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Quantum Code Scam Review – Busted

Quantum Code Scam Review – Busted


Quantum Code is another scam busted by expert traders. This unbiased review reveals that Quantum Code is a new binary options trading software, that is going viral, but which is intended only to scam innocent day traders. Michael Crawford, the alleged developer of the Quantum Code App, is a common assumed name, and reminds me of “some mothers do have them” ! Picking a common name, is the first red flag for scammers, so that anyone doing their due diligence and checking on this developer, will find a multitude of names, and get confused.  Pay attention to this review.  Binary Option Sheriff will expose how using the Quantum Code software, will only generate fake signals, and that your invitations to participate to this software is only through scam emails.


The Quantum Code Scam Review

At the outset, when the video for the Quantum Code App starts, we are introduced to Michael Crawford.  Crawford is supposedly featured in Forbes and important financial magazines. As a huge philanthropist, one would imagine, that he would be highly visible in any social media.  However, knowing that this is a borrowed name, and all the hype around Quantum Code is orchestrated, we find nothing in reality to substantiate these claims.

Michael Crawford as being presented in the Quantum Code Scam, has never featured in Forbes magazine.  If you check the Forbes magazine, you will discover a Michael B. Crawford who is in fact the editor of the New York Times, and has probably never had any remote liaisons with binary options trading.  One should note that there is no relationship between Michael Crawford and Michael B. Crawford, and that the name was probably chosen, on purpose to confuse and falsely present an unreal situation.

This Michael Crawford, as presented in the Quantum Code video, has never written an article in his life and is just another scam actor, who is posing in front of his “rented jet” as in rented for the video purposes.

Michael Crawford has never been mentioned in any of the other magazines that he is bragging about either.  All top financial news magazines that we have researched, have drawn no information through their data base of either the Quantum Code software and much less of M. Crawford.  We can safely conclude that this is all lies and orchestrated.

This is further confirmed by the fact that the actor in question is the same one of the scam which we exposed just a few days ago and which is that of Terran Capitals.  We are in no doubt that Quantum code website is a scam using false names and actors to promote their illegal software.

Website under investigation for scam :


The scam story behind the Quantum code system, is a standard one, where allegedly one of the team members was rescued from being a full time employee on Wall Street.  The crooked story is that Quantum Code software works  on an algorithm similar to a google spider, which scans the financial markets and analysis it, and then finds trades being placed by other traders and beats their respective entry prices.

For anyone who knows anything about financial markets, and binary options trading, we know that this is misleading information.  There is no such thing as a better entry point.  The market is volatile and moves according to demand and supply.  Entry of trades is always reflected in real time and there is no leveraging on market prices.

What is reflected on this orchestration of web of lies, is that we are here left with a crappy software that does nothing but copy trades from results of other traders but no in real time. This may greatly alter results, as entering at the right time, is quintessential for binary options trading.

The Quantum Code scam software as revealed in this review is definitely not the upper hand trading robot that beats everyone at their own game, as it is being advertised by the same actor in the video.  It is only a copycat automated trader that will expose any binary options trader to great risk of capital loss. The copy trader is indiscriminate in copy traders, either if they are good or they are bad traders, which means that the exposure to risk is very high, because we do not know the value of the traders who are being emulated.


Warning:  Stay away from Scams like Quantum Code and also Safe Guard Trader and Quick Cash Method!

Crucial Data Overlooked by the Quantum Code Scam

The crux of whether the Quantum data would be a legitimate software or a scam application, depends entirely on copying the trades of GOOD TRADERS! This is critical information that is not divulged at any point in the sales video.  Translation of this oversight is simply a tragedy.  Quantum Code Software is not a serious software.  This is not data that should be overlooked.

Red Flags for False Scarcity Counters

Scarcity counters are standard to scam.  Being put in a situation where you are urged to make a quick decision because of fear of losing your possibility of earning “free money” is a cheap and dirty trick which has been exposed in scam plenty of times.  The counters shown at the bottom of the Quantum Code Software are false.  If you try to refresh your browser you will see that the counter will simply start all over again.  If you try the scam software again tomorrow, you will not be surprised to find that the timer has started rolling all over again.

Other visitors may be taking up the spots, but in fact your possibilities are still there every single day, because Quantum code App would love to trap as many traders into its scam web as possible, and not actually make itself scarce at all.

We invite our subscribers to check out other sites, for Quantum Code Complaints, or Quantum Code Scam, or Quantum Code Reviews, or even How Quantum Code Works, and sadly all you are going to see, is a list of people who are complaining about the results that they are receiving with the Quantum Code software.  It is shameful, but trust us, if you visit any forums and type out the keywords which we are leading you to, you will understand that we are not joking about our warning against Quantum Code. Check out other sites such as the Binary Options Elite Club for similar conclusions.

Deposit $250 with a Scam Broker and you will receive a scam software

Sadly this is how the unethical practices of scam software providers work.  You will have to deposit a minimum of $250 in order to get access to the software page.  This is your hard earned cash, and it is very likely that you will lose a great part of it within the first hours of trading.  If you had not been smart enough to understand that this is scam in the first place, but started investigating around after losing some cash, then we highly recommend that you cut your losses, and withdraw your balance.  Do not throw good money after bad!

No Binary Options Software will ever give you 100% accuracy

Another alleged claim is that the Quantum Code claims no uncertainty.  In a highly volatile market, especially as we have witnessed these past couple of days with the Brexit saga, there is no such thing as infallible. The fact that the Quantum Code scam software claims the no uncertainty statement, makes it even more false.  Even excellent software systems such as the Binadroid software, the Crunch-Tech software and the Neo2 software, do not claim trading results better than 75-80% in the money results. No one can predict the future, not even during a referendum! So the fact that these scammers are claiming a 100% success rate, makes them even more shady and shallow.

Can you make a Million Dollars in one Month using the Quantum Code?

Obviously not!  Even with a hard working software, and taking multiple trades every couple of minutes, this is impossible with a humble deposit of $250.  Please stop dreaming.

If you have landed on this page hoping to make some extra money trading options, we are very sorry to dash your hopes.  This is not the right tool to use.

Vote No to Scams.  Trade Binary only with the best tools in the Trading Market


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Conclusion and Verdict – Quantum Code is Scam

We are in no doubt that the Quantum Code is scam! Paid actors, manipulated financial news, false scarcity counters, copy trades from unknown sources, are just the tip of the iceberg.  We strongly recommend that you stay away from the Quantum code app scam.

Trading Binary Options is an art.  It takes some degree of education.  If no education and knowledgeable decisions are made, it becomes gambling and therefore exposes you to risk.

We strongly recommend that you visit your Sheriff University, where we provide valuable free information that is related to trading the stocks, markets and currencies.  Furthermore, if you wish to have risk free trading, then we highly advise you to work with a DEMO ACCOUNT and copy trades from real specialised traders by joining our trading group.  Social trading is the only key to successful trading without risks.  Establish your winning patterns, learn trading and later risk your capital.  Risk only when the odds of winning are higher.  For more information you may send us an email on support(at)



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