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Safe Income App: Watch 13 Sequential Trade Signals!

Safe Income App: Watch 13 Sequential Trade Signals!


The Safe Income App was officially released just over a week ago. This is our first review update on the Safe Income Inc combined with a live trading performance.

Considering, that the Binary Options Industry is fraught with scam software proposals, it is daunting to select the scam from the legitimate. As we like to say, the proof of the pudding is always in the eating! This is the reason why we do live trading. Testing the software is the best proof and concrete evidence to discover how successful a software system, really is.

The Safe Income App Live Trading Session – Review Update!

We are pleased to discover that, the Safe Income App has performed amazingly well in our first trading session. In this live trading performance, which we prepared for You Tube, it is easy to see how the signals look, the parameters we chose for trading, and the results are all recorded including the wins, the losses and the ties.

At this point, it is clear that the Safe Income App really lives up to its namesake. It is safe to use, and will see you with a modest daily capital growth. At no point does anyone promise to make you a millionaire overnight using the Safe Income Inc software. However, a steady income, if the settings are used well, is a daily order.

Safe Income App Signal Software. Follow through Sequential Trades and Lives Statistics.

Below is the full video of the trading signals. The signals were taken over a session of two hours trading between 8.00 am and 10.00 am GMT time or the London Trading Session.

Tips for Trading Manually using the Safe Income App Software:

  1. The Broker assigned to us on subscription is Secured
  2. Before funding our account, we ran a check on the broker in question, and found no serious claims or complaints against them. Funded our account with £250.
  3. Important recommendation. When trying out a new software system, NEVER, fund more than the minimum. It may be a scam software. Even if the software is legitimate, it takes a little bit of time to understand the settings, and this may result in trades which are out of the money. Never risk more than you are prepared to lose.
  4. Once directed to the interface of Safe Income Inc. App,  you can modify your settings as follows:
  5. Choose your trade volume – that is the value of your trading value – we prefer the minimum £25Safe Income App
  6. Choose the strength level. The strength filter is the percentage rate of making a successful trade with the recommended asset.Safe Income App
  7. The risk level, actually gives you the number of recommended signals that you will receive at a time.Safe Income App Risk level
  8. Choose whether you want the software to take control of your account and trade on your behalf, or whether you want to use the signals and trade manually.Safe Income App
  9. Since our trading with the Safe Income App has been based on the signals issued by the Safe Income Inc App, we opened our platform on Secured Options.Com If you are assigned to a different broker, you must open the trading platform of whichever broker is synced with your Safe Income Inc software.
  10. Prior to taking any trades, we check the Economic Calendar. This will show if there will be any important news which affect the signals adversely. The Economic updates can be checked on several sites, however our favourite site is The time selected for the news updates should be the same as your geo location. This can be arranged from the settings “clock”.   Once you establish that the “coast is clear” and that no high impact news will be affecting your trading, you start taking the trades manually.
  11. The time frames for our assigned broker Secured Options were within 15 minutes of the expiration time within which the signal was announced by the Safe Income Inc. interface.
  12. Although the Safe Income App software is very sophisticated and we chose a risk level of 85%, we also used our trading skills, in rectifying one signal which we took a little bit too early. We doubled the value of our trade from the normal £25 minimum to £50 to hedge for our error. Luckily both trades ended up in the money.Safe Income App results

The Safe Income App Performance Ratio

The chart above shows the particular trade taken to hedge for a potential loss, and also our trading results documented. As can be seen, using Safe Income Inc App as a signal software is consistent with its claims. We drew 9 wins, 1 Tie and 3 Losses. The overall performance of the software was at 77% in the money rate of success, which is considered an average to high performance. Our initial capital outlay of £250 grew to £375.75 in two hours of trading. That is 50% capital growth. No bank will ever pay you that kind of interest!!

As can be seen, the Safe Income Inc. App is a powerful software. If you are interested in following our steps for safe trading, then you are welcome to click on the banner below and see what the software has to offer for you. May also also be interested to read our full initial review on the Safe Income Inc software.

