broker-logoIf you think that Binary Options Brokers are all safe to Trade with think again. Brokers are cheap by the dozen, and do not require much capital to start a brokerage company for Trading Binary Options. Brokers which are not properly funded and have more winning Traders than loosing traders will be the first to stop Winners from withdrawing their profits. Others manipulate their leveraging and pricing, ensuring that Traders get a strike price which is manipulated to their disadvantage.

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List of our recommended brokers with full reviews

We have compared best legit brokers and reviewed them so you can get all neccessary information before you sign up to one or few of them.

24 Option $250 $24 [full review here]
etoro $50-$1000 $10 [full review here] video
porter finance broker $200 $55 [full review here] video
Trade-Thuner-logo $20 $25 [full review here]
trade binary options

U.S regulated

$100 $0.10  [full review here]
tropical trade broker sheriff $200 $25 [full review here] video
Any Option $200 $25 [full review here]
  0Tradorax-logo $200 $25 [full review here]
 ox-markets-LOGO $250 $25 [full review here] video
 RB-OPTIONS-LOGO $250 $5 [full review here]
 0logo-iqoption $10 $1 [full review here] video
0logo-binary-brokerz $250 $25 [full review here]
0logo-plus500 $100 $20 [full review here] video
0logo-empire-option $100 $10 [full review here]
0logo-optionfair $250 $10 [full review here]
0logo-bloombex $300 $20 [full review here]


So How does a New Trader identify a Binary Options Scam?

  • Know what to look out for in order to understand how reliable a broker is.
  • Choose a regulated broker. If trading within the EU, ensure that the Broker is regulated. Cysec is one of the regulating bodies in Cyprus where most of the Binary Option Broker firms are based – but there are several other government bodies regulating Binary Options based in Europe. Choose a Trader that is REGULATED. If Trading within the US ensure that you are trading on a platform that is respecting the CFTC regulations.
  • Test out the platform. Prior to funding your account, ask whether the Broker will give you a Demo Account. If not, browse around the platform and find out how the platform looks before entering blindly and funding accounts. Spotoption platforms have a uniform look and are easy to trade on. Other web based platforms are also very responsive.
  • Check out that your Broker has a reliable customer service. Contact the customer service PRIOR to funding their account and check out how responsive they are – and if you are a native speaker of different languages test this out as well. Good brokers employ native speakers for their Customer Service.
  • Do your due diligence properly. Google the Broker extensively before committing. There are plenty of sites to confirm both good and bad Binary Options brokers
  • Identify payment channels. This will apply both when funding and when withdrawing. Serious brokers will only pay-out in the same manner which they will receive their deposits. Never trust brokers who ask for the front and back copy of your credit cards – you must always hide your credit card number details bar the last four digits.
  • Verify your account: Brokers who do not ask you to verify your personal details with a Government ID and a utility bill on the given address – will certainly use that as an excuse to avoid making payouts.
  • Check out their payout rates: Some brokers pay better than others – that also usually depends on the amount of your initial deposit.
  • Bonuses: Always ensure to ask what the implications of taking a bonus are. Huge bonuses come with obligations. Make sure you know what your obligations to taking a bonus will be. This is usually volume of trading related.
  • Terms and conditions: Do read out the find print. It is best to take time to do this before you are committed.
  • Initial Deposit: Never fund your account with more than you can afford to loose. Brokers usually make a quick call as soon as you fund your account. Bogus brokers will invariably try to encourage you to deposit more than the required minimum. Do not fall for this trap.
  • Try to Withdraw your first gains. If you have funded a new account and traded in the money – it makes sense to immediately withdraw your winnings in order to check out the validity of your broker and how easy it is to withdraw.
  • Social Trading: Join blogs and facebook groups who are already trading and discuss your deposit plans with real traders. You will quickly understand whom to trust or not trust.

Happy trading and remember to trade safely!


