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Obcasio Review Binary Scam

Obcasio Review Binary Scam


Obcasio software is a new binary options scam which is going viral. Obcasio scam review in detail.

Obcasio System Makes You Rich? Rich Scam

Obcasio Software results by Michael Watson are FAKE. We are not going to mince words in this Obcasio Scam Review. This is a direct and stern warning. Obcasio is not safe for your capital. If you are a new trader, this is a binary alert on scam viral systems. Make sure to read this detailed and transparent review, and ensure to keep your money safe.

obcasio-logoWebsite under Investigation for Scam Obcasio.Co

If you are looking to make money online, trading with binary robots, and wish to get a detailed Obcasio review, you have landed on the right page. Obcasio software is a new scam which is spreading over the internet like wild fire. It is a true and proper swindle, despite the fact that it is presented well by the alleged Michael Watson. Read on this transparent Obcasio app review, and understand how you can be lured into a web a lies.

Obcasio Bot is be aggressively promoted by a bunch of scammers. Despite the fact that it may appeal to you as a new trader, it is a very dangerous system. The software is being offered to you for free. But is Obcassio FREE? The system is being illustrated as your salvation from wallowing poverty. If you really believe that you can make $2k every single day, from a deposit of $250, on a free app, you should listen to your inner niggling doubts. So you are probably having some wresting with your conscience, as to whether to invest with the Obcassio system, or buy your kids something nice for Christmas. Save yourself the tangle, and keep your money safe. Feed yourself on your capital, and do not feed it to these hungry wolves, who cannot wait to get their dirty hands on your cash.

Today’s website is our focus of investigation. What we found out about the Obcasio robot, will leave you relieved that you saved your capital, for better channels.

Why is Obcasio a Scam?

If underground dealings, and exposing one of the greatest scams being promoted on the industry, are what we need to deal with, then consider it done.

The scope of this Obcasio review is to alert new traders, who are the target for this scam. The reason for which we are writing this review, is that we are constantly scanning the internet market, to find excellent avenues, to recommend to our subscribers, for optimal trading results. What we come across in the process, is sadly dangerous systems like the Obcasio software.

You are probably asking, why is the Sheriff so adamant that the Obcasio software is a scam? For starters, there is no legitimate system which will make you $10,000 or even $100,000 per day, as the Obcasio systems tantalizes you to make. This is a complete and big fraud.

We use software systems, which are legitimate, and which help you make money online, but we struggle to make more than $300 to $500 a day. And that is not bad money. The trading industry is full of opportunities, but we have to be realistic. The capital and risk/reward ratio, must be relative. Therefore, from an investment of $250, you can expect to make $300 a day, but you cannot expect to make $10,000 a day!


Robots like Obcasio, are doomed to fail because they cannot detect volatility which rises from market sentiment. Scam systems are not coded in a way to react to market forces. Actually, by being slow to react, they take trades, which are opposite the market direction, and which will gradually kill your account.

We recommend that you stay safe and invest in systems such as Code Fibo, which is regularized with an upgraded software, and make decent money. There are no promises of crazy money on a system which is truly based on the Fibonacci golden rule.

Watch this video with live trading using Code Fibo software

Michael Watson – owner and CEO of Obcasio is a JOKE

We have recently presented several similar viral scams as the Obcasio software. Although we concede that real geeks, who write complicated and legitimate software systems, are usually too shy to appear in front of a camera, we cannot condone fake actors who present themselves as the gurus behind money-making apps, which are in fact intended to defraud you.

Michael Watson of Obcasio system is no exception to the scam rules. He claims to be a multi-millionaire, who has discovered how to have winning trades using his binary options creation.


We have scouted all the Internet, to find information about Michael Watson. We contacted Forbes magazine, because of his claims to have been featured there.


The only Mike Watson they could come up with is the Head of IBM, and as you may see from the evidence below, looks nothing like Michael Watson of the fake Obcasio system.

Other searches on the web, for the alleged self-made millionaire Michael Watson, all draw a big blank. Now you may ask, why is the identity of Watson so crucial in this Obcasio review. Well, the answer is very simple. How do you feel about trusting your cash to unknown quantities? If the real developers need to hide their identity behind a fake name, and a cheap actor, it makes us wonder, why they would want to do that. The answer is very simple. There is no transparency. This is a fraud game. Once you subscribe to Obcasio, and your cash is gone, there is no-one that you can really refer to, or make your claims with. You will only be led into a dark tunnel of scam brokers, who will only encourage you to deposit more cash in order to recover your losses. This is a standard scam formula. Be warned. If you have lost with Obcasio formula, do not throw good money after bad.

Obcasio – Fake Reviews and Pressure Tactics

The Members’ reviews being presented to us, would normally be the key element, to convince anyone of the authenticity of Obcasio . However, in this case the reviews are tempered with. They are just written by whoever is really behind this software, and presented to us with a number of images of stock photos. These are not real traders that we are looking at! These are stock images and Fiverr actors, who have been pulled out of the drawer for the Obcasio scam show.

Do not for a moment believe that there are only limited spaces available to gain the Free Access. This is yet another pressure tactic which is devised to create false urgency and get you to sign=up with Obcasio as quick as possible. It is a fake counter.

How Does Obcasio Scam Work?

Obcasio works exactly in the opposite direction that it professes to make you your profits.

The software is allegedly super powerful and is based on executing high speed trades.

Our experience with the software was completely the other way round. Having tried and tested the software, we realized that the Obcasio system is extremely slow and latent, and will execute very few trades per day. The real win/loss ratio was as follows:

Day 1: 6 Trades – 2 Wins 4 Losses

Day 2:   4 Trades – 1 Win 3 Losses

Day 3: 5 Trades – 3 Losses 1 Win

Day 4: Software disactivated

From our results we started off with a capital of $250 on Day 1 and ended up with a balance of $83. A very expensive exercise used to check whether Obcasio system is legit or scam.

All the live trading accounts which we are seeing on the sales video are therefore voided and declared as fake.

Sheriff’s Final Thoughts on Obcasio Binary Trading

There is no doubt that Obcasio.Co is a scam site. The information found in it is manipulated and false. Unfortunately this is just one of the many scams that we have recently exposed, and which you are warned to stay away from from.

Similar viral scams include The Orion Code, the Gemini 2 code, The Dubai Lifestyle and many more.

Obcasio is Verified Scam

>>> Proceed to safety<<<


Can you Make Money Trading Binary Options?

It is only natural to ask, whether despite this scam review, if there is any money to be made trading binary options. The answer is yes, you can make money trading binary. However, there are 3 key elements that you need to have:

  1. Get a Legitimate broker. Pick a broker that will also offer you a practice account or demo account. Do not be in a rush to trade your hard earned cash. Try trading with “play money” until you are familiar with the platform and with earning with trading binary.
  2. Get a FREE EDUCATION. Binary Option Sheriff offers you this unique opportunity of having access to “The Secret Trader”. This is an E-book and online trading course which is full of visualised materials which teach new traders how to profit with binary options.
  3. Use legitimate trading software systems for additional help. Every skilled worker needs tools. Arm yourself with the best indicators, which have been tried and tested.

Systems such as CopyBuffett, CodeFibo and SnapCash, have now been around for a couple of months, and have been proved to work effectively. We invite you to scan youtube for results. You will find many traders who are doing live trading sessions using these systems with proven results.

Remember to subscribe to this channel as well as our YouTube Channel and Facebook for regular updates.

Finally, last but not least. If you have been scammed, drop a remark or contact us via email. Your input is invaluable, and may help other traders avoid falling for the same scam.




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