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Penny Millionaire Lottery Review

Penny Millionaire Lottery Review


Penny Millionaire  is a Lottery, Binary or Scam?

Penny Millionaire is a lottery ticket that is connected with binary options trading. Can a Penny turn into a Million Dollars in 30 days?
Turning a penny into a million dollars may sound crazy, but some of the data collected will make you think again before you discard your next penny. How much is a penny worth after 30 days?

Penny Millionaire Lottery Review – A Scam?

Penny Millionaire Lottery is inviting one hundred winners to become millionaires in the next thirty days. However, this is not just another lottery. In real terms, Penny Millionaire software is an artful App, which turns a daily winning trade and compounds the interest.

At first glance, the whole idea appears to be a total scam or an artful sham. However, on close inspection, and doing my usual investigation on the site, I was literally shocked at how much has been validated on taking a penny an turning it into a million.

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Official Website– PennyMillionaire.Com

What is the Penny Millionaire App and How Does it work?

The introduction speech by David Forrster is a very simple statement. “A penny saved is a million earned”.
The theory sounds like a cliché. However, compound interest, has been called the “8th wonder of the world” by Einsteen.Penny Millionaire is based on the principle of compound interest

“Compound Interest” has been the key to the investment success of Warren Buffett. When asked about the secret of his billion-dollar empire success, his reply has always been “COMPOUND INTEREST” without a blink.Penny Millionaire scam or legit

Benjamin Franklin quotable quotes “ The money that money earns, earns money”

Penny Millionaire principles of compound interest

Image Courtesy of Article on Compound Interest by Data Genetics

Therefore in theory, there seems to be no doubt by the financial pillars and keenest minds of this world, that yes, a penny can turn into a million in just 30 days.

On a practical level, how possible is it for you and me, the man in the street to achieve this level of success?

The Penny Millionaire software has been designed to profit 100 people to take a chance and participate in a compound interest lottery.

Explained in simple terms, the software, will reserve one daily winning trade, and will double the value of the trade every single day for 30 days. Since the trades are placed on the binary options market, the payout is 80% instead of 100%, and as such the target win is $1,000,000 instead of $5 million as demonstrated in the chart above.

Is Penny Millionaire a Scam?

I have to admit, that at first glance, Penny Millionaire Lottery looked like a total scam to me. However, in theory it is possible to turn a penny into a huge fortune easily.

The question looks deceptively simple. Would you rather have a penny or a million? The answer is a straight forward “show me the million please”.
However, the crux of the matter is “how to turn a penny into a million” The answer lies with Penny Millionaire App.

Here is how the simple system works on a practical level. All the system needs is just 1 winning trade a day. The profits cannot be touched for the entire month in order to see these results. However, the rewards are an exponential growth in capital that is bewildering.Penny Millionaire - Grid of compound interest

In principle the Penny Millionaire system will definitely turn your first trade into a million with just one winning trade per day.

Who Can Profit with the Penny Millionaire App?

Penny Millionaire App is a lottery. Therefore, you will first need to subscribe and check whether you are lucky enough to be one of the 100 winners.
As a winner you will be required to invest $250. This investment will be your “ticket” or trading capital.
Penny Millionaire algorithm is based on taking one winning trade per day for 30 days.

The developers are very clear and outright about how the system works. In effect, the software cannot predict every trade, however by their own words the program is stable enough to single very few trades out of potential thousands of trades with a high winning probability.
In the demonstration above, we have clearly shown, that one or two trades per day, may not be enough to make you rich, however, when the trades are compounded in value, these can turn into millions. Furthermore, Penny Millionaire software automatically sets aside one penny per successful trade and puts it into a separate compound interest account.
In just over 30 days. The penny will turn to millions.

Penny Millionaire

Graph illustrates the exponential growth of Compound Interest vs Simple Interest

How to subscribe to Penny Millionaire Lottery and take your chance of becoming the next millionaire

It is very clear that it will only be 100 winners that can make it to Penny Millionaire fold. Therefore,  the lottery is launched every beginning of the year and is available to 100 traders per year.

This is how to get your lottery ticket:

  1. Watch the Full Video Explanation on how to apply forPenny Millionaire Lottery HERE.

  2. Enter your name and email address in the registration form

  3. If you happen to be a winner you will be directed to the Members’ Area where you are then required to give full and valid details of your name and address. These have to be verified, as no winner can participate unless you are authentic.

  4. You will be directed to the Broker on which platform the trades participating in the lottery will be executed. This is where you will fund your account with $250.

  5. Switch on your Penny Millionaire App, and become the next millionaire.

Can Becoming a Millionaire be Simple with Penny Millionaire?

The principle of compound interest as explained by the best financial gurus of all time leave us in no doubt that you can make serious money with the Penny Millionaire software. By taking your chance with Penny Millionaire Lottery, you could be well in your way to financial freedom.

Conclusion: Penny Millionaire is based on a Legitimate system of compound interest.
Penny Millionaire is NOT Scam – but a clever and achievable system at growing your capital.

Thank you for taking time to read this Penny Millionaire review. Making money online trading can be challenging.
However, when choosing the right trading tools, you are giving yourself a better chance at trading success.

The Penny Millionaire is somewhat different to any of the other trading software systems that we have reviewed recently. Fundamentally the Penny Millionaire is a lottery and only few people will be able to benefit from its ingenious algorithm. The principle behind this software is however the most sensible and legitimate system, that is endorsed by the keenest minds in the world. If you have any questions about trading and making money trading options, do not hesitate to contact us on support(at)

Trading options carries financial risk. Sifting legit from scam is an even bigger challenge. It is a breath of fresh air to find systems that are transparent and logical like Penny Millionaire scheme.



  1. I’ve read your review regarding penny millionaire and watched their sales pitch too. I think that I have some good reasons to believe that the Penny Millionaire is in fact a downright scam. The most obvious is that if you reserve a penny and then continue to double for 30 days you would reach 2 to the power of 30 pennies which is much more than a million! Compunding works somewhat differently as I’m sure Mariella must know. There are other obvious loopholes but I think that this clarifies things. I am starting to study the book Binary Options by Abe Cofnan as I’m interested in Binary Options. However I have been reading reviews and doing extensive research on many signal software and brokers. My conclusion? One cannot know whom to thrust! Thank you.


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