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Nasdaq Inside Trader Review

Nasdaq Inside Trader Review


 Scam Alert : Nasdaq Inside Trader Scam Review

Nasdaq Inside Trader is scraping off the back of the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. It is merely picking on the name to give you an impression of association by default. Do not for a minute believe that there is any connection between the two.

Nasdaq Inside Trader software is a new binary options scam. This App is being used as bait to attract new victims into depositing their hard earned cash with scam binary brokers. Please take time to read this comprehensive scam review and find out how we confirmed our original suspicions of scam. This is a scam alert. Please read carefully.

Nasdaq Inside Trader Scam Review

The official website under investigation for scam is

The Nasdaq Inside Trader system is presented to us by the bogus Alex Steele. Because we are expert investigators we have unveiled a number of scamming factors. Starting with false information, and twisted facts that lead day-traders to believe that this is the best binary options strategy to use.

If you are a newbie, you are the best target for scam like the Nasdaq Inside Trader.
You may be asking, why is that so? The reason is very simple. The sales video is planned to be credible enough to entice you to subscribe to the software. Thereby, leading you to a scam broker. The broker will in turn convince you that you need a financial expert who will train you to trade better – given that you are new to the binary options world.

Comprehensively, this will lead the broker to ask you for more capital investment, since you will now have your dedicated manager. The rest of the story is the sad scam history. Your capital is quickly fizzled out by wrong or bad advice. You will not even be sure how you lost this money. Was it because your capital was traded off by the broker or because you made the wrong choices?

It may take you a while to understand this. However, your capital will be lost. Nasdaq Inside Trader is nothing but a scam funnel to lead you across to the broker and expose you to bigger financial risk than you will originally contemplate to expend.

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Nasdaq Inside Trader – Nothing but a Money Wasting Scam

Do not for a minute believe that you will be cashing in on $180,000 a month by using this scam system. In our recent post about “How to Choose The Best Trading Software” we went into great detail to expose the red flags that should alert you about scam systems.

Promises to unrealistic gains, are just one of the scam aspects you need to be aware of. There is no way that you will be able to make $9k a day on a deposit of $250. This is totally impossible. Finding the right trade set-up is not a joke, and the opportunities present themselves several times a day. However, there is no question; that excellent trade opportunity are not available like sand grains on a beach!

Therefore if you are thinking that you will be making money trading with the Nasdaq Inside Trader software, think again and run a mile. One factor that is notable, is that there have been complaints milling in about traders losing their capital with this system.

Furthermore, credible sites like the have come to the same conclusion that Nasdaq is Scam. This is further verified by a number of other sites. Trust us, this software is not the goose that lays the golden egg. No matter how convincing they may sound, they are scam.nasdaq inside trader scam alert

$2000 Cash Giveaway is Nothing but a Bonus Trap

There is no such thing as “free money” in life. The offer that Alex Steele is making you, is nothing but a trap to lock up your capital. The incentive or motivation to subscribe will soon turn into a harsh reality and a dangerous one at that.

This is how the trap works. You become attracted to the idea of taking this one time opportunity. You then subscribe to the software. Once you are led to deposit with the broker, you will immediately receive a call, and you will be asked to up your deposit from $250 to $2000 – and once you do that the broker will hand over a further $2000 for trading. The “catch” in accepting this “bonus” as it is known is never clearly explained. You happily deposit your hard earned cash in order to “double” it up, but you will not realize that you have just led yourself into a LOCKED account.

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Implications of Accepting a Bonus from a Broker Explained!

Although receiving a bonus from a broker is a legitimate offer, however it is also a death trap. Your account is locked until you trade at least the value of your capital and bonus for 30 or 40 times. The number of times differs from broker to broker but it is never less than 30 times. In such a case you would need to trade $120,000 before you can touch your capital and any profits made. At $25 per trade you would need to take 4800 trades. You can rest assured, that by that time, your capital and bonus will have disappeared.

During the time that you are trading you will have realized that Nasdaq Inside Trader is a complete scam. However, at that point you will not even be able to retrieve any of your original capital. The reason being that you will be locked in the bonus contract with the broker. Very smart, very attractive but very dangerous offer. Worth noting.nasdaq inside trader scam alert

Nasdaq Inside Trader Fake Testimonials

If you never heard of the website called Fiverr – it is time that you know about it. Mind you, Fiverr site is a completely legit site. However the people selling their pitches, will do anything for $5. In this case, we have testimonials given by people who are swearing that they have made untold profits with the Nasdaq Inside trader for a $5 fee! Here is one of the testimonials being purchased from Fiverr who swears that his life changed when he joined Nasdaq Inside Trader system. Yeah right! By Exactly $5!

If that is not enough, the other testimonials are all stock photos and stolen images. There is more evidence of this below. There is nothing worse that being made to believe that others are really making money with scam, only to find out that none of it is true. This is all manipulated information.

nasdaq inside trader scam alert

Is Nasdaq Inside Trader a Scam?

Absolutely yes and yes again. Do not go away with the belief that there are 8423 users that are currently using the Nasdaq Inside trader App. There is nothing like $6k to be made in the next hours. This is just a message to get your endorphins working overtime.

You will realize that the reviews made are all scripted. Evidence of that is the photo from Fiverr above. There is no such thing as 8423 users on the site. The statistics do not add up at all. These are not real beta testers that we are dealing with, but further paid scam.

nasdaq inside trader scam alert

Binary Option Sheriff Final Thoughts

If you are looking to make money online trading binary options, we regret to tell you that the Nasdaq Inside Trader will leave you empty handed. Claims and promises of outrageous gains should always be the first warning sign of scam. The rest of the tempered evidence like paid testimonials only compounds the gravity of false information. Nasdaq Inside Trader will join a long list of scams in our BLACKLIST PAGE!

Verdict: Nasdaq Inside Trader is Scam – Stay Away

Thank you for taking time to read this review. Stay tuned for more information and trading tips by subscribing to this blog. Our YouTube Channel is a source of education and live trading tips, which you should also not miss.

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