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Safe Guard Trader – Experts spot Scam. Our Review

Safe Guard Trader – Experts spot Scam. Our Review


SafeGuard Trader review is our comprehensive and impartial test on scam.  We will produce evidence based on fact that the Safe Guard Trader is nothing but a scam system which is being leaked onto the binary options market with the intention of  luring innocent day traders. Safe Guard Trader App will swindle you out of your initial capital, and leave you hoping for more. If you have received an email invitation to join Safe Guard Trader, thread with caution.  Our review will reveal why we would be cautious before engaging into this scam software system.

Official Website for the SafeGuard Trader App is:

What is the SafeGuard Trader System?

SafeGuard Trader website portrays itself as a highly profitable binary options trading program.  Is this the truth? Is Safe Guard Trader System scam or it is legitimate? Claims that the developer of this software, David Hefner, has extensive expertise and experience as a programmer, arrive to us with a mix of conflict and untruth.  If David Hefner, is really the renowned programmer, which he claims himself to be, then it should be a given, that we would find information about him on social media.  At another point, David Hefner, boasts himself to be a business analyst.  Again, social media searches on the identity of this bogus personality, draw a huge blank.  We invite our subscribers to do a Google Search on David Hefner, and they will understand how quick, it is to expose a personality that has been made up, and that is not real.


Is SafeGuard Trader App a Con?

In this scam review for the Safe Guard Trader signals software, we evaluate the information in their sales video and expose why we believe, that the claims made by the developers for the SafeGuard Trader App are not true. Misleading information is the first evidence of conflict.  There is no solid proof to substantiate the claims that are made in the claims for success.  At some point, we are fed a story, were David Hefner, engages the assistance of his brother, in order to create this App.  A fairy tale family web story, but we are not given names and surname of the brother for verification.  We can only think that this is a romanticised story, which will enhance sales for the Safe Guard Software system.

Safe Guard Trader scam is just another rip-off.  There is not way that you can follow up on any of the claims made, because they are all too obscure, and without any conclusive evidence. It is yet another tired ploy, to relieve newbie traders, off their hard earned capital, and to channel it into a Binary Options Broker account, which may also be dubious.  A trader is pushed to register for the software, even before he has understood the implications of automated Trading.

Safe Guard Trader App Automated Trading

Before engaging into automated Binary Options trading, it is very important to understand the implications of auto trading.  Whilst, auto trading is beneficial to new traders, who do not understand market movements, and need a tool, to help them make the right decisions, it is also a deadly trap when it is a scam auto trader.

In binary options trading, a trader is asked to take a direction for an asset or a currency pair.  Up or down.  Simple as that.  But within a time frame.  Although it looks simple, the analogy behind making the choice is a very complex one.  If a trading is using the right signals, then these are beneficial tools.  If a trader is using scam signals, as is possibly the case with the Safe Guard Trader System, then the Broker and the developer of the App are the only two sets of people who will make money, because the trader looses.

Given these circumstances, and given that binary options trading, is still largely unregulated, it is quintessential, to pick software that is legitimate and not scam!

The crux of the matter is to pick a software system that is safe and not scam.  So how can a trader pick the right signal software systems?  In our daily reviews, we have become experts in sussing out the scam from the legit.  Scam software appears daily on the binary options market, whilst a legitimate software, appears as infrequently as just a few times a year.  When we come across a software that appears to be credible, we purchase the software (deposit with a credible binary options broker), we trade with it for a couple of days, and then write our reviews.  The Binary Option Sheriff, will never recommend a software, unless we have tried and tested it ourselves.  We post evidence of our live trading, and give invaluable information and education on trading.

Suggested software systems which have been tested for scam and found to be legit are :

Copy Buffett System



Crunch-Tech System

Safe Income System

Our reservations for the Safe Guard Trader system stem from the fact that their results cannot be verified.  The program purports success, but this cannot be authenticated. If you scan the web, you will not be able to find any real traders so will verify that they have had positive results with this software.  Furthermore, credible sites, such as the Binary Options Opportunity, Binary Options Elite Club, and Binary Options Advisory, have all come to the same conclusion as the Binary Option Sheriff on the credibility of the Safe Guard Trader System. The SafeGuard Trader App is scam.