  1. Hi James. FastCashBiz will direct you to their recommended brokers and you are not allowed a choice of brokers. Once you deposit the minimum required which in this case is $250 you will be given a set of signals, which you will have to trade manually. FastCashBiz regular, does not give you an option of auto trading. It is just a manual signal software. If you really wish to have reliable signals, we always prefer to advocate copying human signals given by professionals. We are happy to introduce you to some closed groups. If you are interested please email us on support(at) Also read our latest review on Night Owl Signals here

  2. This is what I want, I need some information like this, thank you so much Sheriff.
    I’m on using Trend trader software with tradorax broker, still testing and do investigation, do trend trader and trodorax really working or not, I will make some blog pages about this later, today is the fifth day on trend trader.

    1. Tradorax is a good broker. Trend trader is getting a lot of positive reviews. We have not tried it out ourselves, and it is great to hear that some of our subscribers are using it. Keep us posted.

    1. Hi Sheila. Thank you for your message. Actually we have a list of recommended brokers. It really depends on which kind of interface you would like to work on. The spotoptions interfaces like that of Banc de Binary and Cherry Trade are the most simple. A very good broker is also Plus500 and a good regulated broker with their own interface, and very easy to get used to is 24 Option. Please go back to our Recommended Brokers to see how they work. Our Top Choice at the moment would be Cherry Trade

    1. Hi Mark.. without throwing any bad light on Titan trade, I would clear my browser (clear your cookies) so that your browsing is free from previous connections. Log in again, through this link and try to get another Broker. Brokers are on a rotation, and you will get a new one within a few hours. Do not hesitate to check back with us if not sure about the broker

    1. We haven’t reviewed UKoptions but heard that they are o.k. It’s automatic assignement depending on your geolocation.

  3. Hello Sheriff, I just signed in into the Copy Buffet software which you have recomended but they have asigned me as a broker -Have you guys done a review on these people? I have read that they are just out to get your money. Any suggestions on how to get a better broker asigned from Copy Buffet?

  4. I am a new user of copybuffet and i was assigned initially a broker called securedoptions
    and i tried to change this in creating another account where they gave me another one called optionbit (
    Is optionbit reliable as a broker? And did you have some info about the first broker called securedoptions?
    I am located in Canada!


    1. As a user in Canada, you should get a regulated broker. WE used Option Bit ourselves. Not the easiest of platforms because you are timed out a lot which is frustrating. I recommend that you use an incognito Browser, or clear your cookies and start off again with a new email address. Try using this link: Ideally you get Banc de Binary or 24 Option. Both regulated brokers with reliable platforms. If still in doubt please email us

    2. stay away from securedoptions. Its a scam. We are victim of them. They will open your account without your consent, because they can open your account anytime they want. It’s not totally safe. They will trade all your money and loose.

  5. I registered with binadroid and gave me two options broker (BINARY TILT AND BIG OPTION), wanted to know if they are reliable and regulated brokers.

    1. Where is your Geo location? Both are good brokers but not regulated. Are you in the U.S? It is always important to verify your account, as this is normally the big issue that most people fail to do and then have problems withdrawing from their accounts

  6. Hi I just opened an account with copy buffet software they have an option of turning on the auto trading button, this is my second day trying to figure out how all this works they have it setup to I am assuming this is the trading platform do you know if I can change it, I have tried contacting someone but maybe because it’s the weekend no one is responding, does anyone know anything on this platform

  7. Hi Cheriff
    I’m in south Africa. I h’ve signup with, and was assigned as a Broker.
    My questions are:
    Are they regulated Brokers? (if not)
    Can I still trust they’re platform?
    Can I still use signals and use them for other Brokers platform?
    Is not there any human signals I can use to trade on other Brokers platform? (really need to know them).
    Could you please Review, since they’ve called me mysteriously and ask for my Bank card credentials?

    You doing a great!!! work out there.
    Thumbs up please keep it up.

