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Neo2 Software Live Trading Results

Neo2 Software Live Trading Results


Neo2 Software system real time live testing with 75% ITM. 12 consecutive trades. Results cannot be disputed. Neo2 is the innovative new binary options trading software by Michael Freeman & Co with accurate signals. Neo2 App is 100% Scam Free.

NEO2 Software aka NEO Squared Software is a revolutionary App – Full Review

In the Sheriff’s introduction to Neo2 Scam review we had an overview of the new binary options Neo2 auto trader and signal software. The system, developed by the top analyst Michael Freeman of Mike’s Binary Option Channel on You Tube with 20,000 subscribers together with a team of other professionals including Dr Jack Piers, a solar specialist who designed latent tracking of signals to earth.Neo2

Is Neo2 Software Scam or Legit?

Since there are no bogus actors or fancy cars and claims to instant millions, we had concluded in our original review about Neo2 software,  that the threat of scam could be eliminated. Neo2 App is in fact legitimate software being proposed to the binary options industry as a tool for profitable trading. The reliability and authenticity of its origin have lent it our initial endorsement.

As always the proof of the pudding is in eating eat. At Binary Option Sheriff, we never fully accredit a software unless we authenticate it, with a live trading session for our subscribers to watch. Only verification of the Neo2 software will motivate us to propose it to day traders.

We are pleased to note that in our live trading session of 12 consecutive trades, that we had 9 wins and 3 losses.

In-depth Analysis of Trading Session with the Neo2 Software App

Our choice of trading, has always been manual trading over auto-trading. Using Neo2 as a signal software, and approving the signals against both the Economic Calendar and charting software, has proven that the signals generated by the Neo2 Software App are the closest to accuracy that you can get with any trading tool.

Results from The Live Trading Session using the Neo2 software system.

The first five consecutive trades taken from the signals generated with Neo2 software were a 100% success. It is noted during the trading session, that the stronger signals should be taken as close as possible to the time that they are generated. The trades should have an expiry no longer than 15 minutes from the initial time that the signal is generated.

Step by Step guide live 12 consecutive trades with Neo 2 signal software.

The binary options trading platform that we preferred to use for trading the signals emitted by the Neo2 Software App is Porter Finance. The reason is clearly evident from the fact, that the trading platform is smooth and easy to operate, without glitches. Trades are taken in real time, and the graphics showing the trade progress are easy to follow.porter-finance-logo1

Before starting our trading session, we checked the Economic Calendar from the Forex Factory site, and also opened candlestick charts on the NetDania Charting station. A note of caution to NetDania users. Use the station on Safari or Firefox as their charts are not supported by Chrome.

The first trading signals generated by the Neo2 software, were taken at 12.51 pm on Thursday 28th April after checking the economic calendar. The trading session was clear of any volatility due to any impending Economic updates. To check the Economic Calendar we used Forex Factory

The first five consecutive trades taken were all successful giving it a 100% success rate.   However, we needed to evaluate further by taken additional trades.   Next set of expiry saw our trading results with 7 Trades of which 6 were ITM and 1 was OTM. Final set of 5 Trades were 3 ITM and 2 OTM! Total trades taken 12 Trades of which 3 were OTM and 9 ITM. A 75% success rate.

It should be noted that in two particular cases, taking the trades was not very advisable, and Mariella our analyst taking the trades noted that the risk level was already very high. This was because the signals were already close to expiring. In these two cases, one of the signals ended positively and another ended negatively. The risk was calculated.Neo2 Software

How Does Neo Square Software Work?

The sophisticated satellites data which are tracking solar changes, transform the information about changes in the behavior of commodities into a trading process. It may sound far-fetched, but the analogy is very simple. Example if there is a severe drought, the price of wheat will definitely rise, due to its potential scarcity. This is an over simplified correlation however it explains the real behaviour of commodities and hence the currencies by which the commodities are purchased.

The undeniable advantage of the Neo squared system is that the tracking devices transmit information days in advance on how the global market will change its behavior. Such observance translates into the trading process.NEO2 software

What is the Cost of Neo2 Software

Dr Jack Piers advises in the presentation video to his binary options invention, that the scope of the Neo2 software is to be accessible to ordinary people who want to trade online and make a profit. At no point is anyone promised to become a millionaire overnight. The software for the Neo2 robot is free for a limited period of time until it acquires the recognition it deserves. Later – and so far we do not have any information when – the software will be sold at a cost.

