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Quick Cash Plan Scam Review

Quick Cash Plan Scam Review


Quick Cash Plan is a new binary options SCAM worth $5. Littered with fake five bucks testimonials and false accreditations, QuickCash Plan is easy to DEBUNK. Read our unbiased review before you commit to this Binary Options Signal Software. QuickCash App exposed.

Quick Cash Plan is simply Scam

In our QuickCash Plan review, we will systematically debunk this new binary options signal software and expose it for the simple scam it is. Read our full Quick Cash Plan review, and you will understand why you really need to put away your credit cards and not show them the light of the day.

Full Scam Unbiased Review for which is the .co company behind the real time scam Quick Cash Plan or QuickCash App as it is also known, has been registered only since 23rd November 2015. A paltry few weeks! During this incredibly short span of time, the developers of this counterfeit Auto Trader are trying to convince us that we can make $5000 within a few hours! And pigs will fly!
Evidence that Quick Cash Plan is Prohibited Scam

There are several things which are clearly red flags marking the QuickCash App to be scam. The false time counter for example is one of them. You are hastened to make a decision because to a newbie, it seems like his time is running out. But if you refresh the landing page, the clock is re-set and starts ticking over again.

If you have a close look at the photos below each other of the Testimonial for Quick Cash Plan, you will notice that the review is fake. The testimonial has been purchased for a meager $5. This is what it costs to hire and actor to make a false testimony. However, it takes a lot more out of your budget, to have a hard earned $250 burnt out in your account with this scam software.

Quick Cash Plan
Purchase Testimonials for a Fiverr Kind a Scam

Further evidence of Scam, is that the interface which the Quick Cash Plan has adopted is to use the graphics from very legitimate apps such as TAURI BOT, and to simply project the images in negative colours. This is a very clever manipulation. Traders who have tried and tested the TAURIBOT Software (see our Review with Real Traders Testimonials HERE) are easily forgiven to be confused and think that this may be a credible binary options signal software. In fact it is nothing but a counterfeit App, borrowing everything that is available in the Binary Options Industry and knocking up together a cheap production.

Quick Cash Plan
Quick Cash Plan using “Negative” Interface of Verified Tauribot App to gain credibility  DARK AND        SINISTER
Quick Cash Plan
Interface for the Verified Tauribot App

Another Red Flag for scam, and which is now used more and more typically by conniving developers, is the use of false endorsements such as CNN Money. A quick search on CNN Money reveals that there is nothing of relevance related to QuickCash App that is anywhere close to the date of the software registration. It is just another scam tactic used by the developers to convince trustworthy day traders of their validity.

Quick Cash Plan

Check List with Evidence that Quick Cash Plan is nothing but Scam

(pardon the poetic license)

  • Quick Cash Plan makes use of False scarcity counters to instill haste and panic subscriptions
  • The use of False Testimonials which have been purchased from the renowned site
  • The illegal use of Endorsement Badges such as CNN Money. Attempts to gain authority fraudulently.
  • Claims to impossible revenues
  • No validation on how the software works
  • A nameless developer. A hidden identity. Fear of being sued perhaps?
  • Absolutely no support or means of contact
  • Possibility of Scam 100%

Conclusion and Verdict on the QuickCash Plan software system

We have not made any secret of the fact from the first line of this scam review that we strongly believe that the Quick Cash Plan is SCAM. We hope that you have managed to read this review in time to stop you for engaging in this scam binary options signal software.
Time and again we are rather bewildered at the incredible amount of scam software that is popping up daily in the Binary Options Industry. This starts to make life very difficult for honest traders who need assistance with their day-to-day trading.


If you are new to binary options trading, we cannot emphasize enough, how important it is to get some form of education about trading. Whilst we confirm that some Signal Software systems such as TAURIBOT, do work and greatly minimise losses, nothing beats a proper education.

One of the best ways in which to get an education is to join a social trading group. What is Social Trading? Social Trading is a group of like-minded people who trade together. Professionals with the Newbies. In this way, a trader with limited or no experience can enjoy the benefits of expert and seasoned traders and copy their trades. One such incredible Group with a proven success record of 85% In the Money Trading is Mike’s Manual Signal Group. We highly recommend the group, and we have had so far many subscribers who followed our advice and are now trading profitably on a daily basis. If you are interested in joining this group drop us an email on support(at)

Quick Cash Plan
Best Manual Facebook Signal Group

Start off by applying for a FREE DEMO ACCOUNT with a reputable broker in order to do practice trading without risking any of your capital. WARNING. Never commit funds that you cannot afford to loose. Options trading remains one of the most lucrative online money making system, but it is not without its risks.






    1. Subscribe and stay tuned.. quite a few new scams coming up and under investigation. Do not fall into the trap of scam

  1. I usually can tell things like this are a scam right away. Sales pages always look the same and ultimately it is time to get your email inbox filled with crap that you can not get away from. Thanks for the heads up!


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