        1. I have tried to log into Lexington Code to trade with their auto binary program but the site continues to ask me to re lodge a new password. Also who is the recommended broker for lexington Code

          1. It is very likely that you are in a country where there are no legitimate brokers that support the system. If you are interested in trading, I would recommend that you look at the social trading platform of eToro ( They offer “copy trader” which means that you automatically follow the trades of their most successful traders. It is highly recommended if you are a new trader and it is 100% legitimate

  8. Hi Sheriff,
    Have been trying to sign up for NEO2 but keep getting OpionBit as the broker. Tried 3 times using different e-mail address, cleared cookies but still got OptionBit. Safari is my browser.I do not want this broker because of the horrible comments from many clients and former clients.

  9. Hi sheriff i signed up for copybuffett back on the 11 april 2016 after watching all ur youtube clips & praise for the product. I was assigned to optionbit as my broker after making a profit i lodged a withdraw request with all the necessary docs incl. A copy of my bankcard front & back. However im having a hard time withdrawing my profits. They have accepted my photo id & utility bill but rejected my copy of my bankcard due to poor quality of the scanned doc. I have been at my witts end after been rejected on 3 occassuons for my bankcard doc. I think from 1 of ur post u mentioned that optionbit was a reliable source. All i want is to be able to withdraw my winnings & continue trading. I hear why previous note by LYNN is wanting to not have Optionbit as there broker and i can vouch that LIVECHAT & poor customer service from Optionbit is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.. Can you advise or provide otherways to be able to withdraw my profits earned b4 I further trade. Many thanks

    1. Hey Toa did you end up being able to withdraw in the end? So obviously you personally do not recommend optionbit am I correct? Thanks.

  10. Hi Sheriff, I notice that you list Banc de Binary as a legitimate broker. In my research, I found that an International Class Action Lawsuit involving more than 70 traders who lost over ten million dollars with Banc de Binary was filed agains Banc de Binary on 1st April 2016. The case will be heard in London, UK. Please check out this information. Also, Banc de Binary has been fined by CySec multiple times.

  11. Sorry, my mistake, Sheriff. The brokers are LBinary and NRGBinary. Nonetheless, Banc de Binary has a terrible reputation.

    1. Hi Lynn I don’t hope you signed up with L binary they closed and disappeared with all Clients deposit , they are Embezztlers and thieves
      Now since 2013.

  12. SecuredOptions is a scam, no doubt. If you want my full story, I am more than willing to provide that, but go google SecuredOptions Scam Alert, and you should be able to see my feedback left on other review sites.

    I’m going to consolidate the namelist of the victims. I will go about formulating a simple questionnaire to derive a summary of the number of affected clients and the common problems encountered. I realised many of these scammers got away with things cos the complaints are scattered. Hence I would like to take up the task of consolidating the necessary information and submitting to whatever authorities as a petition group.

    Email me at with the headings “SecuredOptions – Scam alert complaint”. Give me a couple of days to come up with something usable, then I will trouble anyone who bothered to email me to fill in the short questionnaire. I will probably take maybe a couple of weeks to consolidate the feedback before submitting to the authorities.

    Spread the words around to any victims you know or post on any forums you might be on.

  13. hi I signed up with neo2 and was assigned ivory option as a broker but they are not regulated. what you think? I changed my email because of that and neo2 assigned me to AAoption . when I did my esearch I found out that AAoption is not 100 percent. after changing my email several times I ended up with ivoryoption again but their customer service is GROSS. How do I join a focus participation group? I am new to trading. that is why I signed up with neo2

  14. Hello I signed up with Binadroid and I got BigOption as my broker(I live in The Bahamas). I would like to know if they are a good broker.

  15. To all SecuredOptions victims out there:

    This is one of the big law firm that is currently taking legal actions against a few big and rampant binary options companies. I have attached the claim form, do go ahead and submit your details, we could possibly take this down the class action road with sufficient victims coming forward, and the legal fees might be significantly smaller than going forward alone.

