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Millionaire Replicator Scam Review

Millionaire Replicator Scam Review


Our Millionaire Replicator Review concludes that it is a scam binary options software. Millionaire-Replicator spams emails inviting innocent traders to join their scam wagon.

If you have ever registered on any binary options software and entered your email address, it is very likely that your mail is jammed with invitations to join the scam wagons for the likes of Millionaire Replicator. Sadly many new traders are caught out in subscribing and worse funding their accounts and simply get caught out in scam. Promises from any software developer to make you rich overnight, are only guaranteed red-flags which signal trouble. Today we expose in detail the scam behind the

Website under inspection

Sean Valentine, a bogus name for the developer of the Millionaire Replicator System, draws zero results when we try to verify his existence on Google Search. LinkedIn, the most notable business site, where anyone who is anyone, belongs with prestige, again draws a blank on the name of Sean Valentine. As happens when we have this kind of results, we are immediately set on red alert, as the probabilities point to possible fraud.

The Millionaire Replicator program is allegedly a binary options robot which is meant to copy trades from the top notch London Stock Exchange and Wall Street traders. This happens in real time. Whoever is behind this Auto-Trader Bot knows how to knock words together, but as always the proof of the pudding is in eating it, and we have conclusive evidence to show that this is just hype, and the results are not what they promise to be.Spam mail. Millionaire Replicator

Proof and Evidence that The Millionaire Replicator App is Scam

There is absolutely no proof that the Millionaire Replicator System works. There is no evidence of live trading. The developers could not even be bothered to enter a statement of success. The website itself contains no evidence that their claim to success can actually be achieved. Not even fake results!

The Millionaire Replicator is meant to be a web-based system, meaning that it works in a simple simon fashion. Anyone subscribing to this system, does not need to know anything about trading, because the Replicator Bot will do the work by itself. Once you subscribe, you are driven to a Binary Options Broker, who has already partnered up with the developers of the Millionaire Replicator. They will in turn take your money and trade it away.

Worse, they will probably inundate you with pressure calls, requesting you to deposit more money than the humble $250 minimum deposit. We have even experienced many situations, from real time traders in our complaints board, where the Brokers tells them outright that the Software System they have engaged with, does not work. See complaints in our comment pages. This is an outrageous cartel between scam binary brokers and scam software developers.

Pressure Tactics from The Millionaire Replicator Method Revealed!

Pressure tactics are yet another pointer to scam. The team behind the system manipulate emotions to the extent that a Newbie or new day trader will feel under pressure to subscribe. They allow you little time to think, and therefore ensure you in their trap of scam. Having to act fast, is a non-ethical method of leaving people little time to think when parting with their hard earned cash. Announcing that the offer could end at any moment is one of these sales tactics. Have you every been to a supermarket, and the salesperson of the day catches up with you and makes you buy tons of stuff that you do not need? Well this is exactly the same situation. Engaging into something that you do not necessarily have time to think about, is the pressure tactic that we are referring to. This is what most scammers use in order to get people to at least leave their email address. Even if you do not fund your account, you can rest assured that you will be inundated with emails offering you the world on a silver platter.

A Fake Team behind the Millionaire Replicator System

In order to make the scam system a little bit more credible the team behind the Millionaire Replicator method request a 10% commission from any profits you may potentially make when using their App. Granted, that if you are making the kind of profits they are claiming you can make through their site, you may be happy to pay this percentage! However, how on earth are you going to be able to pay this percentage if your account will be burnt out within a few hours? This looks like a generous offer, but it is in fact the same story from our childhood fables of “Little Red Riding Hood” and the fox which wore the grandmother’s shawl.

And customer service? What customer service? It is a complete joke where it comes to customer service. We recommend that before you engage in the Millionaire Replicator App, you try sending them an email requesting support, and you will definitely not hear anything from them. This alone will be conclusive evidence that screams that this App is scam.Sean Valentine is the Bogus developer of the Scam site Millionaire Replicator

Evidence of False Testimonials, Review and Fake Photos

If red flags be raised, we have a sky full of banners! The site is crammed with paid actors or stolen photos giving evidence of success. Sites like and Fotolia are selling professional looking photos, which can be purchased for as little as a dollar. It is legitimate to purchase them. It is not legal to manipulate their use to convince innocent people that they are delivering a deceitful message.

This is what other sites are saying about the App: says

We will never recommend to binary options traders to engage with an unreliable service that we don’t know who stands behind and couldn’t check their reliability before! The Millionaire Replicator software is a shady system that promise to generate for you an impossible sums of money of up to $9000 per day, every day on complete automated mode by their anonymous 11 Wall-Street expert traders, which is definitely a lie and not down to earth. We have so missing parts about the service and therefore we have no choice but to conclude it’s a scam!

And more revelations on You Tube

Sheriff’s Conclusion and Verdict on The Millionaire Replicator Binary Options System

Our responsibility to our subscribers and the public in general is to warn them of possible scams. This is not a possible scam!

The Millionaire Replicator App is a SURE SCAM.

Unreliable services with bogus developers behind them and no reliability should be exposed before causing people to lose tons of money. Impossible revenues promised in this sales pitch are the biggest show stopper. They just point to scam. Avoid this software, if you care for your hard earned savings. There is no money to be made here. You may be interested to read a few more articles on other scam systems which we have recently exposed including Your Legacy Club – a very convincing trap. There is also the intelligent one called Trade Fusion, albeit smart, it is still another scam!
Thank you for taking time to read our review. We hope that we have at least defrayed some of your unnecessary costs with it. If you are new to trading, then we recommend that you start trading by practicing on a DEMO ACCOUNT. This will help you gain knowledge and skills. Choose from our list of Recommended Brokers and ensure that you get a Regulated Broker with whom you will not have problems to withdraw your profits.

Please subscribe to our blog for regular updates on scam and the occasional good software we come across. If you have problems with signal software or scam brokers, do contact us on support{AT} and we will do our utmost to assist. We have helped hundreds of scammed traders to resolve their problems.







  1. Oh ok, at first i was confused that it was a scam and then you said it wasn’t. i realized that you said the binary systems was NOT and the replicator was. Good to go!


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