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NEO2 by Michael Freeman A Scam review

NEO2 by Michael Freeman A Scam review


NEO2 called Neo Squared is developed by Michael Freeman along with a team of specialists. Freeman is a legend in terms of binary options trading. The original Mike’s Auto trader enjoyed uninterrupted success for almost two years. In this impartial review we are going to evaluate how the genius developer has now come up with a new revised version of the old auto trader. The new software system promises to be synched with even better brokers, and will support more countries globally.

Whereas previously Mike’s Auto Trader was merely a signal software system and therefore the name was somewhat misleading, the Neo 2 software has a proper automatic trading feature, always ideal for beginners in trading.

The algorithm, which generates signals has also been scientifically engineered to produce signals with a higher rate of success. In this detailed review we shall be examining various features of this automatic trading robot going by the name of Neo 2 aka Neo Squared

Website under Investigation

Is Neo2 Auto Trader Scam? Detailed review.

In a binary options industry, which is rife with scam phonies, actors, comedians, and bogus personalities, it is refreshing to find a real persona who puts his face and name to his own development.

Not only are we not dealing with a fictitious or counterfeit personality here, but in fact we are dealing with a binary options celebrity. Michael Freeman is a trading guru with a You Tube Channel with over 20,000 subscribers and a closed trading group on Facebook with over 6000 subscribers. This group runs at an 80% In The Money success rate. Nothing could be further away than a cheap actor engaged to present a software system, which will scam you of your capital. Michael Freeman is the real deal.Neo2

NEO2 Software – An Introduction to the Team

Although Michael Freeman is probably the celebrity in the Team for NEO2, the auto trader is actually a combined effort of 4 very talented individuals.

  1. Dr Jack Piers PhD is the founder of NEO2. As a climate forecasting expert, Jack Piers measures the effect of climate change on the impact it has on earth and the price of commodities.
  2. Amit Gupta is the Lead Programmer and President for NEO2. Using the creative ideas of Jack Piers and the trading expertise of Michael Freeman, Gupta, an expert in programming skills, designed the software system.
  3. William Van Loon is the CFO for Neo2 and in layman’s terms the nice guy who financed the development of the software. He is also the project developer for the fascinating enterprise
  4. Michael Freeman is the top algorithm analyst and binary options superstar that has been introduced earlier.NEO2NEO2NEO2NEO2

How does NEO 2 aka Neo Squared work? Is NEO2 Legit? Review Details

The beauty of Neo2 square software is that it has combined expertise as detailed in the review above, of people in different sphere and produced a system that is dead easy to operate even for new traders.

The scientific effect of Solar Trading (Jack Piers), is combined with the price analysis of commodities (Michael Freeman) and is translated into a simple software (Amit Gupta) which will trade automatically on behalf of a day trader, and transmit strong signals for other traders who wish to trade manually.

The control panel for NEO2 squared has three functions.

  1. The NEO2 squared synch button which activates the solar tracker
  2. The Trade Algo button which activates the automated trading setting
  3. The Start Now button which enables a trader to switch on or switch off the auto trader.NEO2

Will day traders make money using NEO2 Software System?

This is a relevant question, which all day traders, who are aware of scam systems ask! In this review we analyze the technical properties of the new Neo2 squared vis-à-vis the original Mike’s Auto Trader and will also explain our trading experience with the software.

NEO2 Bot review details – Fact 1 Technical Information

In our original review for the Mike’s Auto Trader we had clearly pointed out that the name may have been somewhat misleading. Mike’s Auto Trader was a semi-automated signal software. It generated a number of signals, and had a very elaborate interface, however it did not execute trades automatically on behalf of the trader. This meant that a binary options trader had to manually execute the trades based on the signals generated by the software.

The new version of the Neo 2 trading system is now both a fully automated binary options trading software, meaning it can operate hands free, as well as a signal software system. Newbies, or new traders, who have no idea how to use a binary options platform will find the new additional features of the Mike’s AT 2.0 App a welcome enhancement over the previous Bot. The software is web based and therefore does not require download. The automatic trader will simply be synched to the Broker, which is on rotation in your geographical area. Once you fund your account, you are set to go.

Common Questions Subscribers ask about the Neo 2 auto trader.

Sheriff’s review details

Do I have to open a new account if I already have the original Mike’s Auto Trader? The answer is yes. You will need to subscribe with a new account that will be synched with whichever broker is servicing your area.

