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Safe Income Inc. A new Scam Review!

Safe Income Inc. A new Scam Review!


Safe Income Inc App is just released to the unsuspecting public. Read our unbiased scam review before you subscribe. Is Safe Income Inc really safe or is it yet another dangerous scam?

Is Safe Income Inc a Scam or it is Legitimate? Important review facts are revealed.

In this detailed scam review about the Safe Income Inc Auto Trader, we will analyze important facts and details about this new App and give you as much information as possible to enable you make an informed decision before you subscribe.

The website under investigation is

Safe Income Review is the site, which is being presented to us by Albert J Henderson. We are told that we can modestly supplement our income safely using this software system. We immediately warm up to Albert Henderson for a few simple reasons:

  1. Henderson is (for a change) not a hired actor given a script to read out, but is the real person behind the Safe Income Signal Software
  2. He is not making wild promises of push button millionaire schemes, or get rich overnight promises, but claiming a safe income.
  3. He is above board and cards down on the table. We make money, and he makes money. We all know where we stand. We like that.

This is all well and good, but does Safe Income deliver the goodies? Will Safe Income be littered with complaints, will we be getting updates on Safe Income? This scam review will be able to give several answers to these questions.

Detailed Scam Review for Safe Income Inc

Let us cut down to the chase and make it clear. We already know that the Safe Income Inc System is not another scam. We have been watching this software for quite some time now, but could not reveal anything about it before it’s launch. We are also privy to information, that testers have had positive results using the Safe Income software and that the auto trader delivers what it claims to deliver.

Why is Safe Income Inc App safe? Review details.

The trading software designed by Albert J Henderson, meets the trading requirements of professional traders, but is also designed to be mastered by new traders in the binary options industry.

Here are some of the features that are unique to the Safe Income System which are noteworthy.

Safe Income Inc

Review Fact 1: Auto Trader or Signal Software for Safe Income Inc

The Safe Income Software is available on multiple levels. It can be used as a 100% Auto Trader which we will call the Safe Income Bot, or it can be used as a manual or partial manual trading system. Safe Income method is one of the most reliable software for beginners who are daunted with the complex decision of binary options trading. It delivers the same results, which professional traders make when scanning the market and making informed decision based on sentiment, and chart analysis.

Review Fact 2: Trading with Arbitrage Strategy and the Safe Income Inc

The software trades using Arbitrage strategies. In the video pitch Henderson reveals how the Arbitrage system is incorporated in the software. But what is an arbitrage strategy?

In simple language, this translates to risk-free techniques. It means that a trader has no currency exposure. This is a system especially true for Forex trading where price inefficiencies exist.

The same principle is being tackled with the Safe Income App. Here the trading strategy is for the Bot to buy/sell currency pairs at a predetermined price in the future, but sells the future contract when the price is optimal therefore avoiding risk.

Review Fact 3: Shared Trading Profits

Gaining with Safe Income Inc App is a Win/Win situation for all concerned. Let’s face it, if you are a trader and are in it for the money, there is no reason why the developer, who is giving you a free tool to use in trader, should not make some money himself. We are actually tired of the scam systems we review, claiming that they are giving you a free system, but then proceed to swallow your capital. A longer terms strategy where the day trader makes income but the developer makes 5% on the profit makes sense all round.

For this reason, the developers are not putting any false counters, timers, and fake pressure tactics to get you to sign up. They are making a business proposals which will benefit everyone all round. If the developers get 100 users, who are making $500 a week in profit and therefore paying $25 each, the developers make $2500. This is a justified reward to cost, and it is in the interest of the developers that the software works and produces results.

Review Fact 4: User Friendly Trading Platform

The platform that is proposed with Safe Income Inc App is one which we have already seen used in good systems, but it is an overall improved platform. It is a web-based system, and therefore once you subscribe, it automatically downloads on the Broker’s platform. There are not tricks and fumbling. Just straightforward registration and trading.

An important note to new traders. Do not fund your account directly with the broker. It is important to first register with the software on the subscription page, and later when you are led to the broker’s page, you fund your account. This is the only way in which the software will automatically download.Safe Income Inc Trading Platform

Review Fact 5 – No Fake Testimonials for Safe Income Inc Software

The Safe Income Website does not contain fake testimonials. We review no less than 5 scam software systems per week. Only yesterday we reviewed the Drexel Code Scam, exposing fake testimonials. This is a serious crime because it projects to traders a false sense of security. Not only does Safe Income System not paste false reviews, but we have proof that the system works from respected users.

This is what the Binary Options Watch Dog states about their experience with Safe Income Inc.

You can only determine the validity of Safe Income Inc. by actually testing it and that is exactly what we’ve been doing in the last 17 business days. Albert J. Henderson immediately offered to call us via Skype and we spoke for 30 minutes, he is probably one of the most soft spoken businessman and investor we ever had the chance to converse with and highly intelligent as well.

Now that we gathered plenty of Safe Income documented performance results for over 2 weeks, it’s obvious to us that it’s not a scam, but we can’t tell you that we’re 100% happy.

