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Profit 4 Patriots Review – Big Profits Review

Profit 4 Patriots Review – Big Profits Review


Profit 4 Patriots by Douglas Ward is promising really big profits.  This impartial review will expose the lengths that scammers go to, in order to trap innocent traders into their web of lies.  If you are a new trader, you are probably the best target for this scam.  Please take time to read our review of the Profit 4 Patriots before subscribing to the shameful scam.

Profit 4 Patriots Scam Review – Games of Shame

Douglas Ward, the alleged mastermind behind the Profit 4 Patriots App, is a self-confessed Wall Street Trader and analyst. During his three years of trading, he was lucky enough to have the richest of clients.  One particular investor, who happened to be Ward’s direct client, was super successful.  From him Douglas Ward learnt the strategy for Profit 4 Patriots system. Well what’s new?  This is the beginning of a classic tag line, which I have been recently highlighting in every one of the scam automated traders, which I have been exposing.

So as always do, I run a Google check on this Douglas Ward financial guru. Well you can have a wild guess at my results.   I draw up (as I expected) a blank.  No matter how hard I searched, in social media, business profiles and general searches, I have not managed to find a name which remotely matches, the success story boasted by Douglas Ward.  We can therefore,  safely assume that Douglas Ward is just a mock up name, behind which the real developers of this scam are hiding.

Profit 4 Patriots reverse psychology tactics a scam review. Profit 4 Patriots is scam

Is Profit 4 Patriots Scam or Is the Profit 4 Patriots App Legit?

Profit 4 Patriots is a new binary options software system which promises financial security and financial freedom to its users.  The promoters of this system, has been smart in targeting our basic need to hear, exactly what we need to, in order to slip into this scam.

Anytime I come across a system, which seems to have an answer to all my financial problems, I literally see a red flag being raised for scam.

Official Website under Investigation for Scam –

Douglas Ward is very smart in advertising his scam system as an educational program.  According to him, this software is a cutting-edge system, which is essential to binary options trading.  If I had not known any better, I may have easily been taken in, by this smooth operator. The profits of real big profits with the system is very enticing.  However, when I subscribed to this software, I realised that there was absolutely no educational program to the system.  The minute, I had entered my name, address and phone number, I had a scam broker on the line, hassling me to increase my initial deposit of $250.

This is when I realised, that not only is the Profit 4 Patriots a complete scam, but that the binary brokers synched with the system, were just as scam and ruthless.  The call with the pushy broker, did not go well. He actually had the audacity to tell me, that unless I deposited more than the standard $250, I would not make real big profits. I would lose all my money! Luckily, I am used to this kind of scam pressure.  I verified my account, and immediately went ahead with withdrawing my initial investment. I realised that my capital was not safe with the Profit 4 Patriots system.

Profit 4 Patriots Review – Impossible Revenue Gains

The Profit 4 Patriots system boasts, that any subscriber will be able to gain no less than $1500 profit in 15 minutes.  This is not a reality.  It is an impossibility.  Let me explain to you why I know this.  If you are new to binary trading, you may not have enough experience to understand, just how impossible this claim is!  If you are a seasoned trader, you will know that this software should be dropped like a hot potato!

Binary Options is a trading system whereby a day-trader has to guess the direction which an asset will be going in a specific time frame.  If the trade goes in the direction chosen by the trader, it will result in a win.  The pay-out for the trader by the broker is usually around 70% of the value of the trade.  On the other hand, if the trade goes in the opposite of the chosen direction, then the trader loses the trade, and therefore loses the entire value of the trades placed.

Can I Make Real Big Profits with Profit 4 Patriots?

Unfortunately the answer is NO.  You cannot make real big profits with Profit 4 Patriots.

When a new trader opts into a software system such as the Profit 4 Patriots scam, his risk value is high, because he loses control over his capital.  A trade is typically for $25. Therefore, if a trade is won, the profit will be $17.50.  In order to make $1500 profits in 15 minutes, the robot needs to take 85 successive winning trades in 15 minutes.  This is truly impossible.  Even the very best of trading software systems such as the Code-Fibo System and Copy Buffett, never take more than a couple of trades per hour.  In our experience with trading, we have only experienced $1500 profits trading with Copy Buffett once, and that was for an entire day of trading.

Copy Buffet Results download

Profit 4 Patriots App – Completely Debunked

This is the final blow in exposing the software for the scam it is. Check out the screenshot below. This is courtesy of the scam site. You will see that the software is generating incredible profits over the weekend.Profit for Patriots Sunday Trading - you cannot make real big profits with this software

To be honest, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, at the total negligence of these scam developers.  Unless, something happened in the Financial World, that I have not been informed about, the last time I looked, the Forex Market is closed in the weekend.

Conclusion and Verdict by the Binary Option Sheriff

Finally, if you have the patience to go through the long winded video of the Profits 4 Patriots software, you may come to the same conclusion as I have.  This software is full of black spots, misleading information, and straight forward lies.  The conclusion of this scam review is that Profit 4 Patriots is not real. Profits 4 Patriots is not safe because it is not legit.

Profit 4 Patriots is Scam

Thank you for taking time to read this scam review.  I hope that you did not happen on this page in the hope of making money online trading binary with the Profit 4 Patriots App.  In such case, I am sorry to dash your hopes and disappoint you.

JOIN SHERIFF UNIVERSITYI would however seriously recommend that you head to the Sheriff University and get some free information about how to trade binary options.  I highly recommend that you trade on a FREE DEMO ACCOUNT.  This is the only way in which you avoid risking your capital until you become master of your game!

Worried about Trading Solo?

No worries.  Your best solution is to trade in a Social Trading Group.  Meet like-minded people, who are new to trading, but want to be active trading.  Copy the trades of trading experts and establish a winning pattern for yourself.  For more details do not hesitate to contact us on support(at)



  1. Hi, what kind of support do you provide if I sign up autotrading software like codefibo or copy buffet ? I’m currently using codefibo. It’s stop taking trades and also l’ve been losing money since day one. I don t get reply from their support and the link under which I sign is of no help either. They only advise me to contact the support or withdraw the money and rejoin. Hope you are different. Please advise.


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