Remember that brokers are on a rotation, and if for some reason you are not happy with the broker that you have been allocated, then you can drop us an email on the subscription form on our site, and we can guide you on steps to take to get a new broker.

Your account will need to be funded with a minimum of $250, which will be the available capital on your broker account to trade with. As such, technically the software by Michael Freeman is free. Trades will be at a minimum of $25 per trade.

Can I subscribe to Neo 2 software if I live anywhere in the world?

In our review details, we have discovered that whereas Mike’s Auto trader had some technical issues with areas like the U.S, the revised Neo 2 will be available in the US (although not with Nadex!). The only country marked for exclusion sadly and this is only because no decent broker is available in the area is Africa. The Neo 2 auto trader South Africa on the other hand is also

Available in south Africa.

What is the cost of the new Neo 2 software system?

The cost of Neo 2 is $7900. However shocking this may sound, a good software that delivers good results has a hefty price. HOWEVER, since we are in the first hours of the launch of this auto trader, the developers have WAIVED this annual fee for a few weeks until they acquire the merited recognition and positive reviews to help them make it on the business. We do not have any information for how long the software will be available for free.

How to subscribe to NEO2 Software

  1. Clear your browser from old cookies. If not sure how click HERE. This will give you a much better browsing experience.
  2. Watch the Video Information about Neo2 HERE
  3. Enter your name and email address
  4. You are then transferred to the subscription page where you are requested to fill in your legitimate details such as address and telephone number. These need to be correct as later you must verify them with your assigned broker.
  5. Do your due diligence about your synched broker and if you are satisfied fund your account. Minimum deposits are for $250
  6. The software will download automatically.
  7. You may choose to operate on auto pilot by activating the three feature buttons we have described earlier, or you may use the NEO2 as a signal software and operate it manually.
  8. If you opt for auto-trading, check out the Economic Calendar for any important news announcements. If no major crisis is on the horizon, just sit back, relax and let the automatic trader NEO2 Do the job for you.NEO2

Conclusion and Verdict for the NEO2 Software system

In our review we are relieved to note that the video presentation for NEO 2 is free of false actors, fake widgets, and pressure tactics. No false timers and limited slots for subscription. What you see if what you get, an exciting system that is revolutionary.

We have been testing out the software ourselves, and will be posting our statistics and results for NEO 2 shortly. In the few days that we have been testing the software, we are happy to confirm the results claimed by the developers of 80% success rate. NEO2 is a simple to use push button software system.

NEO2 is a legitimate Auto Trader and Signal Software. It is NOT A SCAM SYSTEM

Thank you for taking time to read The Sheriff’s Review. If you have any difficulties with subscribing to Neo2, you can contact us on the subscription form or contact the developers direct on It is a very pleasant relief to have a credible support line for a software system.

New to Trading?

We recommend that you visit our Sheriff University and get plenty of free information about trading binary options. You may also trade using a FREE DEMO and practice safe trading whilst learning. Contact us if you need any help with learning trading. We encourage social trading following expert analysts and traders. If interested in learning more about Social Trading drop us a comment below



  1. Thanks for the Neo2 Review Sheriff! This one looks really good, I just registered an account and switched it on. I know you say to always check the calendar, and I have done that and will follow it. I am really excited about this one. I will keep you posted on my results with Neo2.

  2. I’ve been trading with NEO2 since April 27, 2016. So far the results with this system are not very encouraging.
    The system has only taken 21 positions in 8 days of trading, 11 OTM and 10 ITM.
    Can anyone tell me why the NEO2 program only gives me 3 positions per day?
    My trade volume is set at 25, the Strength Above 90 and the “Risk” at 10.
    I really want this to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Andre B
      If you want more positions you must set the strength at 80% or 75% BUT YOU MUST decrease your RISK because 10 is too high unless you have a big capital !!!!! BUT anyway , it’s still dangerous !!!
      At the beginning ; set the RISK at 1 or 2 and after , following the number of trades that you get you will see if you want to increase the risk at 3 or 4 or more !!! lol .
      BUT BEFORE ALL OF THESE THINGS ==> Many traders recommend to trade between 9am-7pm (GMT) , so if you are gmt+2 or gmt+3 etc… do your calculations to find your time .
      I hope that you will help Andre B. . 🙂

  3. Hi guys I’m based in Australia. I’m a bit confused as I have never traded before, when you register and fund your account
    1. Are you automatically linked to a trader ?
    2. Do you select from a list ?
    Which ever way how do you know that this trader can be trusted, & does that trader help you to activate the auto trade system, thanks.

