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My First Online Payday Review

My First Online Payday Review


My First Online Payday is a new Binary Options Robot. Is My First Online Payday a new scam or could it be the next software going viral? Read our honest and impartial review to find out all the details that we have revealed whilst investing this brand new system.

In Depth Review on My First Online Payday Software

My First Online Payday makes a very good starting impression. If it is scam it is definitely one of the better produced scams. The professional approach to the video presentation, makes it quite convincing at first glance. However, when we start to dig deeper, this is when we start encountering warning signs of scam. So is My First Online Payday a Scam or is it a legitimate software? Will it deliver the booty it claims to achieve? That is the answer everyone would love to learn!

Review Facts for My First Online Payday System

Review Fact 1

The site pertaining to the software name is a very professional site and one could be excused for taking it at face value and thinking that it is a legitimate site. The video presentation is far more sophisticated than some of the cheap scams which can be easily spotted a thousand miles away. The truth however, is less pretty. We have reason to believe, and proof in hand to show you, that this is a clever and well-orchestrated scam site. Starting off with the well polished and clipped British accent of Jeremy Matthews, we immediately recognize our favourite Fiverr Actor, as the face that is now synonymous with scam binary options trading software. In under four weeks Deren (the real name of this Actor) has been going by different alias as exposed in our reviews:

Midas Touch Scam App and Alpha Money Generator Scam Software

My First Online Payday

My First Online PaydayIt would appear that there is either a great shortage of good actors to present scam sites, or only few who will take on a job knowing that whatever it is they are going to deliver is going to make someone lose a lot of money!

We have now established that Jeremy Matthews also known as Florian Samuel, and also known as Martin Morrison does not exist. The CEO for My First Online Payday Scam is Bogus. He is a Fake and False personality and does not exist! At least not in the form and shape of our famous British scam actor Deren!

Review Fact 2

Let us examine the Video testimonials purportedly by real users. We have made a cursory check on the video testimonials for My First Online Payday scam website, and pretty much like the Oscar Winner for lead role by Deren, the Beta testers are all actors from the famous site Fiverr. This site in case, this is the first time you have come across it, has a lot of talent for cheap. You can hire anyone to do anything, including false testimonials for just $5! Evidence of this is below: Check out Amy Tan – again selling her services on the same site Fiverr. As far as her testimonial worth, Amy Tan is yet another Fraud! Sorry Amy, you just got Busted!My First Online Payday Scam

   My first online payday

Review Fact 3

The site itself for My First Online Pay Day scam, as we pointed out earlier, gives you a very good impression. Upon closer examination, however it is easy to determine that this is a cheap one page deal! The widgets are not really clickable, and the only responsive part of the site, is the area where you need to subscribe and leave your personal details.

Review Fact 4

There is no such thing as a free meal in life. This has become our favourite maxim. We have used this maxim extensively recently. My First Online Pay Day App, dangles a cheap carrot in front of its potential subscribers. That of a $50 gift upon registration! The implications of this gift is never really explained to innocent Newbies. It is just dolled up nicely in sales talk. The offer for $50 dollars “to start playing” is real enough. It is a sugar coated pill which is known as a Bonus and is offered by any Binary Options Broker to new traders as a welcome doze of poison. Once a trader accepts a bonus, he is then obliged to trade the value of his deposit plus bonus for at least twenty times before he can withdraw any of his original capital. Sounds fair? It is not fair, because the trader is not warned about his obligations once the carrot is munched!

Never take a bonus, unless you are ready to leave your account balance with your binary options broker!

Review Fact 5

Jeremy Matthews and his hypothetical ABC Show are just building a very nice and convincing picture, but in fact we know it is all deceit. There is no Jeremy Matthews and of course there is no ABC Show. Not unless ABC is now hosting a new show for cheap Fiverr Actors! There is definitely no show relating to My First Online Payday!

Verdict and Conclusion for My First Online Payday

In this scam review we have detailed why My First Online Payday does not live up to its initial aura. Never judge a book by its cover! The site may look good, but we know for a fact that it is knocked together like a good film prepping up for its next Oscar. As an innocent day-trader, it would be you to pay the expensive ticket for this particular movie!

We hereby declare My First Online Payday System as Scam having established that there is only a cosmetic arrangement to it.

If you have fallen victim to this scam or similar scam, we encourage you to leave a comment and share your experience. There is no shame in admitting that you have been scammed. Your experience if shared may help others to avoid falling into the same trap.

If you were looking at My First Online Payday as a source to supplement your income, we are very sad to disappoint you. Binary Options Trading, is not just a push button trading system, where you deposit $250 and you wake up to untold millions. Trading requires some skill and dexterity. It requires a commitment to some education. This is why we recommend that get a FREE DEMO Account and practice trading before making a commitment.

We also recommend that you do your due diligence and check out software systems which have been tried and tested by real traders and not by bogus actors. Our recommendation would be to visit our updated review on the Copy Buffett Software. We have been using this software for a couple of weeks with consistent positive trading results. Copy Buffett Software is not a system which claims to make you rich overnight, but it is a verified system of supplementing your trading profits.



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