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How to Profit with Bitcoin: Earn with Cryptos

How to Profit with Bitcoin: Earn with Cryptos


Can you profit with Bitcoin? Are there easy ways to make money with Bitcoin online?  This article will discuss that either by knowledge, time or the processing power of your computer you are in a position to profit with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  Naturally, there is no such thing as a free meal in life and some effort is required.  A minimum effort will produce minimum results.  Therefore if you are interested in making a serious profit with Bitcoin, you may need to engage in some time to get a better knowledge of the industry and market of cryptocurrencies.

Profit with Bitcoin – How to Make Money with Bitcoin

There are a number of ways by which you can profit with Bitcoin.  Probably, micro earning is the easiest way by which you can profit with Bitcoin easily.  Basically, micro-earning involves you doing small tasks and in return, you are paid in small fractions of bitcoin.   Here are some examples of micro-earning.

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Pay Per Click Websites

There is a huge network of websites that will pay you small fractions of Bitcoin simply by visiting on their site and clicking on.  The same can be seen in certain advertisements.  Clicks and views are very important for websites.  As such there are plenty of paid-to-click websites that will pay you small amounts of Bitcoin.

However, most of these sites will not pay you more than the equivalent of $10 per day in Bitcoin and therefore the time you deploy may be counterproductive.  One of the more famous sites that pay in Bitcoin is ADS4BTC

Profit with Bitcoin via Bitcoin Faucets

Bitcoin Faucets are websites that drive traffic to leading Bitcoin websites.  This is a type of site that will pay you small amounts of Bitcoin when you visit their site and either click on adverts or complete surveys. If you visit Faucet Hub you will understand how the system of micro-payments works.  Similar to Paid to Click platforms there is not much profit to be made.  It is likely that you will not make more than a few dollars per day with Bitcoin Faucets and therefore this is probably not a realistic way to profit with Bitcoin.

Micro Jobs can help you Profit with Bitcoin

Similar to the two previous jobs, Mirco Jobs a performing small tasks which are rewarded by small fractions of Bitcoin.  CoinWorker, for example, lets you profit with Bitcoin by using your web browser. You will need to perform small analytical tasks and earn points.  For example, you may be asked to re-tweet a post.  Although like PTC sites and Bitcoin Faucets there is not a lot of money to be made, Micro Jobs do pay better and offer more potential to profit.


Write about Bitcoin Profit

If you are a Bitcoin enthusiast and have good knowledge of cryptos, in general, you may write and earn.  The amount you will earn will depend entirely on your level of expertise.  If you visit the BitcoinTalk Forum Signature Campaign you will see plenty of different topics and members are actually paid to write.  In order to gain credibility and full membership, you will be required to post a benchmark of 120 posts.

Depending on your membership level you may make anywhere between $50-$100 for 24 hours work.

The downside to this site is that some campaigns do not allow more than a maximum number of posts every week and you could be restricted on how much you could earn.

Another way by which you can profit with Bitcoin is to write for blogs and news sites.  This is where you can start making serious money.  However, your knowledge about cryptocurrencies will also have to be on an expertise level that is acceptable to the sites you would be writing for.

Good quality sites will pay you anywhere between $30-$100 for 1k words.  Payment is usually either in FIAT currency or in Bitcoin.  You may be interested in finding working online on Coinality


Bitcoin Mining

Whoever started out early with Bitcoin mining has made significant profits through commissions and mining fees. Mining is the process by which new coins are minted.  Early on this was quite a simple process using the processing power of a miner’s computer.  Today there are mining farms that are actually doing the job.  It is also significantly expensive to run hardware since the electricity consumption is high.

Notwithstanding the fact that Bitcoin mining has become very expensive, there is still scope for mining other cryptocurrencies.  If you have a decent graphics card on your computer you may consider other altcoins such as Ethereum, Monero, Z.Cash, Dash etc.,

Profit with Bitcoin by Trading

Trading Bitcoin is the same as trading any other FIAT currency. The potential to earn (and to lose) are huge.  Naturally, it requires some level of expertise and understanding the volatility of the market.  You can either trade against other Atcoins or against FIAT currencies.

Trading falls into two categories.  You can either day trade using platforms that offer Binary Options or else trade for a longer term on open exchanges.  Trading capital does not need to be huge in order to start up.  You can trade for larger margins than your trading capital.  However, making money with Bitcoin through trading does require a strong risk appetite and knowledge.  If you plan to start learning about trading we strongly recommend that you get an education first.  Have a look at our in-house “The Secret Trader” and learn more.

How to Profit with Bitcoin – The Conclusion

The list of ways by which to earn Bitcoin is certainly not exhaustive and in fact, we have not gone into thorough detail on any of the ways by which to profit.  However, should you be interested in learning more drop us an email on support(at) and we will immediately send you a copy of our free e-Book Cryptocurrencies for beginners.

The market for Bitcoin and the interest in the currency is ever increasing.  It certainly seems that the future is poised to be a cashless society and the turnover on Bitcoin and Altcoins has grown exponentially.  Given this expansion, there is an ever-growing demand for Bitcoin-related expertise and products.









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