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PRIZM Tech for Binary Options is a Scam

PRIZM Tech for Binary Options is a Scam



PRIZM Tech by Richard Squire is a new binary options trading software which is a scam. The difficulty that many day traders are encountering today is being able to differentiate between scam and serious and legit software. That is why as the Binary Option Sheriff, I feel it is my duty to bring this scam review to your attention.

PRIZM Tech is a travesty of a trading system!

The Site that we investigating for fraud today is call

We started investigating PRIZM Tech software for scam, when, recently we were inundated with emails from subscribers and innocent traders, who have been asked whether PRIZM Tech is legit? The innovative way in which this software is being presented in the sales video, makes it more of a serious scam than others. It is easy to become a victim to the PRIZM Tech school of bandits.

If your inbox has been flooded with evil email marketers who are promoting this PRIZM Tech scam software, you should immediately unregister. If they already have access to your email, you can rest assured that you will be hounded by the brokers who are synched to the scam Prizm Tech, and they will not let you rest until you have lost your money!

The PRIZM Tech Scam Review in Detail

The video presentation for the PRIZM Tech binary options scam, is a clever twist from the standard scam. It starts off by giving us video testimonials of traders who have lost a bunch of cash or their entire capital to scam systems such as the Quick Cash System. This is a clever reverse psychology tactic, that is quite new. In our investigative review, we check the reviews and testimonials and we find that they are all fake. None of the names and photos check out. The photos as stock photos and can be found for purchase online. This screams scam!

Everyone is aware that Quick Cash System is a scam. However new traders who have never heard of such a system, will really start to believe that the phony Richard Squire is indeed their “guardian angel”

The video presentation is full of sad accents. This is just a manipulative way to make you relate to people who have suffered losses and increase your trust. Be warned – this is a scam tactic. Do not drop your guard before you read this full scam review.Prizm Code fake testimonials

Who is the Genius Richard Squire behind the PRIZM Tech Software?

Allegedly Richard Squire is the CEO and creator of PRISM Tech software, engineered for binary options trading. He boasts that his system has been generating profit since 2007. As I usually do when writing a review, I had a quick check on Who.Is only to find that the site was originally registered a year ago on the 10th August and has been updated as recently as the 18th July 2016 – probably around the time when the video presentation was being filmed.Prizm Tech for binary options

As you can understand, this is the first set of lies being presented in this scam review about the Prizm Tech software for binary options trading.

Mr. Richard Squire genius and guardian angel rolled in one, continues to tell us that PRIZM Tech is the one and only original trading system. He amplifies that every other system on the binary market has only stolen ideas. All the scam systems on the binary options market according the Richard Squire were all using his original ideas as an introduction to their scam. He claims that PRIZM Tech is however protected by a special API Code which is unique to every trader.

This is the most noteworthy move he arbitrarily makes and therefore claims that his software is not scam. He makes a whole song and dance about this unique API Code but at no point does he really tell us why this is relevant to binary options trading. He only claims that all other scam software systems are deprived of this API and therefore they are scam! Does this sound credible? If you answer is no, it is because it is not credible! It is orchestrated scam.

The plot thickens! Squire informs us that he has won a huge lawsuit but does not disclose the amount. He is also ambiguous and says that he cannot divulge details about this legally because that was one of the “conditions” of the lawsuit. We just have to trust this con artist that he is now a very rich man. Furthermore as a result of this lawsuit PRIZM Tech Software MUST be offered to traders for free and that he is not allowed to make a red cent off his brilliant and legitimate system!

As a result the Binary Option Sheriff has started investigating on lawsuits in the United States and UK and generally globally to discover conclusions on lawsuits that involved Prizm Tech – and guess what? Nothing has turned up. There has never been a lawsuit that is connected to Prizm Tech, unless it has to do with camera lenses (LOL)!

