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Quick Cash Method Scam Review

Quick Cash Method Scam Review


Quick Cash Method. CEO is a paid Actor! Very Inspiring Scam Review

Quick Cash Method, was not an easy review! It took us a while to do ample research before we posted this review because we wanted to give the developers the benefit of the doubt. What we have found out however, could not be more evident, that Quick Cash Method is scam!  This new binary options software system, which has been recently released is crammed with confusing information, lies and misleading statements, that are blended together to produce a hook, line and sinker smelly scam!  Do not waste your money on this illegitimate software.  Be warned, that if you have already engaged int he Quick Cash Method scam, that you should think of verifying your account and closing it as soon as possible, before your capital is eroded to a scandalous zero!

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Can I make money with the Quick Cash App?

This is sadly a question that many of our subscribers are often asking.  Based on the level of complaints that we have received about the scam level of this software system, we have decided to dedicate time to our scam review, and expose in detail why you should avoid the Quick Cash software, and hang on to your hard earned cash.

First first scam fact in our impartial review, reveals that that this nothing that is a quick buck in binary options trading.  Anyone, who promises quick cash is scam.  The Quick Cash Method system is being aggressively marketed, so that new traders fall victims fast, because they are not given ample time to think and do due diligence.  Once in, the losses are made.  Once the losses are made, the situation becomes very dangerous, because traders will try to recover their losses by chasing good money after bad!  By investing more money, the trader will only be exposing himself ultimately to move losses.  It is a vicious circle, and you are being well warned not to fall into this trap.

The Quick Cash Method signals are as bogus as their developers!  This scam review is an alert to new traders and investors.  Putting your money into quick cash methods will be a fast downfall!

Will Quick Cash Method help you Trade Binary Options?

After watching the video presentation, which is incidentally made by a hired and paid actor, it becomes clear, that the scope of the scammers is to engage you in binary options trading.  The Quick Cash Method App is meant to help you trade either automatically or by using it as a signal software.

The danger of using a scam software, is simply, that a new trader, who does not understand the market, will trust a tool, that will take control of his capital and trade on his behalf.  Does this sound like a safe method of trading?  The Binary Option Sheriff always advises against automated trading. Although good software systems, are designed to assist traders make knowledgeable decisions about their trading, there are too many factors in a volatile market that can go wrong.  Therefore loosing control over your capital is never a good idea. Finding a good tool is a hard business.  We review scam software systems on a daily basis, and proof of this, can be seen by visiting our Hall of Shame! On the other hand, finding legitimate software is as rare as just a few times per year!  You may see our tried and tested reviews on verified Apps HERE

Conclusive Evidence to Incriminate the Quick Cash Method

We did say earlier on in this scam review, that it took us a while to understand the makings of the Quick Cash Method App before submitting our review and conclusions.  This is because, the Binary Option Sheriff has taken time to  test the automated trader!.  After a few days of trial, it became evident that the algorithm formula, which means the way the auto trader crawls the trades, is to the detriment of the binary options trader.  How do we know this?  For starters, the software will take an inferior trade to a winning trade.  Therefore the level of a trader’s win is impaired.  Out of every 10 trades we were winning five and loosing five.  Technically this means, that your capital is being slowly eroded.

The developers of the Quick Cash Method are smart enough, not to eat your capital quickly.  They give you some hope.  However, when trading binary options, if you do not have at least a 70% win rate, you are actually on a loosing trend.  The pay-outs for winnings in binary options trading is never move than 75-80%, whereas a loss is always at 100%.  Therefore by right, you need to win 6.5% of your trades in order to remain with the same capital as when you start trading.

The Quick Cash Method is scam because it is a sophisticated form of illegitimate trading.  It siphons off your capital, giving you some shreds of hope at one moment, and eating your heart out soon after.  Day traders will be familiar with this high scale of volatile emotions when you are watching trades, closing in or out of the money.  Bottom line is that by the end of a two week term, you are guaranteed to loose your capital with the Quick Cash Method scam software.