Is Safe Guard Trader Safe? This Review concludes

Since there is so much crucial information missing in the promotional video, it is very difficult to trust this software.  Plenty of claims are made by the creators, but they cannot be verified. Suspicion floats around the identities of  David Hefner and his bogus brother.  His profile is just made up for the occasion of launching this product and for no other reason.


We strongly believe that the Safe Guard Trader App is nothing but a money-stealing scheme, that will lure you into a hastened trap to part with your capital, and which will benefit only a few people.  If you are serious about trading, we are sorry to thrash your hopes here, but this is not the tool you should be investigating.

We strongly believe, that as with any other trade, making money by trading binary options, should not be impossible.  However, giving yourself time to get some education, is definitely a very good start.  Our Sheriff University has invaluable free information, that can set you on the right track to trade profitably.

You should also check our Crunch Tech Software Review.  This is a recently launched product that has so far been proving to give an 80% success in trading and it is a verified system for new traders.

Undisputed Proof that Safe Guard Trader is Scam!

Any software system that claims to make you a millionaire in a very short time is verified scam. You may wish to believe it, but your heart of hearts will warn you against it. If, as a new trader, you really believe that you can become a millionaire by parting with a minimum capital of $250, then you should think again.  Your initial investment, is just a bait, which you will sadly loose, and may possibly get yourself into more serious trouble, by investing more in order to recover your losses.  This is the way in which scam brokers operate.  Be warned.

With Safe Guard Trader, you are promised to make $1375 per hour, which translates to $33,000 per day!  Does this sound real? Of course it does not!  Even with an 80% winning trend, and with a high rate of trading of around 5 – 10 trades per hour, you cannot make more than $100 per hour in profits.  And this is at the top of the game.  Please save yourself some unnecessary agro, and take our honest advice.  Do not fall into the trap of dreaming of untold fortunes.

David Hefner, boasts that he became a millionaire in a short span of time.  In 18 months, he claims to have made $137 million.  If you stop and think logically, you will realise, that if this were to be true, then David Hefner, would not need to bother with a few thousand dollar sales video to trap you into his scam.  He would keep the secrets of his success to himself, and enjoy his real millions! If you are a serious trader, then we invite you to do your due diligence, and try to find evidence of anyone who has become a millionaire by using the Safe Guard Trader System.

Avoid Traps and Scams!!!  Sign Up with TRIED AND TESTED Auto Traders !

NEO2 software

Review Conclusion for the Safe Guard Trader Software

We have not been hiding the fact that we concluded earlier on that the Safe Guard Trader is a scam, and that we advise our subscribers to avoid it like the plague!  Any software system, that promises you to make you rich overnight is not legitimate.  Do not join the list of Safe Guard Trader complaints, who look for updates, and find that they have been scammed.  Anything, that cannot be verified, should not be trusted.

Becoming a millionaire is a month is an outrageous claim.  That should be enough warning. This platform is dangerous, because it will only be useful to painfully understand the meaning of scam in trading options.  Safe Guard Trader Software makes use of actors and makes false statements, setting you up in a trap of scam.

If you have visited this page in the hope of making money only, do not fret.  You can still be in a situation of supplementing your income by trading options.  Note, that we will never promise to that trading options will make you substantial amounts of money overnight. If anything, we will warn you that trading, has its risks, and you may loose your capital a few times over, until you learn to trade profitably.

However, we can guide you into the best way to make money online.  Our preferred method is to engage in social trading.  Meet like minded people in a social trading group.  Discuss your trades, mirror or copy professional traders, and learn along the way.  Start trading by using a Demo Account, and therefore never risk a cent, until you are confident of your profits.  If this intrigues you, then drop us an email on support(at)




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