    This will only make sense if it is done as a class action suit, the cost involved for individual suit is not worth it. And the fee should be based on commission from the recovered funds (no win, no fee). If upfront fee is involved, then again it is not feasible.

  16. I registered for neo2 Sat., this is Thursday and I finally get a confirming email from Starling Capital. I cannot contact neo2 ( It tries 5x then reports failure. I left a message for Mike at, no response. The phone number on the broker’s email today is a bunch of tropical music. I deposited 300.00 Sat. and now they want copies of drivers license and my debit card. Is this usual? I have software (?) that looks active but no way to know. No way to contact ANYBODY! Any ideas?

    1. In order to verify your account you need to send documentation ID/passport and proof of address (example: utility bill).

  17. I have sign up with Neo2 about 2 weeks ago and not doing very well. Since I watched your trading videos I done the same trading strategies as you did and managed to loose 5 trades loss 1 win. My broker is swiftoption. Are they good brokers if not can I change the broker.I need more practice in manual trading as well as some tips. Can you help please. Thank for the great trading videos.

  18. Hi Sheriff,
    I had been reading your YT videos and you are truly inspiring me as a Newbie Trader
    Btw,i noticed OptionBit is not in your List above. Are they not good? They are the one assign to me by CopyBuffet software. Thanks in advance for your feedback, greetings from Germany

    1. Always check if the broker is regulated. There are few hundreds brokers and new ones are coming to the market. Whenever you have doubt always check if they are regulated.

  19. Securedoptions – scam!
    I opened an account with $250 and sent my documents for verification. They say they can’t verify my account so I can’t close it or withdraw what is left from my $250 initial deposit. No one will give me the details I need and they won’t answer my emails, speak to me or give me information via “chat”.
    They are definitely a scam!

  20. When I try to join NEO Squared it comes up with a broker called Mortens.. When I check them out, some suggest they are a scam. Any thoughts

  21. Hi Sheriff,I am in The Bahamas and I am always sent emails about joining Binary Options.Thank you so much for the list of Legit Traders.Keep up the good work.242 To The World!!

  22. Hi there sheriff, I just sign up with copy buffet yesterday and was assigned to starling capital as my broker. I research on them and nothing really came up. I want to know if they are good and do they allow auto trading from copy buffet? Please let me know. Thank you!

  23. hi there, i just joined copy buffet yesterday and i was sync up to a broker they provided called starling capital. i went did a few research here and there and couldn’t find anything about it accept one or two complaint and that it just barely open not too long ago. i wonder are they a good broker that allows auto trading like copy buffet or are they just another broker scammer? any thoughts and any suggestion?

      1. Usually you can use any robot as a signal software on any platform. But to first subscribe to a robot you are automatically synched to a new broker. if you want to avoid this, we really recommend social trading

  24. Hi Sheriff hows you? I need some advice on something please, I set up a new BO broker account with a company called Stockpair……they seem legit any thoughts on them? My only concern is that, STUPIDLY, When sending bank card details, I forgot to cover the first 12 digits and they asked for back of card also (didnt cover security code either!). They do stipulate that they need to be covered for my own piece of mind, (which I stupidly didnt study the verification guide they have set out). Someone at Stockpair said that this is nothing to worry about. Should I worry though??

    1. There is nothing to really worry about, brokers are asking for these documents because they are money processors and they obey same rules as banks. Your data is confidential. Just remember for the future 😉

  25. I can’t contact tradorax buy any p/#’s listed on their site . I’m in usa and phone rings for at least 15 min & I hang up any suggestions like toll free #

  26. To all Binary Options & Forex Traders who reside in U.S: Make up to 5,000 with a minimum of 1,000. Just your deposit, no upfront fee or any fee of such. Feel free to contact me via email if you are interested.