How to Sign Up and Profit with the Neo2 Software

The following steps need to be completed in order to start using this binary trading system.

  • Sign Up for FREE: Create your personal account by giving your name and surname and a valid email address. This will lead you to the broker which is synched in your Geographical area.
  • Software is automatically downloaded on your platform. You may choose to profit using the Automatic Trading system by activating the software and starting it using the Start Now button or else you can choose to use the software as a Signal Software. This is our endorsed recommendation.
  • Trade and Profit using the Neo2 system with a minimum success rate of 75%.
  • Withdraw your profits. Once you have verified your account with the broker, we recommend that you withdraw your profits when these are as much as your invested capital and start trading all over again.

Final Conclusion for live trading session with Neo2 Software aka Neo squared

The claims that binary options traders can use the Neo2 software system as a trading tool to profit $400 per day with a minimum deposit of $250 are not far fetched or scam. In our session we have engaged €300 in 12 x €25 trades and earned €100 in 32 minutes of trading. We consider this to be a very satisfactory result.

Thank you for taking time to read The Sheriff’s Trading update and review. If you have any difficulties with subscribing to Neo2, you can contact us on the subscription form or contact the developers direct on It is a very pleasant relief to have a credible support line for a software system.

New to Trading?

We recommend that you visit our Sheriff University and get plenty of free information about trading binary options. You may also trade using a FREE DEMO and practice safe trading whilst learning. Contact us if you need any help with learning trading. We encourage social trading following expert analysts and traders. If interested in learning more about Social Trading drop us a comment below



  1. I really like your review that you had posted today. Yes, i have already registered with Neo2 and I was given “Binary Book” as the trader. I have not heard of them and just wanted to know, is it ok to register with them.

    Going through your video, i did learn quite a lot of tip that you have given me as a newbie. So far I have been losing money, and hopefully with your tips and Neo2, I can start changing the tables.

    Thank you very much for your honest review on Neo2.

    God bless……………

  2. Do you know what brokers are available. I live in Australia. I was able to choose Banc de Binary with BinAdroid.

  3. Hi. What is your reason for advising that you withdraw your profits when they reach the same as the amount invested? I would have thought that by leaving the profits in the account, you could expect an increasingly exponential growth.

    This is for example illustrated by the chart shown in of allegedly the first 14 days of Neo2 CFO’s investment which. it is claimed. convinced him to join the Neo2 team.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    1. Good question. It is a safe strategy that we like to use with Brokers. Not all brokers are safe, and accumulating a large balance could potentially expose you to risk. Trying out your first withdrawal will make it clear whether you are safe to have the exponential growth described in the review you mention

  4. I’ve traded manually with Neo2 signals, just trading the top signal. I’m losing way more than I’m winning. I’m trading with expiry coinciding with the signal ending and getting in the trade as quickly as I can. Am I doing something wrong or is Neo2 not that great….

    1. hi, we don’t know what you are doing exactly so it’s hard to advise. Pls contact us by email and describe it in details so we can help.

    2. Well, I’ve found that the same has been happening to my account as to Jim’s.

      Over a period of 48 hours, I’ve been testing the AutoTrader function and instead of getting 80% wins I’ve been getting 70% losses LOL, and the capital value of my broker account has consequently diminished by 35%!

      It seems strange that all the auto-generated trades so far have been currency pairs, and this over short periods of 15 minutes to 1 hour. And yet the strong point claimed for this app is the solar and lunar effect on long-range weather conditions. I find it mighty difficult to figure how very short-term volatility of currencies can be affected by these long-term solar and lunar parameters? Four of the trades were even put and call pairs on the same currency pair and over the same time-period which, if I understand, is guaranteed to generate a loss.

      Any thoughts on the above?

  5. Thanks for the reply.

    Yes, since posting my question I’ve been doing a bit of internet research and I’ve discovered that some have a policy of making it extremely difficult to withdraw your money from them when you want it. So then I understood your reasoning. Speaking of which, Neo2 have assigned me to Bloombex Options and I’m a bit alarmed by some of the posts I have seen from people regarding exactly this point. What is your opinion of them? I notice that most YouTube Reviewers of Neo2 seem to have an account with UKOptions.