Safe Income Inc

Next Steps and Follow Through with the Safe Income App Software.

  • Once you have clicked on the banner above, you are taken to the site.   You can choose to go through their entire video, or you can go through the subscription page immediately and complete your name and email.
  • Once this is done, you are taken to a new page where you will need to select a password. Make sure that you make a note of your password, as you will require this every time you want to log into your account. Do not change the email address you first entered in the previous page, as this may muddle things up for you. Your email address, and your password will become your login details to enter into your Safe Income Inc software, as well as that to the interface of your Binary Broker.
  • After that you will be directed to the Binary Broker which is synced to the location of wherever you are making your registration (the country where you live). Before funding your account with the Broker, we recommend that you make a cursory check on them, and see whether you are happy to work with this broker. If you are satisfied with the credentials of the Broker, your next step is to fund your account with the minimum deposit, which is usually $250 or whichever currency your geo area supports. It can be Dollars, Sterling, Euro etc., Since this is your first trial with the Safe Income Inc software, we highly recommend that you do not deposit more than the minimum, until you are confident of your results.
  • You can fund your in a number of ways. We always prefer to use a credit card, because this gives you consumer protection.
  • It is possible that some Brokers will find it necessary for you to verify your account, BEFORE, you can start trading. Others will allow you to trade and usually give you a three week time frame to verify your account. If you are not sure on the procedures of verifying your account, you may find this You Tube walk through useful (if not a little bit shocking!) Both for your own protection and money laundering regulations, all brokers will ask you for a visual form of identification. This can be a driver’s license, identity card or even passport. They will also ask for the last four digits on your credit card. Remember NEVER to give your full card number on any email uploads. The only place where all the details can be safely entered is the subscription box which is protected by the credit card provider and is not accessible to the broker. So blur out all the other digits on your card or hide them with your fingers.
  • You may also need to verify your address, and you can do this either by uploading a utility bill, or by uploading a bank statement (where you should blur out the account number as well). This should have the same address which you entered on registration.
  • Once you have verified your account properly, you should never have an issue with withdrawing your profits and your capital.
  • Once, this information is in order and you have funded your account, you are good to go. The Safe Income Inc. software is web-based and therefore no download is required. All you have to do is log in with the same details you originally entered and follow our trading instructions.

Performance and Conclusion for the Safe Income App

The live trading session is the strongest evidence that the Safe Income App is NOT SCAM.  It is not a trading tool designed to make you a millionaire overnight, but it is a technical tool that can be used to see successful trading results.

Remember to never risk money that you cannot afford to lose when trading. If you are a complete Newbie to binary options, it may be sensible to experiment by opening a free demo account. You can do this either with IQ Options or TradeThunder.

If you wish to meet 5000 other new traders, and join Mike’s Manual Signals Group on Facebook, drop us an email on the subscription form on our site, and we will be happy to give you an introduction.



  1. Sheriff, thank you for the detailed review. I just signed up. I am in US and got BinaryBook broker. Are they any good?

    1. Warren, although there are varying opinions about the credibility of Binary Book, we have recently had many US clients sign up. As long as you verify your account properly, you should not have any problems with Binary Book. If in doubt about how to verify your account, we recommend that you watch this You Tube Video on our Channel

  2. I just signed up for ‘Safe Income Inc’ from your link and assigned the Broker ‘Bloombex’ I have done some research on this Broker and I don’t like what I see. Bloombex is not regulated, minimum deposit is $300 and appear to charge 3.5% for Credit/Dept Card withdrawals, if these charges are correct I find that distasteful as I would term that as Double Dipping, making money at the point of Trading then again when you try to get your money into your own bank account. I have tried to change to another Broker but I am always offered Bloombix, can you comment on how I can change to another more credible Broker. Safe Income Inc appears to be a very good product, I am therefore disappointed at their affiliation to Bloombix.

    1. Yes you should be able to pick the broker from the menu while doing registration. Depends on the part of the world you live in.

  3. hi i’m in uk and been assigned binary book – I googled and theyre not rated highliy at all – in fact one site says avoid! – read theyre not regulated – iis that true?

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