  27. sheriff , I have been trying to get a US friendly good broker to connect with the snapcash signal . I was given a broker i dont trust we fought tooth & nails over me wanting to get connected the system he wanted to be my trader. He ,to prove to me he could do better than the auto trading system placed 10 trades one night .(NOT for me) they were 5,10 and (2) 20$ trades ,with 2, 5$ loses. then called the next day ans asked if i saw my trades ,i looked when i got home and saw $80.80 added to my balance . we talked and i said, again, i felt auto trading is what i wanted to do now to build capital for him to maybe trade with later.because he said he could only trade 2 x a mo. with 300$ because he had to take care of his 10,000 + clients . he said he wouldnt ask for more money he had a better way to make me big profits ,& hung up . i was upset so when i got home i pulled up my account put in a withdrawel ,took a screen picture and logged off the next evening i logged on to find a 300$ trade placed expireing on 1/2/2017 i took a picture again ballance was 80.80$ i checked tonight and saw 3 more sucesful trades balance is $110. and my withdrawel denied so i took anuther screen picture. i am still still worried about the $300 mo.and half open trade . he maybe trying to help me because he knows my daughter has cancer and i need money. i would still like to get snapcash with another good broker on auto so i can watch and learn and make money w/the systems up grade (second broker bet i am locked in loosing knowledge and money. his screen doesnt look like all the ones i see the other testers,and you using …i am watching…..can u help me ???pls

    1. Hello and thank you for communicating. You must know that as a U.S trader, the one and one regulated broker that you are legally allowed to trade with is Nadex. A lot is changing in the binary options industry in the U.S since Trump became elected and I will not be surprised if automated trading will be banned altogether. So far it is suspended for US clients. As such the only way you can trade at the moment is by using signal software or copy-trading. The reason that the US is imposing all these strictures, is to protect victims like you who have been scammed by brokers. I would advise you to never allow a broker or anyone take control over your account. If you need more help with structured trading, please let us know. I recommend that you learn a bit about trading and invest in yourself rather than a broker! Next Friday you can get “the Secret Trader” which is a full course on trading for just $5. I encourage you to invest in this, as you can groom yourself from a complete Newbie to professional trader

      1. Would be nice have all scammers and fraudulent behind bars or dead. But how world will be without banks, Wall street Hedge funds etc ?

    2. Hi, at first NEVER TRUST BROKER ! He is on opposite side and honestly I never meet with broker who work for me.They just want deposited more money from you.Do not let them trade for you you’ll be sorry for that.Nobody will take better care of your money than you.Learn and trade by yourself.

  28. Binarybrokerz are NOT REGULATED in UK and they are fraud ! Bunch of lies only,stolen money -my experience. Refused withdrawals and more scams see the web complains.Should not to be listed as a trusted brokers here.

    1. Thank you Fred. We leave communication open for transparency and if your experience is as you are saying, it serves as a warning for others. Naturally there are many factors why a broker refuses withdrawals, including production of legit paper work from traders. However, if you have had a bad experience, we would like other traders to know about it

  29. Long story short. stupid me I ever trusted those frauds.I started with “robot” last year as a newbie. Binarybrokrerz was assigned to me. Over phone I deposited 300 GBP. Day later they convicted me for another 5 000 GBP (better trades they said) A few days latter they withdraw from my account 10 600 GBP without my approval (they had my card information left me with 150 GBP before Christmas). Somehow they found how much is on my account.
    Lisa Foster wanted me install Team Viewer for teaching me. (program which allows remote access to my computer) Another call from her wanted me open my trading account ,Team Viewer and she will teach me how to trade. idiot I did. In a few seconds she invested from my money $20 000 without I know what is happening. (I had $50 000 for trading include bonus) Three months was longest trade…ALL LOST ! Another “senior brokers” were calling me ,wanted access by Team Viewer and I refused always. Then they were giving me advice invest 5000 here or there. When I lost another 5000 I was listening but didn’t invest their advice.Loses ! One of those f….also wanted more money from me, another wanted do investment for me…I refused it all. Yesterday I found complains online. I see they are FRAUDULENT so I need figure out how to get all my money back because they did nothing as they promised.
    My advice STAY AWAY FROM BINARYBROKERZ. Before you send you hard earned money to anyone do your homework and check EVERYTHING. If anything sting or you not feel right about anything look somewhere else.