Does Quick Cash Method have a Customer Support System?

Customer Support for Quick Cash Method System is non-existent.  This is always primary evidence that a software is scam.  Furthermore, when we engaged in the software, we were assigned a non-regulated broker, of whom we had never heard anything about, and once we had done our due diligence, we were convinced that the broker and the developers of this system were in bed together.

This is a very dangerous and scandalous way of stealing money from traders. A scam broker will endorse a software only knowing that it is going to trade inferior deals.  This is the only way in which both the broker and the developer make money off day traders.  Questionable Brokers should be watched out for.  Doing your due diligence on a broker before you actually fund your account is always the second step of your trading strategy.  Even, if you are not sure whether a software is scam or legit, you should always check on the brokers which you are assigned to!

In this particular case, the Quick Cash Method program is verified scam, because it engages with brokers who promise to pay US traders (who are highly protected by the CFTC RULES ) that they are using Intuit Payroll Services and will in fact pay their traders within the country.  This is a definitely manipulated piece of information and it is fake.  The Intuit Payroll Services, are an offshore company and cannot pay US residents.  Therefore soliciting US traders via this method of payment is in fact illegal.

Evidence of Fake Earnings with Quick Cash Method Scam

The website is showing evidence of earning accounts that are fake and photoshopped.  Manipulating evidence in order to convince day traders, that a system is going to help them make money online is a criminal act.  If you are a keen observer, you will note that the system is a work of technological manipulation, and not the outcome of safe binary options trading. The transactions shown with binary options trading are fake and false.   The time scales used are all pasted, as are the winning price and the net balance.  This is just a photo image which has been manipulated for the sake of the argument.  The filmed bank statement is just a show to hasten a day trader into parting with his cash.

Fake Traders and Paid Actors for the Quick Cash Method Trap

Both Simon Smithson and his lady co-trader are actors.  They are engaged from sites like Fiverr where you can purchase any service starting from $5!  The photos have been investigated by our Team at Binary Option Sheriff and found to be bogus.  They are stock photos which have been copied from the Internet, and they are not the real traders which they claim to be.  This is a very serious offence, because it is only real traders who have profited which can convince us of the authenticity of an Application.  In this case it is duplicity and not authenticity.

Quick Cash Method is Neither Free of Charge nor does it Offer a Free Trial

Quick Cash Software advertising implies that it is free of charge.  This cannot be further from the truth.  If depositing your initial $250 dollars and consequently loosing this through manipulated trading is called FREE SOFTWARE, then we beg you to revise your opinion.  You cannot use the Quick Cash App unless you fund your account with a dubious Binary Options Broker, and therefore the opportunity lost is your opportunity cost!

The software does not offer you a free trial.  This would have made it much easier for people to understand how the software works, and whether it works at all. Instead, a day trader has to immediately commit his capital to this scam software.  Once you fund your account, there is no turning back.  The developers for the QuickCash App, as evidenced in this review, do not wish to reveal their winning hand!  They only want to use their advertising as bait!

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Conclusion and Verdict

The Quick Cash Method System is Scam!

Having tried and tested the software system with results that show evidence of tempering with the automated trading, the Binary Option Sheriff has not hesitation is disproving the myth of the Quick Cash Method and declaring that it is a Scam software.

If you have visited this page in the hope of making money only, do not fret.  You can still be in a situation of supplementing your income by trading options.  Note, that we will never promise to that trading options will make you substantial amounts of money overnight. If anything, we will warn you that trading, has its risks, and you may loose your capital a few times over, until you learn to trade profitably.

However, we can guide you into the best way to make money online.  Our preferred method is to engage in social trading.  Meet like minded people in a social trading group.  Discuss your trades, mirror or copy professional traders, and learn along the way.  Start trading by using a Demo Account, and therefore never risk a cent, until you are confident of your profits.  If this intrigues you, then drop us an email on support(at)



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