Now I am not sure whether you are following my train of thought or taste the hint of sarcasm whilst I am writing this scam review about PRIZM Tech. But seriously, I feel that all our intelligence is being insulted with the likes of Richard Squire and his loony bin of empty words.

NO Trading System is EVER FREE. PRIZM Tech is NOT A Free system.

Whilst there may be no subscription fee to join the Prizm Tech scam bandwagon, you are still required to deposit the minimum amount of $250. You will not have any access to the trading software unless you deposit these funds.

They will promise you that this is your trading money. In reality, their hands are itching to get you trading wrong signals so that you eventually loose your capital. We warn you that you will loose your capital with Prizm Tech. Your capital is not safe with Prizm Tech.

Sadly when you get to the point of seeing your balance dwindling down to close to nothing, you will understand that Prizm Tech is not a free system.

Is PRIZM Tech Binary Options Software Legit?

The guardian angel claims that the software generates a consistent 78% win ratio. In the same breath he claims that the Prizm Tech software will generate $379 (I wonder why not $380?!) in just a few minutes. There is no co-relation between the 78% win ratio and $380 profits in just a few minutes. With a loss rate of 22% you need to win at least 25 trades per minute in order to generate this kind of profit with a trade set of $25.

If you are new to binary options trading, you may not really understand how impossible this is. An experienced trader will tell you that a legit auto trader will not take more than 10 trades in ONE WHOLE HOUR!! Let alone 25 trades per minute. Does PRIZM Tech sound legit? I say I smell scam!

What also does not relate is the fact that Squire tell us that the software will generate some $8k profits per month. My question is, if the Prizm App can turn $379 in a few minutes, why does it generate only $8000 per month? Does it work for a minute per day only? This just does not tally.

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Warning Reviews about PRIZM Tech

Whenever I write a review, my standard routine is to check what other reviewers are saying about an asset – in this case the Prizm Tech for binary options. Here are a few mentions, who have all arrived at the same conclusion like the Binary Option Sheriff:

The Binary Options Elite Club concludes that the software does not work! It is just a plan to steal your money. The Elite Clubs issues a stiff warning against joining The Prizm because it is SCAM

The Binary Options Watch Dog – an almost venerated site also concludes that is now filed as Blacklisted Website and warns its thousands of subscribers to avoid falling into the Prizm trap.

Final Warning about the Prizm Scam Software

I am sorry to dash your hopes at this point but Richard Squire does not exist. He is another actor who has been hired to promote this scam. The script writer for this new scam has been more imaginative than usual and he has directed his efforts at traders who have fallen victims to scam by showing empathy to them. His promise that “this time it will be different” holds no water, and it is pathetic to actually hound on innocent victims who have already lost money to scams!

Famous last words. Do not throw good money after bad. If you have already lost money to scam software systems, you will only loose some more if you invest in Prizm Tech scam! You will also be exposing yourself to danger of credit card theft as well. Be warned that this has happened before.

Since we are issuing warnings, I also advise you to stay also from the following List of Scams

Lucrosa, Quantum Code, and BrexitBot

Verdict! Prizm Tech Software for binary options is Scam!

Thank you for taking time to read this scam review. Because of its nature Prizm Tech is going viral. As such I cannot stress enough how dangerous this software can be to your capital.

Check both our Recommended Signals and Blacklisted Signals and stay informed.

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  1. Question: We’ll I fell for it depositing my money on-line(which showed the withdraw through Gray Mount Management) but the site I ended up at was Barclay’s Bank in the UK? (minimum $300 deposit). I then proceed to get a phone call from the UK and an “trading options broker ” wanting to work my portfolio. However he wanted me to invest more money. I at the same time received by email a former wanting me to show ( for anti- money laundering purposes) who i was for real. They wanted a copy of recent utility bill,driver’s license or passport, all seemed relatively legit, before they could begin trading for me. So ,if this is a scam organization as you say ,if so my $300 bucks gone? , sitting in limbo, and worse can they use my card again? I only authorized a one time deposit of $300. So what are my “options?”


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