you do not need to concern yourself with minute by minute trading. You do not need to actively participate in 24-hour trading.

Let us face it. If you are new to trading and are working on a regular day job, your trading strategy will not be honed to perfection. Your window of trading hours is also very limited and you will try to force trades in the little aperture of time you have allocated for trading.

Trading Forex or trading binary options is a serious business. The risk/reward ratio is very high, and you are more likely to lose your capital if you are new to the business. There is no window of opportunity for beginners luck in the trading market. In trading, there is only such thing called “expertise” and even then, you will need to hedge your risks.

There is no doubt that trusting your capital with experts who are experienced in trading will give you better results than your own guess work.

However, the point remains – Is MS Management software Team the best fund management team to trust your capital with? How sure can we be that MS Management Software is not a scam?

Is MS Management Software Scam?

The general consensus in the open market is that MS Management Software is legitimate. We have scanned every single review we could find about the team, and so far have not encountered a single complaint about these fund managers.

Furthermore, we also checked whether the MS Team results are real, and we have not had cause to doubt the legitimacy or the integrity of this group.

We have gone as far as opening a fund account with the MS Management Software group in order to watch trading results. Despite the fact that it is early days to see exponential profits, we are thoroughly satisfied with the results of the first two weeks of trading. Naturally, we will be following up this MS Management Software review with an update in the coming days.

The Philosophy of MS Management Software explained

Naturally, as with serious trading teams, the MS Management Software team have a philosophy and trading strategy that is implemented with every trading account. This covers the following fields

  • Profit Maximization
  • High Risk/Reward Rations
  • Strict Money Management
  • Minimizing Exposure
  • Dedicated Professional Traders who guard the portfolios.

The advantage of a retail investor (small capital investors) taking part in a trading fund, is that your capital forms a portion of a much larger trading fund. As such you can enjoy the benefits of large trades in the equated percentage of your profits. Your individual sub-account is pooled into a master account.

What do I mean by this? Let me explain it in practical terms.

If you are a small investor with just $250 your trading capacity is only for ten trades. Minimum trading value is of $25. This means that every trade is exposing 10% of your capital. If one or two trades go wrong immediately, your capital is wiped out very quickly.

By participating in a fund, your capital is in a pool of investments.  You account forms part of much larger margin trading. The investment is proportionate to the value of your capital. Therefore your risk exposure is acutely minimized. If your capital in the sub-fund represents 00.05% of an entire fund, and a trade goes wrong, your exposure is limited to your 0.05%. You are not exposed to 10% as is the case when trading solo.

The advantages of joining the MS Management Software team are therefore piled on the investor side.

What is the Cost of Joining the MS Management Software Fund Team?

Here is another reason why we are convinced that MS Management Software is not a scam.  It is not free.

Like all the participating investors in the fund, MS Management Software are in this trade to make money.

The cost of joining MS Management is 8% of profits generated.

The fee is charged at the beginning of each consecutive trading month based on the profits generated the previous month.

As such, if month “1” generates $1000 in profits, at the beginning of month “2” your account is debited by $80. That is the cost of your participation.

The advantage of this percentage fee is that if the fund does not produce any profits, your fees are not charged. If on the other hand, they generate substantial profits, your fees are relative to the profits in hand.

This is clearly a win-win situation for everyone concerned. If MS Management is looking at attracting multiple investments, their performance level has to be high.


Bonus Offer for New Investors – Zero Fees Introductory Offer for the First Month

The MS Management Software group have been in this business for a long time attracting commercial, wholesale and large capital funding. However, in a recent change of management strategy, the fund is now open for retail investors. This means that from as little as $250 any small trader can participate in the larger master fund.

In an effort to attract new retail business, the MS Management Software group are offering Month 1 with Zero Fees as an introductory bonus.


How to Join the Fund

If you are interested in participating as a retail investor, you will need to invest a minimum of $250.  This investment capital then participates in the sub-investment fund.   Naturally, your reward ratio will be relevant to the proportion of your capital. Here is how to join the fund

  1. Clear your browser from old cookies
  2. You can go directly to the subscription page from HERE
  3. Enter your relevant details including a valid email address and correct contact phone number. It is recommended that you create a new email address to be dedicated to your fund account. This way you will never miss important information that will be communicated by the fund managers.
  4. You will be directed to a broker who will accept your deposit which is then directed to the sub-fund account.
  5. And that is all. You do not need to do any trading. All trading is 100% managed by the fund managers.
  6. You can withdraw your profits at any time. All you need to do is apply for withdrawal from the Broker’s page.
  7. It is highly recommended that you immediately verify your credentials as soon as you fund your account. These are strict regulations to avoid fraud and money laundering.FS Management Software

MS Management Software – The Conclusion

The scope of the MS Management Software fund is to obtain stable regular profits in the short and medium term for its investor clients.

Investment is made on the structures of algorithms, analysis and prudent money management.

With MS Management Software we are not dealing with a complicated set of algorithms. This is not a robot that does not take the human element into consideration. On the contrary, we are dealing with a team of experienced traders. Traders, who scan the market and use the best tools and analysis in order to obtain the best trading results for their clients.

If you are looking for income and profits yet having a lower risk of exposure, you are on the right page. MS Management Software team are committed to making this as their key strategy for trading.

This is our initial verdict for MS Management Software.   We trust that it is a recommendable team with whom you can trust your capital.

MS Management Software is NOT SCAM

Thank you for taking the time to read this MS Management Software review. It is the first review, so please do subscribe to this blog and get regular updates on results from our trading experience with the MS Management Software fund.




  1. I opened an account and I was directed to a broker Pwr, Pl.advise me how can I select any other broker

  2. I have made my own research of MS Management Software and is intrigued with what its got to offer. I will try this and see it for myself. Good luck to me.


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