    1. Yes we got UK Options but actually traded on Porter Finance as they are better brokers. Bloombex are not considered bad brokers but best do your due diligence

  6. Interesting that you deleted my post reporting very negative results from my autotrading sessions with Neo2 AutoTrader (35% of my capital investment was lost in just 48 hours) and asking the question why, given its claims that its uniqueness lies in its ability to correlate solar and lunar effects on the weather to the price of commodities, 100% of those autotrades were on the micro-volatility of extremely short-term currency pairs. I thought this experience was worth reporting:

    Why did you think it was worth deleting??

    1. hi guys
      joined Neo2 and was assigned Bloombex i should say i lost fare bit of money ,i am from australia went with time made sure my risk where controlled..but when i looked at reviews they all where so great…but why it did not work for me it traded more loosing trade then winning trade.

    2. Hi Keith,

      Same thing happened to me with my 1st 2 trades on Neo2. Got a signal for call on CAC then a put on CAC. Could have lost $50 but luckily only lost $7. Not impressed so far but will persevere a little.

  7. What broker usually is assigned for US Traders and how do they verify your account? I’m concerned about information security of personal information.

  8. Hello, I enjoy your Videos. And their Content. The reason of this Mail is about the Full Lenght of the Neo2 Signal and The time of maybe the Cutoff time. Yes I Have been scammed on several times and I really would like this to stop. I am what you might Call a Newbie. Altho I have been trying to trade for several Months Now.
    I really am Praying that this auto is good for me. Not like the CopyBuffet Which let me down Badly on 2 Terms. But I really think that was down to the Broker that I got (UKoptions).
    But since then I have had news that the Signals are Very much out and Need to have work on them Before any trades are Made.
    Thank You.
    John Ryan

    1. when registering with an autotrader always check:
      – if the broker you are assigned with is regulated
      – better use manual trading
      – autotrading doesn’t guarantee only profits…and for everyone.

  9. Hi Sheriff,
    Just a few questions – Any recent updates on performance of Copy Buffett? Is Neo2 felt to be a superior auto trader when compared to Copy Buffet? Lastly, I am curious as to why Banc de Binary is still listed on your site as a trusted broker, given all the complaints from so many traders and given the fact that they have been recently cited in a class action lawsuit (along with Titan Trade, Ivory Options and a few others) that was filed in London and will go to trial in September 2016.

    1. Neo2 is the newst app, perfect for signals provider. In Europe, Banc de Binary is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, which allows it to offer its products and services throughout the European Union. Lawsuit is about accepting U.S. traders.

    1. with neo2 you will be assigned with broker according to your geocloation so it means you get the broker that works best in your region

  10. There are only 10 types of people in the world; those who understand binary and those who don`t
    People have lost so much in binary options, that is; Traders have failed to withdraw profits made from binary options, failed to use the right strategies when needed, failed to engage with the right broker, not giving their trade a break, also having too many trading accounts which is one of the cause of their lost of funds, deposits of too low or too high amount of funds and most especially, not being able to present the full history of their trade when trying to withdraw their profits.
    If you are out there and having problems such as these or you are a beginner, or for a good reason need to raise your standard of living or you have been scammed or you have problems withdrawing profits made from your recent trades, contact me on

  11. Hi Mariella , can explain to me how you use the economic calendar? i know you avoid high impact news but should i avoid currency which have medium or low impact news as well? For example if the calendar shows there is medium impact news for USD currency should i avoid all currencies paired with USD? Finally how long before or after major news do you start trading?

  12. Hi Sheriff after extensive losses with Binary Robots ,i decided to concentrate on NEO2.
    Being following results for a month now,i need to know if it is safe to risk my money.
    I live in South Africa.

  13. Thank you Binaryoptionsheriff for your informative article on Neo2. I am new to all this. I have just joined and am assigned Securedoptions as a broker. I live in New Zealand. My Neo2 is telling me the best time to trade is from 9am to 7pm UTC which is the middle of the night in NZ. Which is a better broker for me and how I can switch please? Thank you!


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