In reality we didn’t get 9 out of 10 winning trades with the Safe Income Software, it’s pointless to promise a very high win rate, thinking that it’s the only way to hurt trust. If anyone promises you a 100% win rate, you know they are lying and we’ve been doing a great job exposing them one by one. The performance is at best 84% ITM on good days and we’ve seen days with a 76% ITM with Safe Income, the range is good and profitable, but we don’t like the idea of rounding up the performance to something that may disappoint traders later on.

Unlike other software systems, where scam reviews are immediately surfacing on the web, the minute they are launched, due to inefficiencies and complaints, we could not find one negative review about the site.Safe Income Inc

Registration Process for the Safe Income Inc App

  • Clear your cookies for a better browser experience
  • Watch the presentation video for Safe Income Inc App by clicking HERE
  • Enter your details on the subscription form at the end of the presentation video
  • Once you are transferred to the Members area, enter a valid email account and correct name and residence. These are registered with the broker and will require verification later.
  • Fund your account with the minimum $250 required to start trading.
  • Decide whether to switch on your auto trader or trade manually. Select the level of your risk appetite
  • Get going on your new supplemented income via the Safe Income App.


Does it Work? Watch Us Take 13 Sequential Trading Signals from the Safe Income Inc. Software System

Amazing UPDATE! 4th April 2016 –Since we wrote this review many subscribers have been asking “Does the software Work?” How does it work?  So instead of telling people, we decided to just take 13 sequential trading signals and show you the results. The test results prove that the 77% success rate being quoted by other traders is really reachable! You’ve got to see this if you’ve been wondering if you should sign up for Safe Income Inc App or not. Out of the 13 trading signals, 9 were winners, 1 was a Tie and another 3 were Losses!  That’s an astounding 77% win rate for the Safe Income Inc. App, which makes the software live up to its namesake!  It is a Safe Binary Options Signal Software. 

Conclusion and Verdict: The Safe Income Inc App is NOT SCAM !!

We note that the usual red flags for scam are missing in this presentation for the Safe Income Inc Auto trader. We feel confident from the results of real traders, that it is not scam, and will therefore be testing the software ourselves in the coming days, so stay tuned for an update.

Thank you for taking time to read this review. We encourage you to leave a comment with your experience if you plan to use this software, or already have trading results. We feel confident in endorsing Safe Income Inc as a safe software which is what the name lends itself for.

If you are looking at supplementing your income, Binary Options Trading remains one of the most legitimate ways of making money online. This is not to say that it is without its risks, and there is the potential of loosing your capital investment in trading. Trade safe, and never trade with money that you cannot afford to loose.




  1. Thank you for your review on Safe Income Inc, I have been following you now for a while and was very pleased to see you review the software as it looks very interesting and I really want to give this a go. I plan on signing up a little bit later today, I will keep you updated on my results.

  2. Hey, thanks for all your great information and reviews. As I was signing up for safe income , after I entered my name and email and password, it directed me to a broker named Morton finance and asked for my minimum deposit of 300$. And before I proceeded, I made sure Morton finance was legit. does safe income allow me to choose whichever broker I want? It just sounds strange that safe income would direct me to a broker that doesn’t allow automated devices. If you can help me out with this I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

    1. Yes with Safe Income you can choose broker but you have to do it few times in order to be attached with the one you want.Keep registering until you get different broker like bank de binary for example, you can open your account here: and once you are redirected by the Safe Income App you simply log in to your account.

    2. Binadroid allows you to choose your Broker but Safe Income automatically assigns you to a broker. Morton Finance is a safe broker

  3. Can you please show the auto trader switch on the safe income trading software. Is it activated on when the white dot is displayed? Thanks

  4. I signed up with safe income not knowing I could change brokers. I’ve already put some money in my account. Can I still change brokers? My broker is Glendale capital. After I signed up I did some research on them, they too do not allow auto trading and they are unlicensed. I’m in the US and I read that us citizens are only supposed to trade with Nadex. I’ve tried to get in touch with someone with safe income but I’m not having any luck. They sent me a start up email but when I tried to use the email they provided to contact support the email was sent back to me and it said the domain name was invalid. Any thoughts on what I can do?

    1. Nadex are the only regulated broker in the U.S but they do not support auto traders. Using an auto trader in the U.S is actually exposing you to some risk because the brokers are not regulated. If you wish to start trading, and learning using a Nadex account, please email us from the subscription form and we will suggest an alternative safe measure to trading using Manual Signals

    1. depends on broker, you will withdraw from the broker not the app. Normally if you have your account verified it’s few working days.

  5. Thank you again for your review, and I am really glad I listened and signed up to the Safe Income software. To be honest it has not been gaining $500 like they say, however I have so far managed to get about $300 to $400 which is still way above my expectations. I can’t tank you enough, definitely the best auto trader I have used to date!

  6. I will try safe income sotware, but its only redirecting me to the broker to make the $300 deposit, i live in mexico, do you think its ok ?

  7. Wanted to try this Safe Income Inc. robot, but the links don’t work, is there a site where the links do work? Haven’t found a single one of the trading robots, that work and haven’t found and honest broker yet, either. Morton Finance broker was the latest to rip me off, cleaned out my account, after the robot was shut off and I had withdrew the balance on the money, in the account. Will be filing a complaint against them, doubt if that will do any good, but at least there will be one more complaint against them.


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