  30. hi i shall sign up with lexingtoncode and i got tradextra is that a good combination i read some bad about them is it safe to start

    1. Plenty of traders are using CFD Brokers and so far we did not hear any complaints about them. It is important to always verify your account with the broker though, to ensure that you can pull your profit

  31. How can I contact CopyBuffett softwere? I get all the details on the CopyBuffett site EXECPT me acc balance and a way of contacting them.

  32. Hi Sheriff

    What do you think of 365 binary and optionFM??? those are the two brokers assigned to my Lexington code account.


  33. Hello, I live in Ireland. I created an account on SnapCash and got TorOption. I haven’t read good reviews about them so I cleared my history and cache and created a new account with a different email address but got assigned to the same broker again. Should I go ahead and trust them or would you recommend trying one more time? Also, is there a way to delete one of the accounts on SnapCash, since I haven’t activated them yet? Thanks a mil in advance, I appreciate your tutorials and advice.

      1. I’ll try, thank you. Also, after creating those two accounts I received a welcome email from TorOption, as expected, but also from GTP Capital and London Option Exchange. I’m not sure how they got my email address. Any idea whether this is common practice or if it might be some sort of scam? I sent an email to but it bounced back. Thanks again.

  34. Hi Sheriff…. thank you so muck for your information. I am absolutly new to to binary options and was just lured into Rubix Project add and funded my brocker account for 250$ with toroptions….but after researching both the Rubix scam and many complaints againts TorOption on other sites i immediatly called my credit card company and they were able to place a stop on the pending transaction.

    After browsing your website review I am feel more comfortable to continue and try your recommended signal software and regulated broker. Witch broker and signal software would you recommend as my location is in Canada?

    greatly appreciated

  35. Hi Sheriff or anyone who’d wish to answer? Is there any legitimate brokers out there for Australians with an affiliated Legit and verified robot preferably with electronic banking for fast easy deposits and withdrawals?
    I’m currently with Omega Options and My mistake for not doing research but I think I’ve been scammed
    Lexington code just stopped on me and multiple emails and contacts have had no reply
    Omega – I’ve now been trying to withdraw winnings for 3 weeks as they keep changing the goal posts and excuses on not receiving documents etc etc

  36. Quantumcode wants me to invest with them and they seem pretty nice but also pretty sketchy. Any idea if they’re credible?

    1. I would avoid Quantum code if you want to safeguard your capital. It is not safe and very likely scam

  37. I am based in the US and i have opened 2 accounts but havent fund them yet with Smartoptionsbn and tradesoptions. i want to know if both are scam but i already opened a nadex account. i have available broker for both names i listed above. Sheriff please help me out.

      1. Good day I am from Trinidad and Tobago a small Caribbean island I have to questions first is have ur heard of toroption ar e they legit or should they be avoided . also what would be a recommended legit option for someone living in the Caribbean region to gain access to an automated system as this will be the first time looking into brokers and trading ect. Thank you for your time and any given advice.

  38. dear sherrif
    im from indonesia what broker and signal service that you would like to recommend me for indonesia? btw is there any recomendation for binary robot and or forex robot for me here or do u think its better for me using signal service rather than robot? i ve tried to register with but they say my country is not supported. thanks for ur advice

    1. Probably it is best to find a verified and legitimate broker in your area and then join a signals group. Please email us for more help

  39. Hi Sheriff I have never traded before and registered on a few free sites to test the systems,Greenfields is one of them, they constantly phone me many times a day insisting i deposit funds,I have told them i dont wish to do this ,they become quite aggresive on the phone.

  40. Would you be able to point me in the right direction when it comes to choosing the correct Binary option robot app to use?


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