    1. 1. yes
      2. do do so you need to register few times until you are linked with the broker that you desire

  4. When I signed up with Neo2 I was assigned to Porter Finance.

    But in the Porter Finance Terms and Conditions (#17) it states:

    “17. Automatic Trading Mechanisms: Automatic trading mechanisms, including external execution systems, non-authorized Automatic and semi automatic trading mechanisms integrated by a trader are considered to be abuse. Using these systems on an internet browser without human execution is illegal and may result in position cancellation and/or account suspension. Positions that were taken via automatic trading mechanisms are considered off market transactions and will therefore be cancelled.”

    These Terms and Conditions for auto trading are mentioned in the Terms and Conditions of several Binary Options brokers (check Terms and Conditions #17 – #21 area).

    Maybe it is a new addition to the Terms and Conditions of many Binary Options brokers since some auto trade software have been too profitable…unless Neo2 is “authorized” to be used with Porter Finance?

    But why would a Binary Options broker authorize a software that makes consistent wins if the broker loses money when you win….unless somehow the broker is paid a fee by the software vendor for allowing the software to be used?

    Anyone know?

    1. It’s fine to use automatic trading if it is from a recognized provider such as Neo2, but you can’t build your own and use it.

    2. Thank you Ed this explains why my auto trade button doesn’t work on porter finance. I am less than impressed with porter finance (understatement of the year) Does anyone know of a broker that the auto trade feature works with?

  5. When I try to add funds to NEO2 it will not give me any other options than Morton Finance but before the broker popup occurs there is an option to change brokers. I would prefer to use NADEX as recommended but I am not given that option. Have you heard anything about these guys?

    1. you will not get nadex with neo2, nadir is completely different platform, you can use NEO2 signals though.

    2. My experience with Morton Finance and Neo2 auto trade is that for some reason, the synch did not work right but ALWAYS DID THE SAME ASSET AND THE SAME TIME of 60 sec. till I lost money every day for 3 days – (45%.) I am in Hawaii, USA. I noticed that Most of the success with Neo2 comes from UK. In Morton’s Terms and conditions, (18.2) says plainly that you are not allowed to use auto or semi auto on the Morton platform in lieu of your personal interaction… Or we “will consider your activity system abuse and we will nullify your position or cancel your acct with Morton Finance”.

      1. it means only that you can’t write your own auto trading system and use with with broker’s platform.

  6. How can you get the NEO2 signals if you are with Nadex? They won’t let you into the site unless you sign up with one of there preferred brokers, which I don’t really want to do.

    1. You have to deposit min amount with any of proposed brokers. Nadex has different platform and it’s not working with auto traders. But you can use NEO2 signals.

  7. What is the best strength, risk and trading volume settings to employ for maximum trades? I have joined for almost a week now and no trades using the auto trader. What is going on? Am I missing something?

  8. I was assigned to tradorax but have read some really nasty things about their policies and practices when it comes to withdrawals. I live in Denver, CO USA and really want to use new but would like to stay far far away from tradorax. I’ve tried to delete cookies and signed up with multiple email accounts in an attempt to obtain a different broker but no luck. Please help, any instructions would be supremely appreciated.

  9. Hi
    I’m based in Aus, I’ve signed up to Neo2 and created an OptionBit account added with $250AUD. I can see my added funds in OptionBit but when I log into the Neo App link – I see no broker name and no balance. What should I do? I’ve contacted Neo2 support but awaiting a response. thanks Dan

  10. Hi, can anyone tell me what strength and risk means at NEO2? What is the set-up to get the maximum of trades?
    I get every 2 to 4 hours one trade unless I shut down the site and restart it. All the trades I get since I joined one week ago are only with the asset EUR/USD. Is this normal?

  11. With the Autopilot of NEO2 i can’t choose the asset. Automatically I get only 1 trade exactly every 2 hours with EUR/USD. Even if I put the risk up to 10 I don’t get more trades. They say you can earn 125 USD per hour put with 1 trade every 2 hours it’s not possible. I can’t get any answer form the support. I don’t know how to solve this problem.

  12. 1. Can i use neo2 in south africa?
    2. Can i use my neo2 with my topoption or they will assign me with another company?
    3. The $7500 will i pay it once or monthly still using their services?
    Thank u

    1. Hi,
      1. Yes you can use neo2 in South Africa
      2. No you have to open new account
      3. no, it hasn’t been charged to anyone in the end. Maybe it was just a marketing plan. But it’s still for free.


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