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Orion Code Review – Dangerous Scam

Orion Code Review – Dangerous Scam


Orion Code Software by Edward Robinson will go straight in our BLACKLIST SCAMS.  This review will expose the crooks who have limitless budgets to set up traps for innocent victims. The Orion Code System is a copy-cat system of older scams.  Behind the scene, the developers of this software are probably the same people who have created previous scams such as the Quantum Code and the Amissio Formula.

Website Under Investigation for Scam :

The Orion Code Scam Review – Details Exposed

The Orion Code by the alleged Edward Robinson is an ugly scam.  There is no doubt about that. In this impartial review I will expose the real identity of this “smoking gun” Robinson and reveal him for the crook he really is.

Would you trust “an actor” if you can call him that, who repeatedly sells scams to innocent traders?   Would you trust someone who deliberately deceives you over and over? If you trust this review, read on.  You will understand how some people are on a mission to steal from innocent traders who are trying to make some money trading online. This is a malicious financial scam.

So who is Edward Robinson?  Edward Robinson is no but Jeff Gorham.  Jeff Gorman is an actor.  He is paid to study a script and roll it off nicely and convincingly.  He does not have the second clue about trading binary options.  He has acted out in movies like Sandy Boulevard.

Orion Code Scam Alert. Your capital is not safe with Orion Code System. The Orion Code software is dangerous and is a scam. Full review

Although, I mean no disrespect to Jeff Gorham personally, I wonder if he understands the full extent of the part he plays in this web of lies.  As such the more expensive the production of a scam, the more convincing it becomes, and hence, the more likely that people will fall for it.

Earlier I mentioned that this is a copy-cat scam, probably produced by the same developers of the Orion Code scam.  If you need more proof you can check out the video clips for Amissio Formula and read my earlier review.  However, for ease of reference, and for entertainment purposes I will just add a couple of photos from the sales video of the scam software.

Amissio Formula App

Recognise The Centre Figure???  Here comes Jeff Gorham Again!

I have already established that Edward Robinson does not exist.  Furthermore, what has tickled me further, is that despite the fact that this is a very high end production, the developers for the Orion Code Scam, have not even bothered to write a new decent script.  Plagiarism is ridiculous, especially at this level of money spend. Statements from both the Orion Code Review and the Quantum Code Review are identical … watch out for “The nicest guy in the World” titles in both reviews.  Therefore, at this point, I think you are already getting my drift.  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.

Orion Code Software Review – Let us get down to exposing serious scam

“Edward Robinson” sells us his story.  We are told that he has been featured in financial magazines which includes “Forbes”.  He has been touted to be “The Wall Street Wizard, Millionaire Trader”

Well what’s new?  If you have been around the binary options scam trading industry, you will know that these are the opening lines of the worst scams.  The jets, fast cars and mansions are a classic theme.  They are either leased for the purposes of the scam setting, or else they belong to the real developers of the software, which would mean that it is a scam broker.

This changes the ball game completely.  Edward Robinson is not the philanthropist that he makes himself out to be.  He will not be helping you make $10,000 a day for free. 

>>Head to safety<<

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Behind the scenes of the video presentation for the Orion Code System, is probably a team of scam brokers.  With the help of this properly orchestrated video, they motivate small earners to enter into binary options trading and financial world, and then proceed to wipe out their account.  That will probably not be sufficient.  Once they have you under their dirty clutches, they will keep asking you to chase good money after bad.  This is how the story ends.

Is Orion Code Scam? Can you make $10,000 a day with No Risk?

Let’s get this straight.  There is no such thing as a “no risk” or “no loss” in binary options trading, or Forex or any kind of trading for that matter.  There is no such thing as a money making machines.  There are just legit software systems and automated traders which can help you with your day trading, or there is scam.

So don’t buy the story of the Orion Code scam which says that the Orion Code software is much faster than any other system, and hence it is the only software which is a step ahead of the others.  This is just big talk and small performance.  The claims that the software has earned its namesake after NQS technology with “Near Orion Speed” are a load of hogwash.  However, it is a smart story, which can cost innocent traders plenty of hard earned cash.

Orion Code Software is a dangerous scam. Read full scam review on Orion Code. Review Orion Code. Is Orion Code legit? Review details

Orion Code System is Rigged

Yes you heard me right.  The Orion Code software is rigged to take losing trades. The only people to be making money here is the developers and the brokers – and they are probably one and the same.  The presentation is full of misguided information.  It twists and turns truth in so many directions, that it ends of being a vile snake.

Some traders have asked me, so is the Orion Code Free?  The answer is a straight No.  If you consider that losing your initial deposit is a dangerous possibility, then you will conclude that the software is costing you a minimum of $250.  Moreover, it exposes you to a huge risk of losing far more, since you will be probably prompted to replenish your balance in the hope of recovering your losses.

The Orion Code App should be avoided like the plague.  It comes in a long list of similar scams, which we have exposed after numerous complaints.  Please take time to read scam reviews of Gemini2, Dubai Lifestyle, and plenty more.

Orion Code – The Review Conclusion and Verdict.

I think that the conclusion about the Orion Code fate has been reached very early on in this scam review.  I strongly believe that this software is devised to attract new traders who cannot sift through scam and legit autotraders.  This review is transparent and revealing.  If the developers have forgotten good business ethics in their anxious and dedicated drive to make more money from innocent victims, at least I will try to do my part to expose this in my reviews.

The Orion Code is a Malicious Scam

Thank you for taking time to read the Orion Code Review.  If you thought that the Orion Code is legit, I am sure that you have found this review to be revealing.  I hope I have explained clearly and impartially, why you are running a risk of losing your capital with the Orion Code App.  This is a proper warning.  Your investment is not safe with the Orion Code.  It is a dangerous scam.

What’s next?

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